Monday, March 1, 2010

The scientist is at is again!!! Woooo-Hooooo!

The "Scientist" is Angie and she has been busy finding a way that we can make our babies skin matte without using Genesis Heat Set Varnish and the oven.

Scroll down on her blog and read what she did with the Delta Air Dry Sealer and the LDC Base Matte:

~Angie's Blog Report~

And I have MOHAIR available!!!

It's all on ArtFire with easy paypal checkout:

~TNGUN Premium Mohair on Artfire~

You don't even have to me a member of Artfire, just click, fill in your address and pay with paypal. Easy Peasy.

I have one more color to put up tonight and I'll be putting up more colors over the next two weeks while I work on a larger order.

Now it's off to rooting I go (with a nice little crack in my thumb! Ugh!)

Hugs for the day~

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  1. Thanks foe the heads up about Delta Varnish. I read her findings and I am going to give it a try.