Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 3 progress on Art and Magic Air Dry Paints

Remember that the paints...and their name...are all in the testing stage.

Stephanie Sullivan is the creator of the doll colors for these paints and is still coming up with an appropriate name.

They will probably be called:
Art and Magic Water Borne Air Dry Paints

As I mentioned yesterday, I was concerned that there was too much retarding fluid in the paints.  
After talking with Stephanie Sullivan, she corrected me that there were only three colors that she sent me that had retarding fluid and we came to the conclusion that I was using too much water.  She had not really used any water with the paints when she did her test head.  

So I went back to the drawing board with my doll and used the paints with just a few drops of water in some and Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel and a few drops of water in others.

You see, all paints have characteristics and all paint pigments are of different intensities.  
Some require more thinning and slowing down of the drying process than others.

These paints behave just like LDC paints but Stephanie and I concluded that they are NOT the same paints.  Stephanie purchases the colors from France~they are French made paints that have been around since 1955.  The LDC paints, I am quite sure, are German made paints and purchased from Germany.  The color pallets are completely different, however, each brand of paint have very pure, lovely colors.  I always liked LDC paints over the Genesis Paints colors.  And I feel the same about the Art and Magic paints.  

I have no fear of these paints fading or rubbing off.  They still will require a curing time but Stephanie tells me that after just 24 hours, she found it impossible to remove the paint without the use of a paint remover.  

The doll has developed quite some shine on the same area's that LDC paints will shine~the fingers and toes and some high spots.  The good news is, with the recent discovery of using Folk Art Glass and Tile Medium as an air dry matte (either before painting or after painting once the paint cures~it can lift off the paint if applied too soon on air dry paints) these problems can be quickly resolved with much less work than applying Genesis Matte Varnish. 

So I found the Art and Magic paints to need much less thinning than the LDC paints and I progressed much quicker with my doll yesterday.  Today I just have to do her veins, nail tips and one final tone color (which will tone down and blend her red some).  

Then I think I will start another doll~a boy this time~ and see just how long it takes me to basically reborn him using mostly the pre-mixed colors.  

Not that this is a race, but those who are brand new to painting a doll find it very frustrating if it takes too long to create a nice doll.  So for these first two dolls, I am working with the first time painter in mind as I evaluate.  Then I will move onto a Master Artist Series doll. 

So here is how Ashleigh is looking now:

Have a good Wednesday!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 2 evaluation of Art and Magic Air Dry Paints

As I worked yesterday, I wondered if there was too much retarder in the pre-mixed paints.
I was losing some of the visual texture as I worked.  

After speaking with Stephanie Sullivan today, I learned that there is not any retarder in the pre-mixed colors, except for three of them;  the vein color, the blush color and the purple wash.

She told me that I don't have to use ANY water with these paints so that makes me excited to start day 3 today.  

The paints are very translucent and lovely.  

Here are little Ashleigh's pictures from day 2:

I am seeing some area's become shiny, like top of these fingers.  (You can see shine on the bottom of her fingers in the picture above this one, but they were shiny from the start)   But I used layers and layers of watered down paint to achieve color.  It could be operator error as I did not have to use any water.

I'll see what happens today.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Artist evaluation of a new Air Dry Paint

Before I get started on the day one evaluation of the Art and Magic of Reborns Air Dry Paints, 
I first want to share the link to Trinitee's website page as he has had his photo shoot.

Trevor will be going to a lucky mom from my reborn mailing list.
Two gals are going to be doing a "silent auction" of sorts in order to bring him home.  That "auction" will end tomorrow morning at 10 am.
To be put on the list for notification of future babies, please email me at

I will summon day one up as a success even though I didn't make much progress on my doll
Ashleigh by Olivia Stone.

For this baby, I am going to do my best just to use the pre-blended colors and not make up my own colors.   I did cheat a little by blending together the crease color and the lip/blush color to create what I call a Newborn Flush color~a techinque and color that I developed.

I also did not coat this baby with any Genesis products.  I really want to test these paints without added helps. 

I find the paints easy to work with and forgiving.
They are matte (so far) and velvety soft.  

I found it best to layer the lip color, crease color and Intermediate purple wash color for the lips.  
I think that combination is very pretty!
(Baby will have better newborn eyes~these are all I had in stock in her size)
Today I will continue to build on her visual texture and tone, start on her creases and folds and work on the ends of her fingers and toes.

Many will want to know if her color changed/faded during the night.
No, it did not  :)  

I find that the pigments are similar to LDC paints.  Because these paints are pre-mixed, it is difficult to know for sure if they are the same strength, but either way, they are easy to use.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trinitee's artwork is done!

I couldn't help but take a few pictures of Trinitee (as a boy) the other day, even though his new body had not arrived yet.

His body arrived yesterday so I'll assemble him this morning and take his pictures. 

I am not obligated to put him on eBay so I've sent out a mass email to my client list.
There are a few ladies who are very interested in him so I think I might just try, for the first time here at TNGUN, my own private auction.  

I'm still working out the details on this but the "auction" will start tomorrow morning 
at 10 am PST and run until 10 am PST on Tuesday. 

This should be fun!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sharing my collection Friday~SOPHIE FABER!!!

Some of you who are my friends in other social media avenues have already been allowed the pleasure to feast your eyes on my incredibly adorable Sophie Faber who has returned home from 
with a new coat of paint.

This has got to be the most adorable, chubby, delightful silicone doll I've ever seen and I've had SO much fun changing her and taking pictures!  She is a major cuddle-bug too.
Enjoy her pictures!!

Sophie has as new custom body made by Chelle's Babies Nursery that is SO perfect for her!

 LOL...she wiggles and squirms when I dress her...she was SO tired of this kind of play!

Someone said that she would look good in a brown paper bag so last night, I put her in one!  
 By Golly!  They were RIGHT!  She looks adorable in a paper bag!  LOL 
 I even made little sandals out of the handles of the bag!

OH I just love my little chubby girl!  

I will eventually give her hair..she's quite cute bald but I think with hair she will be dynamic.

Have a great weekend!  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Testing a new air dry, water borne paint

Stephanie Sullivan, of HunnyBuns Dolls and Reborn Supply, a leader in the reborn industry for many years, has asked me exclusively to test a new paint that she is developing.

She calls these paints 
 You can read more about them in the link above.

This paint is an air dry, water borne (water based) paint and I am excited!

I have read the technical information sheets on the base pigments and I have no apprehensions of using the paints for creating quality Master Artist Series dolls.
The colors that Stephanie has developed are beautiful!  
I love the LDC paints but one thing I am super excited about these new paints is that they SHOULD be very matte and velvety feeling.

The LDC paints, even though they are supposed to be matte often times are sheeny without a base of Genesis Matte Varnish.  

I am very honored that Stephanie has asked me to work with the paints.  

I will be starting my first doll kit with them on Sunday and will be doing progress pictures featuring my evaluation of the paints as I go. 

I know I said I was going to start painting a new doll kit yesterday (and I intended to begin using the paints) but since I only had two days left in my work week and the holidays are fast approaching, I opted instead to use yesterday and today to paint up 4 Create a Babies...Created and I plan to assemble Mr. Trinitee today.  I'm still debating on a name for him.  

I'll pop in sometime tomorrow with pictures from my personal collection.  You won't want to miss out...Sophie Faber is home and is EXCEPTIONAL!  

Have a great day!   

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trinitee's hair is done!

Just popping by for a quick moment this morning to celebrate that "Trinitee's" hair is rooted!

I'll be giving him lashes and gloss today and his second new body should arrive tomorrow.  The first body I ordered was a bit too small~he's such a BIG BOY!

So while I wait for a body, I am going to start painting another baby!
I'm pretty excited to be back to the paint table.  

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally, an air dry matte varnish that works??

My fellow reborn artist and friend,
 Angie's Lil Dumplins is the next best thing to a scientist.  

She knows her stuff.

She's been trying out a product for getting rid of shine on dolls that are painted with Air Dry Paints.  

It is called "Folk Art Glass and Tile Medium".

Angie has done all her testing and posted it on her blog:

You will have to read them from bottom to top as I simply copied the link from her blog.

I am going to order some today  :)  

Thank you Angie!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Trinitee" hair progress

Just sharing a few quick pictures of the progress of "Trinitee's" hair.

I thought I might finish today but it still looks like a big area to root so we shall see!

Some of the hair has not been trimmed yet and I need to "preen" some thicker hairs out.  
Plus the hair is a bit messy from the pillow the head was sitting in over night.  

I think he is going to look so great!