Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Baby Lucien (Grayson by Bonnie Brown) is born!

And he's headed home to his "mommy" today!
Whew...another miracle!  

He was named Lucien by his "mom" and I have added the names Albert Ingalls to the end as he looks like Albert Ingalls of the old show, "Little House on the Prairie" to me!

Welcome 20 inch, 4 lb 2 oz  Lucien!
Full limbs

I share his COA first as it was desired he look like the real Grayson that Bonnie Brown sculpted the kit after.  I patterned after the picture in the top middle and left his hair a little longer as per his "mommy's" request.
He has rooted lashes...probably the best I have done to date :)

Albert Ingalls:

Now...onto rooting Emily  :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tiny Miracles Emily's little secret

I had been keeping a secret with Tiny Miracles Emily.

You see, my granddaughter, Jena, now age 14 played with this little dolly at my house all the years she was growing up.  

She is the one shown on the right in this picture:

Her arm fell off a few years ago so she has been sitting in the studio all this time. 
I had purchased a new body for her oh gosh, about 8 years ago intending to reborn her for Jena.

Well, you know how time goes.

Since I was reborning the full-size Emily, I decided now was a good time to reborn Tiny Emily, but I didn't tell Jena until last night.  She's pretty excited!

I posted pictures of Tiny Emily in a girl version and a boy version.  

I was SURE Jena would pick the boy version but instead, she is emotionally drawn to the girl version since Tiny Emily was a girl to her when she was growing up.  She would like me to give her a new name though as she babysits a little girl named Emily, who she says looks just like the doll and she thinks that would be "weird".  I am thinking I will call her Amelia, but I will have to give it some more thought.

Her she is in both the girl version and boy version.
(She still needs hair, lashes and final glossing...and assembly!)

Ahhhh Emily.  
She always has my heart.  
Maybe I need a boy version.

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Rooting Grayson

Remember poor Grayson, who is now named Lucien by his "mommy"?

The little man is finally getting some hair!

He has rooted so nicely and "quickly" too.  I think I may have only about 20 hours into his hair when I am done.  That is a record for hair in the past many years!

If he were a girl, I'd give him the middle name of "Grace".  

I suspect I will be done rooting by the day's end tomorrow!  

Emily is waiting her turn.  It would be so great if she roots as "quickly".

Hugs for the day!

Friday, February 10, 2017

The transformation of Ashton Drake Emily

Once in a while you can scare your customers by Work in Progress pictures and once in a while you can even doubt your own process and technique.

Enjoy the photo journal of Ashton Drake's Welcome Home Emily from start to painted and matted finish.  

Just out of the box:

 Stripped of original paint and hair:

First layers of coloring:

 And this is where I made my customer nervous!
Through the process of painting and using powders and the setting medium, she became very sheeny which accentuated the colors. 

But once the matting was completed (I always use a little "Warm Details" in my matting mixture)
her colors softened, the sheen disappeared and she became beautiful again :)

This baby was painted completely with Baby FX Air Dry Paints,  Powders, mediums and mattes.

I am most pleased!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Please meet Olivia!

Baby Olivia was created from a 15 inch Berenguer LaBaby play doll.

I fully repainted her and added more hair detail using Baby FX paints, powders and mediums.

I changed her eyes but kept her original body as I wanted to keep her small for the just-turning 5 year old child who was to receive her.  (*I* thought the little girl was turning 6 but I was wrong!  What a delightful turning 5 year old she is!)

I did change the weight of her body some to make her more realistic and poseable.  

Here is the little dolly all stripped with one color of new eyes in, but I knew I would be ordering a darker brown than these:


I snuggled baby Olivia all up, tied her with pretty ribbons...

Then wrapped her in princess paper for the little princess to open her the day before her 5th birthday.  

She kept saying, "I love her".  
Awww...my very special and forever friend!
(We enjoyed a play date in the Dolly House and she was in awe!"

What an amazing afternoon!