Monday, January 23, 2017

Liling, now Baby Roo finally went home!

What a fun little chap he is!  

Package tracking says that he may arrive as his new home today!
I can't wait to hear from his "mommy".  


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Original Ashton Drake "Emily" has arrived!

I felt like I was doing my own box opening!  

This is the original Ashton Drake "Welcome Home Emily" that I purchased for the custom order for 
Silvia Ezquerra.

Enjoy her pictures!

Silvia would like a newborn skin tone similar to the "Precious" silicone doll I made a couple of years ago:

This will be fun!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Snow day!

We had 5 days without new snow falling...what a nice break that was as we have spent a LOT of time shoveling the white stuff.  

I am NOT complaining as we have been in drought for many years now.  

But, I did enjoy not having to shovel.  :)

I went for a weekend get-a-way with the gals I call The Cowgirls.  These are the same women that I go to "Cowgirl Camp" with every July.
  The roads, though snow packed, were good for travel and we had such a wonderful time!
The beauty around us as snow and frost covered trees was breathtaking...every where we went.
One of the things we did was went dog sledding!  
That was amazing and so gorgeous!

Anyway, yesterday I finished rooting custom Liling!  He's got his lashes and gloss and this morning I added a bit more gloss to one eye that had a little air pocket.  He's drying now and looking so good!  

That gloss should be dry enough for me to do his final photo shoot this afternoon.

Hmmm...what shall I do in the meantime???

Oh!  I know...the Ashton Drake Doll Emily has arrived!  
I will begin to prepare her.  :)

That is a good way to spend a very, very snowy day!  
(There is a layer of frozen rain under this new snow...on top of the old snow.)

I hope you all are warm and safe


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rooting Needles!!!

I love packages in the mail and yesterday, rooting needles arrived...FINALLY!

So this little man is going to get the rest of his hair today!
I just have this much to do and a little at his bang line:
 And since I am showing his cute, chubby is the front!
Thank you Spearson's Doll Bodies!, what movie should I watch while I root???

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Two NEW Baby FX color guides available!

I desired to wait until these two dolls were complete before I wrote up the new color guides for 


But my rooting needles are tied up in Snowpocalypse of the winter of 2016-2017 so I thought I should just get them written and up for sale.  
(Click on the above links to purchase.)

Some of you are wondering what colors might be needed for the guides since Baby FX paints are a little scarce to get right now (I am HOPING that Baby FX will come back to us in the near future)
so here are lists of paints and mediums needed for each color guide:

Baby FX Colors and mediums needed for the Asian Skin Tone Guide:

Strawberry Skin                                                            Inner Glow
Lips                                                                                    Slow Dry
Brow and Ethnic                                                            Magic Flow
Pale Purple                                                                        Subtle Shine
Cherry Kisses                                                            Final Sealer
Purple Shading                                                            Shine Remover (Optional)
Dark Crimson
Mottle and Blush                                                            *Sure Bond
Olive Skin                                                                        *Ultra Matte
Sun Kissed                                                                        *Matte Powder
Brow and Bronze
Warm Details (yellow)
Burnt Bronze
Rosy Blush
Pale Green
Veins and Shade
Thin Skin
Pure White
Skin Highlights (light flesh)

*Instead of these three components, one could use Plaid Folk Art OUTDOOR Matte Sealer

Baby FX Colors and mediums needed for the Ruddy Newborn Skin Tone Guide:

Caramel Skin                                                            Inner Glow
Lips                                                                                    Slow Dry
Brow and Ethnic                                                            Magic Flow
Pale Purple                                                                        Subtle Shine
Purple Shading                                                            Final Sealer (optional)
Naturalize                                                                        Shine Remover (optional)
Mottle and Blush                                                            *Sure Bond
Burnt Bronze                                                            *Ultra Matte
Warm Details (yellow)                                                *Matte Powder
Brow and Bronze
Cherry Kisses
Dark Crimson
Crease and Shade
Pretty Sweet
Pale Green
Veins and Shade
Pure White
Biracial Brown
Brow and Bronze
Skin Base (medium flesh)
Skin Highlights (light flesh)

*Instead of these three components, one could use Plaid Folk Art OUTDOOR Matte Sealer

I hope this helps!   

Monday, January 9, 2017

I don't do customs, I don't do customs....


Laughing out loud...

2017 marks my 12 year in the reborn doll industry.

I guess that means that when a fellow artist asks me to reborn a classic Ashton Drake doll for her personal collection...a doll that so many of us love and I even have an original in my personal collection, I get to say yes if I want to!

And want I do!  

Silvia Ezquerra asked me to reborn an Ashton Drake, Linda Webb 
"Welcome Home Emily" doll for her.  

When she first asked simply if i do customs, or course the answer tossing around in my head was a big fat "NO!", but when she told me WHO she wanted reborn, I just could not resist!  

I am so excited...she is so excited...
WE are so excited!  

I love Emily.   I have an original Emily in my collection and a mini Emily in my collection that I reborned.

Last night I purchased the Emily doll to reborn.  I can't wait until she arrives!

Here is my Welcome Home Emily: 

And my tiny Emily reborned next to an original Tiny Emily:

Giddy, giddy, giddy!  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

For sale...

Even though I haven't offered up a new doll for sale for a while, I do still have two dolls available for direct adoption:

Vinyl reborn Demetrick for $650 plus actual shipping:

 And "Sweetie" a Kellie Beckett mini full body silicone prototype.
She is also $650 plus actual shipping:

I also still have a lot of mohair on my Artfire site, ready for immediate shipping worldwide!

My full course reborning DVD:

Color guides for different skin tones:

and a variety of reborning supplies:

It's time to get those dolls ready for summer shows!