Thursday, September 26, 2019

Portland, Oregon Crossroads doll show!

Sweet Pickles and I will BEE traveling to the Portland, Oregon Doll show this weekend!

I didn't think I was going to be able to attend this fall's 
in Portland, Oregon but things have worked out that I can!

I will just be going as a collector (I won't be showing) and am very excited for the break in every day life!

I walked into the Dolly House to see just which baby I would take.  I wanted someone who had not attended a show with me or traveled with me before.  Sweet Pickles said she was the one!  

She's dressed in a unisex outfit for the day ride in the car but she does clean up very girly when he mama dresses her correctly.

Just as I was leaving the Dolly House, Michael said that HE wanted to go too!

Sadly, I told him that he will have to wait for another show.  It was too late in the evening to even think about what clothing and accessories to take for him, but yes, probably the next show, Michael will get to go!

Look for me and Sweet Pickles if you are attending the show too!


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Prototype Mase~SOLD~

Mase was sculpted by Lilianne Breedveld, poured by Claire Taylor and brought to life by me, 
Debbie Henshaw of They Never Grow Up Nursery

She is 20 1/2 inches long and weighs 8 pounds, 14 ounces

She has full arm armatures from the palms of her hands through her is an awesome armature!
She also is fitted with the Drink and Wet system which works amazingly well.

She has a light Asian skin tone complete with a Mongolian birthmark on her bum.

She will travel home with a beautiful and complete layette and accessories as seen in the photos.  (The tan bear and pink posing cushions are not included but the personalized Mase items, clothing and mint bunny are.)

Mase is SOLD and I won't be doing another one of her.
Thank you!

She is a stunning piece of playable art!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Dolly House face lift!

The Dolly House is beautiful once again!
I hired a handyman to re-stain the Dolly House as the weather had begun to take it's toll.  "Ray" did an amazing job!  (I had to finish the last parts as the project took longer than anticipated...we do good work!)



I suspect that this facelift will last a lot longer than the original sprayed on stain as it was all hand brushed and some parts were done twice to three times.

I opted to keep the trim off of the dormers as the trim was causing water damage as rain and snow would accumulate on that trim.  I think it looks pretty nice and choosing a dark stain covered up what could not be sanded and cleaned off. 

I am well-pleased!

(My kitchen on the other hand is still a construction zone but I DO have a subfloor now! 
I have selected new, light grey tones wood laminate.  I am currently waiting for the cabinet designer to come over and give estimates to add a few new cabinets while I make changes to the layout of the kitchen.  A painter is working up a bid to paint all of the cabinets, old and new.  She cannot paint until  September/October so I will get the new floor and cabinets in first.)

New floor and cabinet color samples:

The kitchen will go from browns to grey and whites.  I hope to get new quartz countertops as well as a new porcelain sink.  

The Dolly House is glorious and the kitchen will be too!


Monday, July 8, 2019

What has Debbie been up to??

Oh my goodness...summer is here!  

I tried so hard to get prototype Mase finished before July hit but I did not succeed.

We had a smallish disaster in my kitchen that thwarted my plans

My refrigerators ice maker valve in the floor began leaking under the floor ruining the sub floor.  My refrigerator now resides in my dining room!  

This project lead to the need for an electrician to remove a wire that the house was actually sitting on.  It was a live wire that supported the outlets in the kitchen.  It is amazing that we didn't have a fire but that it what breaker boxes are for.  The breaker did trip often from those outlets.  I am so glad that is fixed now!

All of this is leading to the beginning of a renovation that I have wanted to do for a long time now and to start it, a heater duct needs moved so the HVAC people will be here today to see if it can be moved how I want it.  Eventually, this space where the refrigerator belongs will become a kitchen library, essential oil and herb drying station.  I will eliminate the TWO refrigerators we have in the kitchen to one very large refrigerator placed on a different wall and surrounded it by pantry and I will extend the island.  

With the floor replacement, one cabinet has to be removed, the one you see in the photo here.  They won't be able to save the counter tops which is fine with me!  That helps with my reno plan as I desired to have quartz countertops.  :)

I am not yet sure if I will replace all of the cabinets just yet, or buy the new giant fridge.  I first have to see how much the new quartz countertops will cost.  (Insurance will pay for replacement value of what we have then I pay the difference for the upgrade.)

Anyway...along with that....

The Dolly House is getting a face lift!

I was told that it would need re-stained every three years.  The porch deck actually needed re-stained after the first summer here but I just could not get to it nor afford to have it done.  

With the wonderful sale of Merle, I was able to hire a handyman to do it.  He's doing a great job and I can barely wait to see it all done!

Here are progress photos:

You can see some serious weathering in this photo:

And absolute weathering on the porch deck as he, Ray, has the deck almost sanded and ready for stain:

This wall from the railing back has been stained with the new color:

And I chose a contrasting color for the railings which are shown stained here:

The rest of the walls will be the same color as that one wall that is done but the deck will be another color.  A trifecta of beauty!!!  Oh but then there is the original red on the trim above the brick that will be re-stained the same red.  

Here is a look from where I sat in the shade the other day:

Oh and Mase???  

I've got the back/top part of her hair plus brows and lashes to finish!  

I will get to work on her today I think.

Wish me luck!

On Friday, we leave for a weekend family reunion and when we return, we are bringing my senior inlaws home with us for a week of fishing and thrift store shopping.  

Three seniors in the house with no kitchen floor and a fridge in the dining room and a credenza in the living room...unless they show up today to get moving on it!  They haven't done anything since they removed the noisy fans after 6 days of drying.

4 days after my inlaws arrive, one of my best friends is coming for 4 days to visit and go to the Bronc riding with annual sold out event that we have every year here.  It is wild time!!!

Three days after she and my inlaws go home, I leave for 5 days of Cowgirl Camp and then...July is gone!  

Happy summer everyone!

Friday, June 14, 2019

To the MOON!

Oh my goodness...Merle made it to the MOON and stayed with a star of a new "mom"!!!

What an exciting end to her auction!!

Sadly, only ONE person can win and I feel for those who tried so hard.

My hugs and love always

Friday, June 7, 2019

Prototype Merle is finished and for sale. She is AA/Biracial!

My mother says, "she is SO pretty" and my husband says, "if they only knew what it takes to create this kind of realism, they would pay twice as much".  

No more words are needed :)

Introducing the finished prototype Merle:

She is on YouTube too!

Please watch her auction to cheer her on