Friday, January 10, 2020

New kitchen coming today!

I don't remember if I had posted about my kitchen problem that happened in July of 2019.

Our refrigerator's ice maker/water dispenser leaked causing water damage to the subfloor.

We lived with this bunch of noise for about 10 days while they dried things out.  I could not allow my senior mother into the kitchen as the doorway is there where that plastic is hanging and I feared she would tumble into the hole!

They got the subfloor put back down a few days before my senior in-loves came to visit for a week.  

And this is how our floor remains until this day, January 10, 2020.
(I DID have them come back after this subfloor was put into place because I did not like the condition of the subfloor under the cabinet, which lead to removal of the cabinet that could not be salvaged.  

Upon choosing new flooring, I could not find a color that worked well with my existing cabinets and countertops.  

So...I did what any good girl would do, I changed up the colors!

I began by selecting a gorgeous wood laminate consisting of several colors of grey.  

That certainly didn't match my cabinetry so I had the cabinets painted in three shades of grey.



As you can see, there is a cabinet missing on the far left side.  Well, since we had to have another cabinet made (there was wet subfloor under the cabinet), I decide to have a couple more cabinets made.  I'll tell about that more in a moment but first, before I could put a large pantry cabinet where I wanted, a heater duct needed moved and a chandelier needed taken out.  

I had the duct moved from the floor between this extra fridge and that large pantry you see it there on the floor?  You can see how it has been a thorn in my side since we moved in as I could not utilize that space to benefit our family.  I am sure it was designed as an eating nook but this family eats in the dining room and we need an extra fridge and extra storage space!
Just above that refrigerator, you can see the chandelier I had removed.  A new flush light is in it's place and I had an additional one added above the existing pantry.  

This was my plan for that space...(excuse the mess!) which included having a matching pantry and overhead built to enclose that refrigerator.  

My plan worked and it looks SO NICE!
Doors for the cabinets are being delivered today and I'll have to paint them.  The doors were not supposed to have hinges.  When you change the color of your cabinets, you should consider the color of the hinges...mine were gold!  So, I had to buy all new hinges for the entire kitchen and knew the cabinet company would not be able to match so I bought enough for the new cabinets as well.  A project can never go without problems, right?  The cabinet company drilled big holed into the doors of the cabinets for the internal hinges...which is what I did not have.  So, they had to remake the doors.  

Before paint:

After paint:

Such a smart thing to do for my family!!!  In that photo you can see the two new recessed lights in the ceiling.  

New hinges: I said earlier...there are always problems.  The cabinet that needed replaced and another cabinet that I ordered to extend the island (seen here) needed rebuilt.  They set up too high at the base which took away 3 inches of interior hight!  

Those two cabinets are being delivered today.

As you can see, the countertop no longer works so also today is brand spanking new white quartz countertops!!!  And while I'm at it, a new white UNDERMOUNT quartz composite sink :)

My plumber son came over last night to disconnect and remove the current cast iron/porcelain sink.
It is currently in the back yard.  I will set up a station outside this spring for washing my garden veggies.  

A new sink needs a new faucet so I've got one!  
And a new disposer will be installed as well.  
AND...I had the kitchen window replaced as it leaked every time it rained.  

Whew...progress!  But it has been a long journey!

The new laminate flooring has arrived and is in the house to acclimate.  
Now, I COULD have had it installed next week but, I have a lot going on (trying to get Finn done, photographed, video'd and sent home to his mommy so I can start Faye's hair) plus I am leaving next Friday for the Portland Doll Show...Lord and snow storm willing!

The flooring will be installed on January 24th, 7 months, 16 days since the subfloor was taken up.  

I have a little painting to do, OH!  I also painted all of the walls and ceiling a better white.  The old white had a pink hue to it.  

THIS is an exciting day!!  

And I am tired!  LOL

Tuesday January 14:

I am still tired...very, very tired, and there is some tweaking left to do in the kitchen but here is how it is looking so far!

This was right after the guys left:

We had to wait 24 hours before the faucet was put back in as well as the plumbing hooked back up.
Obviously we don't have backsplash yet and of course the floor is yet to come.  

I had a thought how to put a quick fix to the backsplash though.  I was concerned about getting water onto the exposed dry wall so I went to the Dollar Tree (where everything is a dollar!) and bought two rolls of their brand of "contact" shelving paper.  I cut it to fit and walla:

With the faucet in and plumbing attached, we are back up to functioning!

Isn't that a gorgeous quick fix??  

We like the colors in this contact paper very much and are considering glass tiles in the same tones.  
But we'll decide on that for sure after the floor goes in.  I think.  Maybe I want the mess to be done before the new floors come in.  The floors are delayed now anyway due to one of the new cabinets not being the right size.  



Monday, January 6, 2020

Already January the 6th, 2020!

Happy New Year!

I am quite sure I never even said, "Merry Christmas"!

And there they were...they came, and they went.  
But they were joyous!

And now we are well into 2020~

Both Finn and Faye prototypes are matted now, and Finn has about half of his hair.

Both prototype babies are sold but blank kits are still available directly through Lilianne



Prototype Louisa will arrive to me next.  She is a beautiful sleeping full body silicone...her blank kits can also be ordered.
This is a photo of the clay head.  

May 2020 be your best year yet!


Monday, November 25, 2019

2 New full body silicone prototypes, Finn and Faye by Lilianne!

Wasn't just yesterday the first of October???  And here it is, almost Thanksgiving already.  

I am not thankful for how quickly time flies!

But I AM thankful for these two totally adorable full body prototypes, 
Finn and Faye by Lilianne Breedveld.

Here they are in their blank state:



Faye and Finn:

Prototype Finn is already sold to the best mommy; he will be so spoiled.

Prototype Faye will be available for adoption once she is complete, probably late December to mid January.  

Blank kits of these gorgeous "babies" can be ordered directly from Lilianne Breedveld's email:

To my US friends, Happy Thanksgiving!  

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New baby boy in the studio!

So...again, "I don't do customs/commissions", but sometimes I do!

One of the reasons I "don't" is because of unclarified customer communication.

I started a biracial "Tavi" by Marita Winters.  I did one of the prototypes of Tavi several years ago (like 5-6 years ago).  My customer who I agreed to do a commissioned doll of Tavi, said she wanted it like that prototype, "but lighter".  

The original Tavi prototype:

And as a girl.  Then she asked that the tone be like Tavi as he was golden like her daughter.  

The conversations went on like this for days...every 6-8 hours, 24/7.

It fully wrecked my concentration and drive for this baby, and I just lost where I was and got the tone too dark, too not what I was working for, but then again, I was not sure what I was working for!

I contacted my customer and told her that this baby did not turn out how we were hoping and that I needed to start over.  

It was then that I realized that what she REALLY wanted was a portrait doll of her real baby girl.  
She didn't want to ask because "I don't do custom orders" and she thought that a portrait was a custom order.  Any doll that I make that I did not initiate is a custom order.  She knows that now.  

Things are going very well with our communication now and her baby is turning out so well!

In the meantime, while I waited for the new Tavi kit to arrive so I could start over, I finished this little man with painted hair as I did not have time to root him,

Meet Taurean, an African American name for "reclusive and quiet".  
He IS up for adoption on my WEBSITE (CLICK HERE)

Isn't he sweet??
He is ready to find his new home!


Thursday, September 26, 2019

Portland, Oregon Crossroads doll show!

Sweet Pickles and I will BEE traveling to the Portland, Oregon Doll show this weekend!

I didn't think I was going to be able to attend this fall's 
in Portland, Oregon but things have worked out that I can!

I will just be going as a collector (I won't be showing) and am very excited for the break in every day life!

I walked into the Dolly House to see just which baby I would take.  I wanted someone who had not attended a show with me or traveled with me before.  Sweet Pickles said she was the one!  

She's dressed in a unisex outfit for the day ride in the car but she does clean up very girly when he mama dresses her correctly.

Just as I was leaving the Dolly House, Michael said that HE wanted to go too!

Sadly, I told him that he will have to wait for another show.  It was too late in the evening to even think about what clothing and accessories to take for him, but yes, probably the next show, Michael will get to go!

Look for me and Sweet Pickles if you are attending the show too!