Monday, September 11, 2017

So many things packed into this day, September 11

Two days ago was the year "anniversary" of the dismount off my horse up on that mountain that broke 2 ribs.  

Two days ago our final child was married

The cheesecake wedding cake  :)


One of my dearest long distance friends passed away on September 11th and of course, we will never forget the tragedy of 9/11 here in the United States.  

So many emotions today.  

God bless.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hump day, slump day!

Remember me?  
I am that lady that used to make dolls and process mohair...

WHERE did I go???  

Goodness sakes. 

I traveled to Idaho to see Mom and my sister who was visiting from Ohio (plus I saw some other family members as well) and I brought back with me a load of Mom's stuff!  It is getting really real now!

I jumped for joy when Mom showed me her new address labels...with MY address on them!  

Even though I still have mohair to process, yesterday was spent re-arranging my storage shed in the back yard to fit in Mom's Christmas ornament boxes as well as just make more room for other things that will go into that shed later.  

And then just basic tasks.  You see, our son is getting married this coming Saturday.  
We will be housing 6 additional people...4 of them will be here from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon and then the final two (my precious in-laws) will be staying here through the next Friday.  
I am making the wedding cake...a lovely tiered cheesecake!  
I have not built a wedding cheesecake before but with only a few days to get it done (Friday morning, bright and early I will wake up to two little grandgirls who will be demanding of my attention so I do not expect to accomplish much on Friday at all), I am thankful that it is a cheesecake as it will not require icing!  

Here is the "pattern" for the cake that our beautiful bride-to-be choose.
This is a "new" thing in wedding cakes...uniced, or barely iced cakes.
(This cake is not cheesecake but the pattern will work well.)

I will be sure to share how my cake turns out.  
Hopefully I will "nail it"!  LOL

I intended to work on mohair last Friday but my sweet new friend was so anxious to come over again that I decided that since this week is insane that I could spare an hour and a half for her.  

We spent some time in the Dolly House where she helped me change a few babies and tidy things up a bit.

(I cannot remember if I shared about this darling 10 year old.  She is a local doll collector/doll lover.  She has tinkered with painting a couple manufactured dolls, making her own paints from supplies she had on hand.  She is creative and I think that once she has the proper supplies, she will do very well in the doll world.  
She is generous beyond the word and has blessed me with some dolls and treasures from her collection.)

Here I am with Kyler, in the Dolly House with two of my dolls.

She is such a precious love!

Onward forward.  Time to put on my Super Woman cape.   I have more to do in the next 48 hours than is humanly possible and at this moment, all I want to do is to sit here and sip on coffee.

Time to get moving!


Monday, August 28, 2017

New FBS prototype coming soon!

How delighted I am to be asked once again to complete a full body silicone prototype for 
Lilianne Breedveld!

"Purdey" will be arriving sometime in the next month or so.

These are Lilianne's pictures of the clay sculpt.

Claire Taylor in the United States will be pouring Purdey and I have requested, once again, for full arm armatures.

Isn't she cute???  She sure looks like Mack's twin sister!  

I will take my own pictures of the blank silicone when she arrives at the studio.  

Happy Monday!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Summertime Fun!

Not much work getting done here...well, to be more precise, NO work is getting done here!

Last Wednesday, after a 2 hour hair appointment, I left town to pick up my 14 year old granddaughter and her friend to spend 2 weeks with us.  

We arrived home on Thursday afternoon, just in time to see my 4 year old grandson compete in "mutton busting"...the riding of a quick and quirky sheep!

We dashed home to put the cold food that we shopped for earlier in the day as we traveled home away and rushed back to the fair grounds to watch bronc riding!

It has been a myriad of fun and excitement ever since!  

I'll take a little down time today to catch up on business (not much going on there either) and to make some arrangements for my mother to move in with us the end of September.  

YES!  She decided that she will move from Idaho to Oregon to live with us!!  

We are super excited and nervous all at the same time...and we have much to do to get ready.  

I hope that her life here is healthier (I know it will be much less stress) and happier and that these two components will extend her life longer, or at least give her a higher quality of life in the time that she has left on this earth.  


Monday, August 7, 2017

Matthew rode a mule~A picture story

"Auntie Sherri, I wood wike to wide yer mool...Eye is all dwessed and weady!"

Auntie Sherri agrees to let Matthew ride her mule, Gus.

"Hewwo Gus!  It is nice to meet ewe!
Uhm...Eye doesn't fink he wikes me dat much."

"Maybe I tan smoove my way into his hart."
"Atta boy Gus.  See, Eye is otay.  Tan I wide you now?"

"Yeeeeee-Haaaaaa....giddyap Gus!"

 "Weeee....oh no....oh no....Eye is woosing my bawance!!!!"

"Awwww danged it..Eye falls off!"
"Mommy, wiwl you hewlps me up???"

"ACK ACK ACK!!!  I wost my weg!!!!"
"Cawl da doctor!!!"

(Mommy waughed so hard tause Eye is aways woosing my weg.  I wost it once in da airport in da sacurity wine!!!")

"Sigh.  Eye's been "bucked" off bafore but I nebber wost a weg bafore!  Good ting my mommy knows how ta fix me!"

"Awl bettar now!"

"It waz a wittle scary but....


Friday, August 4, 2017

A peek into Cowgirl Camp :)

Words just cannot express how much fun we 4 50-somethings have at camp.
This year was simply the BEST!

I am second to the left on my horse named Ruger in the picture below.
He was the only horse at camp this year.  The rest were mules.

We blazed through almost 32 miles on our horses in three days and 38 miles on the ATV's.  
We explored brand new BEAUTIFUL country with so much variation, but were not in the area where the wild horses live this year.   We don't "trail" ride...we go through the woods, over hills, through draws and creek beds, over rocks and logs and across roads to make our own path.  Thank God I ride with three gals that are not directionally challenged like me!
We saw several deer and saw elk and bear sign...LOTS of bear sign!

Ruger worked so hard and overcoming his fears (remember our accident last fall) and triumphed through some of them.
I am so proud of my boy!

All of these next riding pictures are credit to my dear friend, Deb Bennett

Ahhhhh....until next year, I shall be smiling and giggling at the fun we had!

Egyptian shadow puppets!  LOL

And we spell it:
C and in "cow"
G as in "girl"
C as in "camp"

I love these fun cowgirls SO MUCH!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Techinical diffulties

I guess my computer does not know how to react when I shut it down for nearly a week as I have had nothing but technical difficulties since I brought it back up.

Ugh.  I didn't have to worry about such things when I was in the mountains.  

I'll share pictures as soon as I can.  

BTW, mohair processing is under way.  If you have requests for color and textures of mohair, be sure to comment here or email me at