Friday, November 2, 2018

Sharing my collection Friday! Meet Finn!

I have to giggle and say, "don't get used to it" but here I am, sharing 2 Friday's in a row!

I have a new dolly!

His name is Finn/Fifi.

He is a 13 inch ball jointed doll by Lynn Frost

LMNO is quite smitten with him!

Finn is quite the handsome, outdoorsy Chap!

I am pretty smitten with him too!


Monday, October 29, 2018

Xavi is growing hair

Prototype Xavi by Lilianne Breedveld is getting a nice head of strawberry blonde hair!

I did not intend for him to have strawberry blonde hair.  I intended for dark blonde hair but 
HE said different! 

My friend in the reborn industry said from the beginning after seeing his color that he should be a red head.  After selected hair that worked with his skin tone and began rooting a light strawberry blonde around his face, she sent me this photo of a real baby....

Oh my goodness!  Is this real baby not this Xavi sculpt almost to perfection???  
I will have to pose Xavi in this manner when he is all done.  

I was combing his hair the other way but upon playing with the hair that is already rooted, it does actually comb this way and looks adorable.  I don't have photos of that style yet so for now, this is all you get. :)

His final outfit should arrive today...oh my is SO sweet and hand made by Laurie Duncan of Fancy Pants and Flounces.  Can't wait to show you (I actually have only seen a little peek of the outfit but it will be so perfect and adorable for him~especially with this hair color!!) and his swaddle and matching hat should arrive in a few days.  Then I will finally have all of his clothing.

If you are just joining my blog today and do not know about the sculpt Xavi, he is Lilianne Breedveld's new full body silicone kit, Xavi.  This baby is the prototype of Xavi.  

He is available as a blank kit from Lilianne 

And is available in the soft-blend silicone.  Xavi is anatomically correct and has a flexible neck.


Friday, October 19, 2018


For a while I had my life so organized that on Fridays I would share from my personal collection or  "Friday Funnies" where I would share a picture story.  

Today I want to share the newest doll to my personal collection, LMNO!

That is right!  He is my first BJD (Ball Jointed Doll)!

He is Ellemenno by Nikki Britt.    I have wanted him for so very long and had been looking for one on the secondary market as I was unable to purchase him when the edition opened.

At one point, a woman I met at a local show was going to sell hers to me.  I was SO excited, but reasonably so, when it came the for me to pay for him, she changed her mind.  I do not blame her one bit!  

I better poke another picture in here so that you can continue to see how very, very cute he is.  He has many personalities and I am having a blast buying things for him and playing with him when I only have a moment to spare.  (He's only 6 inches so he's small enough to live in my studio where I have instant access to him for a few moments of fun!)

So then, just how did I get him???

This past spring, Nikki Britt came out with another edition of Ellemenno/Ellebella called Tan Elle/Ella.  She did a drawing for the artist dolls in this edition (ones that she does the face-ups, hair, eyes and outfit).  If our name was drawn we were then permitted to purchase one of the...I think she had 12 or so of them in different hair and eye colors...and...I WON one of the spots!   

Oh my was super exciting and SUPER HARD to choose but I kept going back to this little tow-headed, blue eyed boy and I do not regret it one little bit.  AT.  ALL.
He completely has my heart!

So I've been finding adorable outfits on Etsy and also from sellers on the Nikki Britt Doll Collectors and Fans Facebook page and also have been building a diorama room for him.  

Oh...and I bought my little Farmer Boy a tractor...

Now, about his room.  

There are some really cute diorama's that are already made but they were more than I could spend.  WORTH it for sure, but just more than I can do.  

First, I started with a bed.  This one is a bit small for him, but he's a very busy boy and doesn't use it much so it's all good :)
Green is not my favorite color but I really liked this particular bed.

He seems to think it fits just fine!

Then I was shopping at Walmart one day and found these awesome pieces of "wall" and "floor" in the craft section.   I don't remember what they are supposed to be for but they were perfect for the foundation of his room.

I found the little chair at the Dollar Tree and had the chest already in my collection that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I found the little rug at a yard sale!

LMNO, as I call him, is so happy about his room that he often breaks out in dance!

Wandering around Etsy one day, I saw the CUTEST dinosaur bookshelf.  I saved it in my favorites file and thought that maybe some day I could buy it.  It came from Russia so the shipping was a lot more than the shelf cost.  

I could not stand it any more...LMNO just HAD to have it!  And is so perfect!

I had already been searching for one of the hats like the original Ellemenno's came out with and finally a lady on the Nikki Britt page and a member of Etsy had one...I had to order it too!

One of the seamstresses that makes tiny outfits for these little ones was doing some custom work for me and just happened to have the idea for the Dino outfit...oh my gosh...SO perfect!

The search for the final component to the structure of his room happened with another Etsy seller.  
I had been looking at all of the craft stores and online for "doll house windows" but just wasn't finding what I wanted until I found this seller.  He was able to custom size a window/bookcase/drawer unit just right for LMNO's space.  I could not be happier with his work and how this completed the structure of his room!

I can see him through the windows as I work at my painting table.  I simply LOVE it!

One of my best friends sent him an outfit for my birthday (I LOVE getting things for my babies for my birthday!!!)

I just have to share because of how darling it is!

I added the orange socks (a custom order from the seamstress who made the Dino outfit) and an orange carrot/pumpkin hat that Kellie Beckett made for my OOAK dolls from her...

And now my little man is spending some time at the window waiting for the Great Pumpkin...

Oh...speaking of pumpkins...
LMNO is so much fun to take outside!

Bye bye ebbery-one!
My mama needs to get to work now!


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Prototype Xavi is ready for hair! Come see this darling!

One of my friends on Facebook said, "but you love all of the babies" when I said how much I love Xavi.

Well, her statement is true but I really, REALLY love Xavi!

I think his photos will show you why <3 p="">

Xavi is the prototype of Lilianne Breedveld's new blank full body silicone kit edition.  

His blank kit can be found 

on Lilianne's website.

The Xavi prototype will be available via auction bid when he is complete.  
He will get hair, lashes, brows and glossing.

He is poured by Claire Taylor in one full piece in soft-blend silicone.
His neck is not ball jointed but is super flexible and awesome!  

He is 18 1/2 inches and weighs 5 pounds 7 ounces.  
He is such an adorable preemie!  

Artists, be sure to order you kit from Lilianne before they sell out!