Friday, June 14, 2019

To the MOON!

Oh my goodness...Merle made it to the MOON and stayed with a star of a new "mom"!!!

What an exciting end to her auction!!

Sadly, only ONE person can win and I feel for those who tried so hard.

My hugs and love always

Friday, June 7, 2019

Prototype Merle is finished and for sale. She is AA/Biracial!

My mother says, "she is SO pretty" and my husband says, "if they only knew what it takes to create this kind of realism, they would pay twice as much".  

No more words are needed :)

Introducing the finished prototype Merle:

She is on YouTube too!

Please watch her auction to cheer her on 


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Merle with most of her hair

Merle has been "growing" hair.

This is how it is looking so far:

I love, love, LOVE her!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

TWO new full body silicones by Lilianne Breedveld!

Mase and Merle are the two newest blank full body silicone kits available from 

They share the same body with different heads.
They are one complete piece with a very flexible neck and super soft-blend silicone, only available as girls and are 21 inches in length.  

As seen on Lilianne's website above, the options for these girls are full arm armature, elbow armature, eyes for Mase, silicone color and a drink and wet system.

I opted for Mase to have the full arm armature and the drink and wet system and chose for Merle to be super cuddly and soft by having no armature and since she is a sleeping baby, no drink and wet system.

Here is a video showing the movement of these girls and the drink and wet system.

Since the video, I have these two gorgeous kits painted!

Mase is waiting in line for hair and I have begun rooting hair on Merle.  

Mase is painted in a beautiful light Asian tone and Merle was given a lovely bi-racial/AA tone.  

I hope you enjoy them!  

Artists, the blank kits can be ordered from Lilianne Breedveld in the link above. 

Big hugs

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Biracial silicone boy, Christian

I often cannot accept commissioned orders, but I was able to accept this one...and was very excited to do so!

He was my first biracial skin tone in silicone and I must say that I quite enjoyed the process!

Of course, having a beautiful sculpt to work with helped my mission.

This is "Lonnie" by Bonnie Sieben, a full body silicone now named Christian by his "mommy".
He has arrived to his new home and is fully loved.

Isn't he gorgeous???

New full body sculpts are arriving today and tomorrow.  THREE of them in fact :)

Two of them are prototypes.

One or maybe two of them may be biracial as well.

I am hooked!