Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A little studio fun

Sometimes I am drawn to the studio at odd times of the evening, so the other night I dressed these two in Christmas attire and snapped some photos.  

These are the only two babies I have to offer for Christmas.

(Vinyl Denver Rose by Marita Winters)
He is such a sweet, sweet little boy!

and Sweetie
(FBS Prototype "Smiling Sitter" by Kellie Beckett)

Wouldn't you like to find her in your mailbox??

She takes time out to stop and smell the Christmas flowers!


Both of these babies are priced at $650 plus shipping.  

Contact me if you are interested!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

Falalalala MOHAIR!

I am momentarily peeking out from my kitchen to share that all of the mohair has been dyed!

Today I will complete the process of the last three colors that remain in the dye pots, package up yesterday's dried colors and come Monday, FINISH the the mohair project!  

I am delighted that I only had to re-dye one color that didn't turn out.  
Whew...I am VERY thankful for that!

Ahhh...just one more day on my feet from 9-5.
Just one more day of washing, conditioning rinsing, combing, double rinsing and band removal!


Monday, November 28, 2016

Let the processing begin!

Currently my kitchen stove has a black ceramic top and white edges.

It won't look like that after I begin the mohair dying!

Ahhh...let the mess begin!

(I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Dolly House ready for play!

The bay section and the center of the Dolly House is where the majority of the girls live.

The boys occupy the back part of the house, and the mini's reside mostly on the dresser tops throughout the house.

Antique dolls and Ping Lau paper dolls in frames in the upper loft above the porch. 

Beautiful white  metal crib my friend, Sharon gave me for my birthday and a cherry crib that was my oldest granddaughter's crib.

Changing area with blankets and mini clothing on the shelves.

Bird's eye view of the back of the building, the boys area.

Up in the big loft.  Far in the back is a covered clothing rack that holds the Christmas clothing:

 The "Cowboy" and baseball theme areas:

An original Matthew by Laura Tuzio Ross and my reborn version of Matthew.

 Two of the outfits below were my son's when he was a baby.  He is now 32!

Mini babies are everywhere!  I love them so!

Big babies in the cherry crib:

 Kellie Beckett mini's:

Big babies in the oak cradle:

Big babies in the white metal crib:

There are treasures and little ones everywhere!

Many details throughout the house: 

I changed some of the drawer pulls on some of the dressers:

My daughter's vintage dress.  She is now 34.
I found delightful net hangars!  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

Last year at this time, the Dolly House looked like this. 
We were housing our daughter's family in there for the weekend:

It's come a long way baby!

And now I am spending my evenings changing everyone for Christmas and winter!  

Enjoy your family tomorrow