Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Prototype Vivi painted and a video!

An update on my mom...she was in the hospital for a week and has now been home for a week.  
The day she came home, our old dog was laid to rest.  

Deuce lived to a ripe old age of 15 years, 3 months to the day!
We miss him so but have so many wonderful memories of him.
Rest and play forever more Ol' Deuce!
(Christmas of this year.  This dog LOVED Christmas and opening his own packages...even at this ripe old age.)

One of my favorite photos of he and I:  

Happy, happy memories!

Mom is recovering slowly, but she is recovering which makes me happy.

Okay, onto Vivi!  She has so been my zen through these weeks!  

Vivi is poured into ecoflex soft-blend silicone by Claire Taylor.  
She was sculpted by Lilianne Breedveld and blanks are still available of the Vivi sculpt.

Here she is on YouTube to show how she moves.

Blanks may be ordered directly from Lilianne's website at

This finished prototype will be available for adoption via eBay once she is completed.  

Love and hugs!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Starting off the New Year with prototype Vivi!!

I pray that you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that 2019 has started out well for you!

December flew by with so many appointments for my mom (Ann) and 2019 has gotten off to a rough start for her with a kidney infection which has landed her in the hospital for the last 5 days with 3-4 more days to come.  She will recover...this was just a really bad one.  

Here she is prior to Christmas sitting with Santa 💖

Now that things are calmed down and her treatment underway I would love to show off the blank prototype Vivi sculpted by Lilianne Breedveld, poured by Claire Taylor in Soft Blend silicone and about to be brought to life by me.

This sweet, anatomically correct girl is 22 inches with her little froggy legs stretched out, weighs roughly 8 pounds, is poured in softer "soft blend" silicone and has full armatures from her wrists to her shoulders.  I am so excited and honored to bring her to life!

Blank "kits" are available from Lilianne on her website:

Or you can look Lilianne up on Facebook under Lilianne Deres.  

Happy New Year!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Prototype Xavi is finally finished and on eBay!

I was hoping that the blank kits for Xavi would sell out before I had him done so that I could have sold him through my Facebook page, but alas, they did not so I was obligated to take him to eBay.

Please, won't you take a peek and "watch" his auction to help him be more visible so that he finds his forever home?

Look at this darling baby boy!

All of this sweet baby's info is included in the auction (link above) so please click on it to learn more about him.

Blank Xavi kits are available from Lilianne Breedveld of 

He is one sculpt you would not regret buying!  

I hope to do a video today of his movements. 


Friday, November 2, 2018

Sharing my collection Friday! Meet Finn!

I have to giggle and say, "don't get used to it" but here I am, sharing 2 Friday's in a row!

I have a new dolly!

His name is Finn/Fifi.

He is a 13 inch ball jointed doll by Lynn Frost

LMNO is quite smitten with him!

Finn is quite the handsome, outdoorsy Chap!

I am pretty smitten with him too!