Monday, September 24, 2018

Coming this week to TNGUN....premium ALPACA hair!

I am noticing more and more artists using alpaca for their dolls hair.  
I actually like to use alpaca on some of my dolls as well.  

I was contacted by one of my dearest sculpting artist friends with the information of a lady that has GORGEOUS raw alpaca hair.  I have received my samples and I can't be any more excited!  

I will have a little bit of Alpaca to offer later this week and plan to make this a regular in my

New things are good. :)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Nova's been on eBay

I placed Nova on eBay last Tuesday morning, September the 11th.  

So far, she has had two bidders that I have had to cancel due to previous issues on eBay or being brand spanking new with no feedback and no prior contact to bidding.

Sigh...I sure do long for the good ol' days of eBay, don't you??

Please, if you have a moment, add Nova to your "watch" list.  
Let's see if we can get her to over 100 watchers before tomorrow :)


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

And I'm back! Vacation was wonderful!

Everyone should take a vacation from time to time.  For us, it had been far too long!  

We had such a relaxing time...we had no schedules, no appointments, no agendas...we just went with the moments that the days brought us!

Now I am back to work and once again have Nova up for auction bid on my Facebook page.  

eBay was giving me fits and while I waited for a solution to my problems, I just went with it on my page.  

Here is a video showing how she moves and a little bit of information on her:

And her full album of details on my Facebook page HERE

I do hope this baby finds a home this time.  It will be greatly encouraging to me :)

Remember, do take those vacations!


Monday, August 13, 2018

On Vacation! August 13th-September 3rd.

I am headed for the beach and am taking the week prior and the week after off!   

I'll be back on September the 3rd!!  


Friday, August 10, 2018

On Vacation!

For the remainder of August, I am on vacation!  

It has been very difficult for me to get anything done regarding Nova and selling her.  

We will be gone overnight this weekend and then at the end of next week, we  will be heading to the Coast of Oregon to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  I have much to do to get ready for that.  We are taking our own camp trailer, visiting family along the way and just going to be free for a spell.

May the rest of you enjoy the remainder of August and summer break for the kids.  

Stay cool!


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Nova's Auction on Facebook~Details

First off, I do know that not everyone has Facebook.  
I will be providing a way that anyone can bid, outside of Facebook.  
See details below.

This auction has been frustrating and this baby may be going to eBay...BUT, the auction does not close until tonight, Friday August 3rd at 8:15 pm.  

7:30 am Friday August 3rd: Still waiting for an opening bid of $7500. :) 

7:30 am:  Thursday August 2nd, still waiting for the opening bid of $7500

7:30 am Wednesday August 1: Still waiting for an opening bid of $7500. :) 

Auction details:

Bidding is NOW OPEN through Friday evening August 3rd at 8:15 pm.

I live in Oregon USA.  Please google time differences if you need to know :)

Bids will be sent to me privately via the messaging service on Facebook, via my private email at and through Doll Fan messaging.  I will post the highest bid (but not the bidders name) at 7:30 am PST each morning of Wednesday August 1st, Thursday August 2nd, Friday August 3rd and on Friday night, August 3rd at 8 pm, I will announce the current highest bid.  Bidders will be able to bid up until 8:15 pm when the biding will close.  I will message the winning bidder as soon as I have the bids tallied in chronological order.  I will post their name and final bid if they give permission to do so.

Bidders may bid as often as they like and even raise their own bid.  

Starting bid will be $7500

I am unable to do layaway at this time, I am so sorry.  

Payment will be required in full within 48 hours via PayPal only (I will invoice the winning bidder).
Shipping will be via Priority mail with as much insurance as the winning bidders country will allow me.  I will not ship Nova as a gift, I am sorry, I know that customs makes it difficult but I need to abide by the laws.  

I will ship Nova on Monday, August 6th.  If something should come up and make it difficult to ship her on that day, I will let the winning bidder know.  

Nova's details!

Nova is Lilianne Breedvelds new full body silicone. 
This is prototype #1 of 1

She was poured into Ecoflex 20 silicone by Claire Taylor in the USA

She is anatomically correct, had a ball jointed head and has armatures in her elbows.

I have prepped and painted her meticulously using Smooth-On silicone and pigments.  She is matted with Jennie Lee's awesome matting powder and silicone.  

She has rooted Super Kid mohair processed by me in acid dyes so that it will not fade or bleed.  Her hair is directionally rooted and a natural growth pattern.  It is rooted deep and I am confident it will stay for years and years of loving and styling.  It is SO SOFT!  

I hand rooted both her lashes and brows.  They grace her newborn blue glass eyes perfectly.  

Nova has an open mouth that takes both a full size pacifier and a bottle.  

Artists:  Lilianne Breedveld~Deres has just ONE of the blank Nova sculpts available.  If you love this sculpt as I do, don't hesitate to buy it!  It is an awesome sculpt!  Contact Lilianne directly 

She will travel home with all of the outfits she is shown in and a nice soft swaddler.

She will also bring her pacifier, faux milk bottle, beaded teether, head bands and a hair bow.  

Enjoy the rest of her photos and ask any questions if needed!

I will miss this little girl but will love sending a little bit of my heart home to her new "mommy".
That is what it is all about <3 p="">

Monday, July 30, 2018

Nova grew hair! THICK, DARK hair!

Working toward the home-stretch with Nova!
I will be working out her Facebook auction details and will post them in the morning.

For she is with hair!
(Her skin tone is a little dark in these photos...she is adorable!)

Details tomorrow morning!