Friday, December 8, 2017

Prototype Purdey's photo shoot

What a week this ended up being!  
Both my mother and I had been sick with the same virus that has been going around in our town but mom had an underlying problem on top of that...
She has congested heart failure so she cannot tolerate a lot of fluid around her lungs.  Much of her coughing was due to too much fluid around her lungs and the day after I took her to the ER (where she was then admitted to the hospital) her heart decided to go on a little marathon and it was very, very scary there for a while.  
She has recovered (some) and is now at home as of yesterday at lunch time.

Between visits to the hospital and tasks that just go with the natural flow of having a loved on in the hospital, I was able to take Purdey's photos!

I have them all auction ready now but my hosting site is giving me fits to get them loaded in there so that I can load them onto my template for eBay.  I SO want to get her auction up before days end today but the cards are not stacking well for me at the moment.  

(Remember how eBay changed how the HTML codes are to be entered and Photobucket monopolized on the situation by taking their user fees from $25 a year for a Pro account to $399 a year!  I refuse to pay it...and cannot afford to pay it this year, so I had to find another hosting site that will give the codes.  I did but they are not as quick to load as Photobucket was.  BUT...about 1 1/2 years ago Photobucket would not accept my videos so that messed up my auctions too.  Sigh.  So much techie stuff.  I don't like techie stuff.  I just want to make babies!

So while I wait for my second attempt to load photos into, here are a few pictures of Purdey.

I sure do love her!
She has so many different looks!  Poses, clothing colors and lighting change her so much!

(Lilianne Breedveld tells me that there are only 2 blank full-body silicones left of her edition.)

I hope you all love my version of Lilianne Breedveld's Purdey prototype!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Prototype Purdey~hair in progress

How would you like a little peek of Purdey today?
Her custom outfits arrived and I could not resist but to play!
She is shown in just one of her outfits and hand made elephant toy...SO cute and well made by Laurie Duncan of Fancy Pants and Flounces.

I hope to have her hair rooted by bedtime tonight.  I will then put her away for the holiday weekend.
Come Monday, I will do some more matting on her forehead bring in the fine hairs around her face, then she will need her eyes set and brows and lashes along with final glosses.  

Artists, at last count, there were just 3 blank Purdey's available.  She's a GREAT FBS baby...don't miss out on her!
Contact Lilianne Breedveld~Deres for a blank kit of Purdey.

My goal for this prototype of Purdey is to have her on eBay the first week of December (probably around the 6th or so by the time I do photography, video and listing).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Poke, poke, poke...

Just a quick update on the progress of Purdey...

I believe I finally have all of her body matted and her nails glossed (one final look will tell me that this morning) and I am making progress on her hair.  

It is always so hard at first, to fall in love with the hair and style
"is it thin it thick it too it too the hair line right...???" 

but I am finally there!

She is so, so cute!! 

There is much head left to root but I am able to relax now and just enjoy the journey.

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

First holiday photo shoot!

I feel SO ahead of the game having done my first snowy/Christmas holiday photo shoot.

It's a re-shoot on the mini FBS Tiny Tally as if you remember, my camera lens was broke at the time.
She is 5 inches long with a FULL body/arm/let armature so she's super poseable!  

I don't know if I did a whole lot better this time around but overall, I captured her better than the first time.  It is hard to photograph these teeny ones with a ginormous camera and lens!

This next picture to me looks like a classic newborn portrait :)

This baby is just so sweet and much more nicely done than her photos show.  

I hope she finds her forever mommy soon!

She's $600 plus actual shipping.

She will come with all of the tiny outfits and accessories shown and the sweet teddy bear blanket, a COA from Sherri Williams and my own custom birth certificate.  


Monday, November 6, 2017

A Purdey little peek!

Purdey's head is ready for hair!
(And I actually began rooting last night after I took these pictures)

Eeekkk...this first one makes my heart go pitter patter!   

I hope to have her body completed in a few days.  
Obviously it takes longer to do the body since I can only work on one side at a time whereas I can do a layer on the entire head before setting it down.  

Ps...Mama is doing well  :)


Monday, October 30, 2017

I called for the ambulance!

On Thursday morning my mama was just not acting like herself so I dialed 911 to have the ambulance come.

They were very quick and the EMT's were awesome!

Mom was taken to the ER and later admitted to the hospital.

The culprit to her incident was low sodium.

Her levels are back up now and she's like a spring chicken again!

Now I know what the signs are for that and looking back, the signs had been there for most of the time since she has been here.  Well, now I know!  

She was released on Friday afternoon so needless to say, I did not get any work done on prototype Purdey on Thursday and Friday.  

I have a short appointment this morning then I'll be back in the studio.  
She's looking AWESOME and I am getting close to being done with the paint on her head.  

Her body is a bit behind since I can only work on it one side at a time whereas I can work on the whole head at one time.  

Her outfits are in progress at the seamstress and I am getting SO excited!

Hugs for Monday!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Surprise! Some painting in progress pictures!

I had good light in the right place to snap a few pictures of the painting progress of Purdey without moving her.

Of course, she's not put together (head is dismantled) and she has no eyes in but I thought you might enjoy seeing the color change from the original silicone to now.  

These were before I did my work yesterday so she has even more color today.

This picture shows the difference between the unpainted ball-joint neck and the progress work on the chest/shoulder of the torso. 

It's an outie belly button!

Oh that sweet face!

 I love the nails on this sculpt!

Continuing work today  :)