Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Update on Special Care Nursery purchase link in the US

It has come to my attention that Sweetie Pie Nursery, whom is the US distributor for the 
Special Care Nursery paints website has changed and the link was not working in the tutorial post for these paints.

The updated and correct link for ordering is:

Have a terrific Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Something exciting that is happening locally :)

I am very pleased to have been invited to give a short presentation at a local women's luncheon:

This is not THIS Thursday, but next and it will be fun!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Noah is painted!

I think I have a name selected for him, but I'm going to think about it a bit longer before I announce it.

I was able to finish his paint yesterday so he's ready for hair now. 
I may have to process some mohair as I am pretty sure that I don't have the color I desire for him.

Here he is!

Sweet boy!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby Boy Noah progress

SO love this sculpt!!!

Here are his pictures from Thursday's work:

I believe that I will be able to finish his coloring today  :) 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sharing my Collection Friday~Jena's new dolls!

What a DELIGHT it was to spend last weekend in Portland, Oregon with my 
11 yr old Granddaughter at her first doll show.

She knew what type of doll she desired....A BJD

After circling the show floor three times, she finally decided on this
Cissy BJD

 She and I with her new doll  :)

Cissy found a cozy spot in the stroller with Jena's reborn, Nicky Jack:

We purchased 2 more outfits for Cissy and set out on shopping again.

We found this sweet little BJD for just $5!!
Jena really loves her because unlike Cissy, she can change her wigs and move her eyes around.  
I didn't tell her that she could change her eyes out because she has full round German Glass eyes and I didn't want to encourage THAT expense and risk of breakage.  
Sneaky Grandma.

We found another outfit and two more wigs for this one.  

And this one really grabbed her heart!  
Once she paid for this doll, she was handed him and she trotted off down the isle hugging him 
SO tight!  
As the show neared the end, she just could not wait to get back to the hotel to play with all her new dolls and treasures.  

I had given her a camera when we began our trip together and she wasted no time posing the dolls and snapping pictures.
 She was thrilled to find this chair for her new girls for 50 cents.

 The personal baby that I took along, Sophie silicone by Sandy Faber.
 Jena and my friends granddaughter participated in my
Build a Baby/Create a Baby workshop and this is the baby that 
Jena assembled.  
We went across the street from the hotel to the thrift store and found
some clothing for her.

Jena took a bunch of pictures of dolls at the doll show.  I have ordered prints for her and will
place them in a photo book and send to her.  

I was fun seeing the show through her eyes and looking at the things that interested her.

Oh we had such a great time!!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baby Noah Schick in progess

Even though I was tired yesterday, I had a good, long day of painting.

This is Noah Schick, who will be renamed when I am finished with him.

He is the baby that was selected by my 2014 New Year's Day Drawing winner  :)  

My winner received $600 off on this custom baby and I'm so glad that she chose Noah!!
I love this sculpt.

(Collectors are entered into the drawing who purchase a doll from me the previous year.)

So here he is as his Work in Progress:

I will continue working on details today and  begin his blushing.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Do you have "wake up juice"???

I think the driving and excitement of the doll show finally caught up with me today.




Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sending 2 babies home :)

It is nice to have the feeling of accomplishment!

Today I am sending a preemie baby that I reweighted for another collector home
(I did not originally reborn the doll.  It arrived in too big of a body and not balanced/weighted well.  This happens a lot and I have reweighted/changed bodies on a lot of other artists dolls.  I am working hard to share my techniques so that I can continue on making new babies instead of working on ones that I did not make.  PLEASE be sure to read my weighting tutorials   :)  )

So that little one is on his way.

The second one that is on her way is the little Michelle Fagan micro-preemie silicone that I reborned for one of my collectors.

Here are her before pictures:

 And here she is now:

I still have the big Brittany Strydom head to root as well as the little Dawson head to root.
I will work on them in the evenings as today, I must begin the 2014 Custom New Years Day drawing baby  :)

The winner selected a Noah by Reva Schick

I am pretty excited!