Monday, February 28, 2011

Blank Monday

I have nothing to blog about today~can you believe that????

Have a good Monday!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The delivery of a reborn baby

I bet that title caught your attention! LOL
No, you aren't going to see any images here of the precious moments of delivering a human baby that should be kept private. (Why DO they do that one TV these days?!?!?!)

But you do get to see pictures of what I was privileged to do take Arianna to meet her new mommy.

Here I am waiting and the pre-selected place at the mall, cuddling Arianna one last time.

The funny story is, it appeared that the new Mommy and her husband were running late. My husband and I kept looking and watching all the people. I thought I remembered what she looked like after meeting her at a show 1 1/2 yrs ago, but I had no recollection of her husband. My husband thought he saw a woman meeting her description go into a close by-store. I walked over...passing a gentleman in hat who looked as if he were looking for someone. I was carrying Arianna in my arms. I made eye contact with him but he did not make a move towards me. He knew he was looking for a woman with a doll. I went over several times to the area where he was and finally, I decided to approach him to ask him if he were Mr. Mommy. As I approached, he called out my name. He stated that he had been looking for me but when he saw me passing by those few times, he thought I was carrying a real child so I was not who he was looking for!! I take that as a huge compliment :)

Here is "Mommy's" first look at her:

"She looks SO real!"

I did not know the birthdate of her real daughter but it turns out that Arianna was "born" on the same day as her daughter! How cool is that??

Arianna looks very happy with her new Mom. I am so pleased! What joy!

I love my job!

Off to work on another custom so I can do the same thing in a couple of weeks :)


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Box opening~Bunny story!

Oh boy! The mail lady brought me the best little treasure yesterday! Please open the box with me!

How exciting.....A box from Jorja Pigott!

Oh's a pink bundle!

And inside is a little BUNNY!

Oh how cute! Hmmm....wonder what the other babies will think of having another bunny in the nursery. After all, there HAVE been bunny incidents around here.

Sweet pickles seems pretty excited about the thought:

And is tickled pink to be the first to hold her:

Carrie Lynn is a bit intrigued too:

But Giovanni is NOT so sure!

Sweet pickles and Carrie Lynn tell him it really is okay:

Remember way back when Carrie Lynn joined the family? She was wearing a sleeper with a bunny on it and he was quite frightened just by the bunny on her sleeper!!

But she assured him with a kiss that she wouldn't hurt him:

This little new one is pretty persistent to get in his good graces!

And sure enough...she succeeds and the group welcomes her into the nursery!

Giovanni is so smitten with his new little sissy that he thinks he will keep her to himself!

Please join these three in welcoming Silicone Lauren to my collection!

Thanks for sharing in Lauren's homecoming!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Not sharing my collection today~switch up

Yesterday WAS a good day, even though my Silicone Lauren did not arrive. I kept very busy getting this sweet girl ready to meet her Mommy on Saturday. Please welcome Arianna!

I have the pleasure of hand delivering her to a nearby city. I can't wait!
She is my first fair toned baby. I'm quite pleased with how she turned out.

My husbands cousin made the dress set and sweater. She did a beautiful job! The dress, shoes and bonnet are all hand embroidered and the sweater is the softest knit. Thank you Jeanne!

Little Lauren should arrive today. I'll share her with you tomorrow if all goes well. We'll just have "Sharing my collection Saturday" instead of Friday!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exciting day!

All the artwork on the custom Arianna is completed. I will put her together this morning and take her pictures.


My new silicone should arrive today!
This will be a great Thursday!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What IS a reborn~Growth of the Art

I was on the Simply Reborn Limited website the other night and came across this page they have.

~What is a reborn?

I found it to be an amusing walk back in time as it reflected on the reborn artform in it's beginning stages until now.

There have been many enlightening reflections of guild members on my guilds as we've talked about "back in the days" of reborning. We have all journeyed through the reborn art so this page was just fun to read and add to what's been discussed already amongst us.

Grab a cup and sit back for some fun reading!

Hugs for Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She's finished and on her way home! is not the Arianna custom order I am working is MY Lauren!!! She is leaving the East Coast today, headed right into my arms in Oregon. Isn't she just adorable??

I could not be more pleased...or excited! Jorja Pigott and her rooter, Pam Bratcher, did such an amazing job on her. She will be treasured always.

My Lauren is #3 in the edition of 20. There are just a few spots left in this edition and can be ordered directly from the artist Jorja Pigott/Pigott's Playpen
(scroll down for the Lauren information)

I am working hard to be ready to receive this little bundle. I hope to have time to "bond" with her and welcome her to the I better get back to work!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Action being taken against RDK and SIRK

I saw this post on Doll Fan regarding action being taken against RDK directly and SIRK indirectly. I understand this news has been posted on forums across the world.

If you care too, read through the post for some recent insight. Seems that Cindy/Emma are claiming to be sick as well as have family members sick or dying. I am not claiming they are not however, these are the same types of events that happened before when people were waiting for years to get either a refund, their kits or payment for sculpts sold to Cindy.

This is the basic content of that post with the contact information to take action. I personally do not have a grievance against Cindy/Emma except that she has violated my friends in the doll world. For that I am offended but I do not have a legal issue to contend with. If I did, I would be calling:

"Please call 402-593-2700. This is action news 3 in Omaha, NE. I have just gave them my story about Cindy Kohlscheen. My sister and I have been taken for over $800 from RDK. you can also e-mail them at

We are new reborners and didn't know any better. Please call no matter how old your story. Lets get her on T.V and stop what she is doing. Thank you. We have filed complaints with every agency that handles fraud, as well complaints. Please help us. If we band together maybe we can stop what she is doing."


Action 3 News - Omaha, Nebraska News, Weather, and Sports | - Home
Action 3 News is Omaha Nebraska's source for local news, severe weather, and sports news. KMTV is the CBS affiliate for western Iowa, eastern Nebraska, and based is in Omaha.


Also in that post on Doll Fan is this needed information:

Iowa Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
1305 E. Walnut Street
Des Moines IA 50319
Fax: 515-281-6771

E-Mail Comments & Questions to:
(be sure to add your full name, mailing address, and telephone number) consumer

Iowa Attorney General
Crime Victim Assistance Division
321 E. 12th
Lucas Building, Ground Floor
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Fax: 515-281-8199

For questions or comments contact Mary Kay Bartine

For Nebraska there are forms you need to fill out so below is the link:



Let's spread the word and get her stopped!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful, realistic reborn~Hilary

Did you see the prototype of Hilary by Cathy Rowland on eBay?
Selena Saxton reborned one of them and oh's gorgeous!

~Selena's Auction~

That particular prototype was supposed to be mine but Selena had an opening and Cathy Rowland took it. I told Cathy that was fine and I don't blame Cathy...Selena is in high demand. She did an outstanding job on this prototype. If I had the $$ I would bid on that baby!

All is not lost...yet. Cathy ordered another prototype for me but the head on that one was a real mess. She is working with the company right now to get another head but we are not holding our breath that one will actually arrive.

In other "News"....

I've been working most evenings rooting the custom Arianna head. I am to deliver her this coming Saturday so I better get with it these next few nights. I am about 1/2 way done.

In the day I am working on another custom order that has been on the custom order list since last summer. I had a frustrating day the other day neutralizing the vinyl. My customer wants a fair skin tone as this will be a little red head. The limbs are such an awful color! I am starting with pure white color coats. I hope today goes much better.

And we have 7 inches of new snow! I sure did not expect that this late in February. Wow.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Be still my heart! My new silicone WIP

Please meet Lauren, a limited edition silicone by Jorja Pigott of Pigott's Playpen.

She's not quite finished yet...and she's naked....but I could not wait to share her with you!

Remember at EXPO how I fell in love with the OOAK?

At that time Jorja did not know what she wanted to do with her and upon returning home she decided to do LE silicone edition and a LE reborn kit edition (with different limbs) so I ordered the silicone right away. Mine is edition #3.

Jorja has asked me to reborn one of the prototype kits which is super exciting to me!

The entire edition of the silicones will have TNGUN hair. What an honor!

This next week will be very exciting as I wait for my new baby to arrive! Time to shop!

Happy Friday hugs!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Website is progressing

I've been working on the TNGUN Website whenever I have a moment and I think it's coming along quite nice. I do not have all of the features that I would have liked to have had with this site, I guess I did not know enough when I was shopping. It's still a nice site though :)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pre-orders are open for Sweet & Sassy

This is such exciting news for those of you who LOVE toothy, smiling babies!
(forgive the poor colored picture~I took it at IDEX and anyone who has been to IDEX at the Rosen knows that the lighting is TERRIBLE there! This is a picture of the OOAK and she beyond adorable!)

Sweet & Sassy, by Dee Stastny, is available for pre-order now at
Dimples and DewDrops

I have the honor and pleasure of reborning one of her prototypes~I'm so excited for this little cutie!

I began rooting the custom Arianna last night and am very pleased with the results so far. You know, so many people hate rooting this big head. This is the 4th Arianna that I've rooted and I just don't dread this head. It roots so nice and "easy". To me it is a pleasure.

Today I will begin painting another custom order baby. This is an old Berenguer LaBaby doll that will have full limbs instead of the 1/4 limbs the doll came with. The color of the head is different than the color of the limbs. Oh boy! A challenge!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Budget Baby line renamed! Winner drawn!

"Hello everyone! My name is Toby and I am a baby from the newly renamed "Budget Baby" series from They Never Grow Up Nursery. My artist, Debbie, has selected a new name for the series after sorting through and pondering many FABULOUS name suggestions. And the new name is.......

Simple Treasures !!!

I will now let Miss Debbie tell you more about the selection of this name and also who won the random drawing from all the suggested name entries."

Love, hugs and kisses from:

AWE! Isn't he just too cute? What a sweet little man! Thank you Toby for that wonderful introduction. Well done little one!

And that is correct...the new name to the line is Simple Treasures. I actually had my mind set on a name that was a combination of suggested names until the suggestion of Simple Treasures came in. The name I had my mind set on was "Superior Classics Series" and a close runner-up was "Professional Babies Series". My husband really liked the thought of using the word "classic" in the line as we both felt that these babies represent babies from the first several years that I began reborning~hence being "classic". I liked it too, but I WAS a bit concerned that the term might take the mind further back to the REALLY classic reborn dolls~those ones that were simply blushed with new eyes, a new wig and body added. However, I was still set on that name. And I really liked "Professional Babies Series". Speaking of which, Sabriam, right here on the blog, suggested that name AND...... WON the random drawing!

Sabriam, please email me at and let me know if you would like 1/2 oz of my premium mohair and the color you would like OR if you would like a baby item for one of your dolls and tell me the size and gender of the doll.

And Sharon...thank YOU for the excellent name suggestion of Simple Treasures!!!

So here is now how the write-up will look in my website for the three series of babies that I create:

Kid’s Corner Series:

These sweet babies are created especially for children but can, and have been, purchased by adults.
The Kid’s Corner Babies are blushed, shaded in the creases, lips and nails colored, veins added, are put on a good body and weighted just like my Master Artist Series babies and have the same quality of mohair that I always use although rooted faster and with a larger needle. They may have a wig if requested or deemed appropriate by me. They are not matte varnished. These babies come with a basic going home outfit, a basic blanket, a magnetic pacifier if desired, hair bow and a toy. Kid's Corner babies are $250 plus the cost of the kit, body and eyes. Toddlers are $500 plus the cost of kit, body and eyes.

Simple Treasures Series:

Simple Treasure babies are dolls that range in a category between the Kid’s Corner Series and the Master Artist Series. These beautiful pieces of artwork replicate the dolls that I made in the first few years of my reborn experience back in 2005-2008. Those dolls were “simple” yet were, and are, delightful treasured reborns of exceptional quality. These darling, beautiful babies are an affordable way to expand and continue your collecting journey.

The Simple Treasures babies usually have one tone/texture layer (unless I need to neutralize the vinyl), are blushed with 1-2 colors, the creases are shaded 1-2 times, the lips and nails are colored and detailed more than the Kid's Corner Babies, they have added "thin skin" as well as veins, are put on a good body and weighted just like my Master Artist Series babies and have the same high quality hair, only rooted faster and with a larger needle. Matte Varnish is upon request and is charged extra as are belly plates. These babies come with a basic going home outfit, a basic blanket, a magnetic pacifier and/or formula bottle if desired, hair bow and a toy. Simple Treasures Babies are $300 plus the cost of the kit, body and eyes. Toddlers are $600 plus the cost of kit, body and eyes.

Master Artist Series:

This is what you see most coming from my nursery. These reborns usually have 3-5 tone and texture layers all in different shades of color, 3-5 shades of crease color, 2-3 shades of blush colors, have much more attention paid to the ends of the fingers and toes, much more detail on the lips, nails and eyelids, have 2-3 shades of undertones and thin skin, have 1-2 shades of vein colors, have capillaries, stork bites and other details, have highlight colors, and are usually matte varnished to reduce shine (custom orders are welcome to have this step eliminated). Fine details such as textured eye brows and nails, and occasionally milk spots are applied using matte varnish or glazing gel. Several types of glosses are used to create natural moisture where needed. Sometimes articulated spit bubbles are applied to the mouth. The magnificent pieces of artwork are assembled on a high quality body and artistically weighted using the highest quality of products including fully containted granulated glass beads (not powdered beads but granulated), poly pellets, contained, non-corrosive baby fat pellets, quality fiber fill, sometimes contained BB pellets and a little powder sachet to keep them smelling baby fresh. The layettes for these babies can be boutique outfits, custom made outfits, specialty outfits and simpler cotton outfits. I choose outfits according to the personality of the doll baby. Most babies are sent home with 3 outfits including pajamas. Blankets are luxurious; accessories and toys are exceptional. Magnetic pacifiers and hair bows are included. These babies are usually $800 and up for newborns. Toddlers are $1200 and up.

So what becomes of sweet Toby~the first baby in the newly re-named line?

Well for those of you who are already on my reborn emailing list, I will be sending out a direct adoption notice as soon as I submit this post on the blog. If you would like to be added to this emailing list, please email me at You won't be added to Toby's offering but I'll put you on the list for the next direct adoption offering and any other email notifications regarding reborns.

I want to sincerely thank each one who sent in a suggested name. I REALLY appreciate the time you took to think of a new name. There were SO many wonderful suggestions! are all AMAZING!

Hugs and love to you all!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Custom Arianna is painted

I'm so pleased with her! I've placed a sprig of hair under her headband to show the color of the hair I'll use for her.

I'll start rooting Tuesday night.
I will hand deliver this baby when she is finished. I can hardly wait!

Happy Valentines Day!!


Giovanni and Carrie Lynn:


And ME!