Friday, April 22, 2011

Sharing my Collection Friday~Spring 2011

Would you look at that! A birds-eye view of most of my collection! There are 8 other babies in other places in the house. I had to stand on the dresser with my head on the ceiling to snap the shot! (click on the photo to make it bigger)

This is one little ray of sunshine, Joylynne, that sits in the high chair in the dining room. She is displaying the sweet spring Bunnies by the Bay outfit that was given to my grand daughter as a gift by a sweet friend. It never did fit my little one so her parents gave it to me. Joylynne is a manufactured prototype Huti doll distributed by Ashton Drake. Her legs are not original and are Lee Middleton legs:

Spring time bunnies! From the back left we have Sweet Pickles, a reborned Ashton Drake/Bonnie Chyle doll, at her feet is silicone Lauren by Jorja Pigott; behind her is silicone Carrie by Laura Tuzio Ross; and then my sweet Abi, a reborn made by myself from the "Sweet Embrace" Berenguer doll.

From front left to the back are: Jena, a reborn made by me of Antonio Juan's "Lillian" doll; Leah, a manufactured Lorna Miller Sands/Ashton Drake doll; Kahmi, a reborn Berenguer doll; in the center from back to front are: Marquell, a reborn made by Auntie Dawn's nursery "Jonas" kit from Doll Dreams; Alexis reborn by Mandy Germand/Babies of Chrysalis Meadows from the Alexia kit/Adrie Stoete; and sweet Louisa, a reborn made by Selena Saxton from the Louisa kit/Manuella Mueth and Doll Dreams. (and then Sweet Pickles again in the back)

Oh boy! More kids! We'll just cover the three in this picture: The little guy on the potty reading the book is Luke, a manufactured Masterpiece doll by Laura Tuzio Ross; Matthew the little Cowboy, the Matthew sculpt from Masterpiece Dolls and Laura Tuzio Ross~reborned by me; and manufactured Tamara by Dawn Donofrio and Masterpiece Dolls.

Dimples reborned by me, kit sculpted by Melissa Palesse:

From front left to the back and front again:
Becca, a manufactured Huti baby from Ashton Drake~I think her sculpt name was Picture Perfect; Manufactured "Lisa" by Hildegard Gunzel/Gotz Dolls, "Nablina" by Annette Himstedt and "Jasmine at a Year and a Half" by Waltraud Hanl/Ashton Drake.

My darling Molly, a "Gina Marie" kit by Reinhart Woelfert reborned by Kate Leach of Little Barn Babies.

From left to right: Manufactured "Janae" by Laura Tuzio Ross and Masterpiece Dolls; Molly as mentioned above; Manufactured "Brooke" by Sandy Faber and Ashton Drake; Manufactured Sarah by..oh dear, I forgot! and Masterpiece Dolls and finally, Manufactured "Ballerina" by Berenguer.

Brennan a One of a Kind by Sharon Robinson:

Tika prototype Secrist Kit reborned by Valencia Lacey:

From far left: Silicone Laurell by Arnold Babies (Rita Rich Arnold), Little Emily from Ashton Drake/Linda Webb reborn by me and Tika again.

From left back: Manufactured Ashton Drake Silicone Stephanie; Manufactured Ashton Drake/Linda Webb Emily; in the front is Megan, a Tina Kewy's "Mommy Loves You" kit reborned by Beth Whitford/Bella Mia Babies; and then little Adam, a manufactured Berenguer doll.

From the rear starting with the little guy in the rocking horse is Chance, a One of a Kind by Sharon Robinson, then in the basket is Audra a One of a Kind by Sharon Robinson, then Beata, a reborn of the manufactured Lizzie doll from Paradise Galleries and Kymberli Durden and Gianna, a reborn Berenguer doll by Heavens Garden of Angels.

Manufactured Timmo by Jackie Gwin and Gotz dolls. I call him Timmy:

From left rear clockwise:
A manufactured Lee Middleton doll; Michael the Little Slugger by Bonnie Chyle/Ashton Drake, customized by me; Prototype Rory kit by Dawn Donofrio and reborned by Dawn Donofrio; and Josh, a Paradise Galleries "Josh" doll by Anna Carter.

From front left clockwise: Daniel kit reborned by Yolanda Gomez/Blossom Baby Nursery; Silicone Giovanni by Laura Tuzio Ross; Silicone Tommy by Melissa McRory of Melissa's Babies; little Jacob kit by Jessica Schenk reborned by my darling friend Heather Hiatt, and Erik, a "My Baby Girl" doll/Sheila Michaels reborned by me (a LONG time ago!).

Wow! That was really taking on the memory!

I almost forgot these little ones: a variety of Ashton Drake dolls, a Berenguer doll, a Kewpi doll, a Linda Rick doll and a little porcelain doll.

I hope you enjoyed my collection!


  1. Debbie, I absolutely enjoyed touring your doll collection. Your work is beautiful and you have a natural sense of what makes these babies "come to life" You are truly an inspiration to new reborn artists such as myself.

  2. Thank you so much Christine. I am so thrilled that I can inspire new artists! Welcome and happy reborning! XXOO

  3. are any of those for sale!?

  4. No, none of these dolls are for sale. They are my forever babies. I have some for sale on my website if you would like to look:

  5. ill give you 400 dollars 4 tika

  6. I'm sorry Anonymous, Tika is not for sale. Thank you for the offer though!

  7. Pippylongstockings401January 13, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    Wow, what a collection! I'm new to the reborn doll world, I'm a collector only, but even I can spot quality! You have a lovely collection of prize winning dolls, you must have a very understanding husband! ��

    1. Thank you and welcome to the wonderful world of reborn dolls!
      Your comment brought me here and made me smile!!! You see, we moved this fall. The new house we bought doesn't have a big enough space for the dolls without taking the guest room away from guests. So...we are having a dolly house made for the back yard! Almost all of my babies are in storage until the dolly house is ready and this week I am REALLY missing them! Getting to see them this morning, if even in pictures was a breath of fresh air.
      And yes, I have a very understanding and loving husband. Guess I'll keep him! XXOO

    2. How awesome 😀 I need a bigger space too :-) I hope you post more pics of the inside and out when they are settled. I love the metal bed and the canopies. Did you get those on eBay also?

    3. My bigger space is filling up fast! But, I'll manage :) Yes, I bought both of the canopies on eBay.