Monday, March 31, 2014

Little peek at Dawson for Julie

I ended up adding some warm coloring to Dawson's hands and feet yesterday
so I was not able to completely finish him.

But, I have a little peek of his darling little face/head after initial matting!

I need to do some touch up matting on him today as well as gloss the area's that need to be glossed.
I gave him lashes last night after these pictures were taken.

He will have his photo shoot tomorrow morning if all goes well today!

In other nursery news:
Two full bodied mini silicones are nearly painted and I have a plan for Tavi.

I think it's time I do an ethnic baby, don't you???  :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baby Noah is a......


I love a good re-birth story.
Especially when the doll writes it.

When my 2014 New Years Day Drawing Winner, Gloria, accepted her win, she told me that she wanted the Noah sculpt.

She told me that she did not care which gender I made it but that if it was a girl, she wanted her to have MY name  :)  
And that if it were a boy, she wanted him to have my favorite boy's name.

Of course, I did not see how I could make Noah a girl, even though I have seen others do a beautiful job turning Noah into a girl.  

It wasn't until I took the second WIP pictures that I saw a girl!
And I didn't mean for that to happen.

In the meantime,  Gloria and I chatted back and forth on Facebook regarding boys names.  
She didn't think that Noah looked like my favorite boy's name of Ian so we tossed more names around.

We left the conversation with a boys name still hanging, although we both liked the name of Logan.

I continued to work on baby Noah and was thinking for sure that he would be a she.

Until I trimmed the hair!  Then it was really hard for me to see girl.  

These are some ("selfie") pictures I took just AFTER I finally decided on the gender, but I was not going to release it yet.  Almost everyone said that Noah would be a boy.

What sealed the deal for me on a girl were these two things:

Gloria expressed her desire to have a baby Debbie.
I went back and looked at my own baby picture~the one taken in the hospital.

Many baby girls don't look very girly.  
Even though Noah could very easily be a handsome boy, I present to you
Debbie Lynn!
(And her mommy is OVER THE MOON with her!  Debbie Lynn should arrive home tomorrow.)
In order to save space on the blog, I am going to keep these pictures small.  Please click on each one to view it full size  :)  

I am very proud of my little mantra!  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sharing my Collection Friday~Spring: The insects

Before I share the insects of the bunch, I forgot a frog!

Brittany is in the high chair in the dining room.  
Because she seems to enjoy standing more than sitting these days, she may have to give up her rein in the high chair and go back to the nursery, giving someone else a turn.
I fear she will fall out!

Now for the bee's, the lady bug and two more bunnies...
The Mini Babies:

Enjoy your beautiful spring day!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dawson progress

Today is going to be a VERY busy day in the nursery!

I anticipate that the custom item I ordered for vinyl Noah will arrive and I'm just so anxious to announce the "birth" of this baby, and the gender so I'll want to try to take a few pictures in order to do that, especially for baby's mommy. 

I am also in the final stretch of finishing the paint on Dawson for Julie.
I won't get to the matting today but I should be able to finish the paint.

Here is how Dawson looked as of last night:

His hands and feet really are not different tones than his head.  The pieces were wet and are located on different parts of the painting table making the light different.  

I am excited to finish his paint so off to work I go!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prototype Tavi has arrived!

Prototype #2/4 of vinyl Tavi by Marita Winters
has arrived to the nursery!

This kit is ADORABLE!

So much so that I had to assemble him/her on the body that Marita signed and sent and put clothes on him!  I know, I am just so silly!

But, he measured 18 1/2 inches with FULL limbs.  

I am allowing him/her to inspire me....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

4th silicone Dawson in progress :)

I don't think I could ever tire of this sculpt!

This Dawson is a custom painted silicone kit for a fellow reborner named Julie.
It is an honor that she selected me to bring her silicone kit to life.
She saw my first painted Dawson at last years Down East Doll Show and fell in love then.

(I know, some of you are saying, "WHAT?!?!?!  I thought Debbie Henshaw did not do custom orders?!?!?!"

I do not with vinyl, but I am open to reborn silicone KITS ONLY, as my time allows.  

I have another custom silicone to do next month and then I will be stopping all prototype requests as well as custom silicone kits in preparation for the Ohio Sauder Village Show at the end of July.

Here is Dawson's progress:

Day 1:
Just one picture
And after yesterdays work, day 2:

Except for dealing with the hairs and fuzz, I LOVE working with silicone!

Have a great Tuesday!