Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby FX POWDERS!!!!!

I have NEVER been interested in trying powders on my dolls....

until now....

Melissa George has done it again!

I have read the controversy that has come up over these powders and Sue-ellen Taormina.  
I understand that Sue-ellen is in a fragile state with her heart and I feel for her, but the accusations against Melissa George make no logical sense what-so-ever.
There was NOTHING to steal.  Sue-ellen didn't come up with the methods of using powders on reborn dolls.  That method has been around since before I began reborning...more than 10 years!
The method that Sue-ellen uses and teaches and the Baby FX method are completely different techniques.  Melissa doesn't need to "steal" techniques from anyone.  She is a fabulous, gifted and creative artist all on her own.
Sue-ellen didn't have a "product" for which Melissa stole from.  The powders that Sue-ellen teaches with are these:
Those are standard make-up powders and were not created by Sue-ellen.
If Sue-ellen were going to make her own powders, according to my understanding, Melissa knew nothing about it.    
  We are a consumer driven economy.  We love options in our purchases.  We love different brands.  So if Sue-ellen wants to create her own powders there is certainly room in the industry for her to do so.
We also love to explore and learn.  
I have looked at Sue-ellen's techniques.  I didn't gather anything of use in MY art so I didn't gain anything from her style and I no longer follow.  I believe we all explore on a daily basis to which we create our own methods, styles and techniques.  
Isn't that why YOU are HERE?  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guess what I've been up to?? (HINT>>>MOHAIR MESS!)

That's right!  
Making mohair!!

I've got plenty of dolls in the works with a VERY SPECIAL project coming up in the next 6 weeks so better get some mohair now as I won't be processing again for a bit.

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I've been working on The Dolly House!

I didn't realize that it would take me a full 6 days to paint the interior of the Dolly House!
And I am talking LONG days!!!!

But look how beautiful it is!  
(White wainscoting will go on the walls that are only half painted and all of the moldings and trims will be white.)

I was happy to have made the decision to stain the exposed beams a dark walnut color.
I think they are stunning!
All of the lights will be replaced with nice fixtures.

I am thrilled with the color choices!  

Tonight I will work on the light fixtures, molding and vent covers up in the lofts (they have painted floors), switch plate covers and doing a final cleaning of the outlets and tucking them into their housings.

This has been a journey to remember!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ethnic Baby FX AIR DRY class at ROSE 2016!

Well it feels like we JUST got back from ROSE 2015 but the ROSE team has been very active in getting the 2016 show underway!

The show venue has moved to Layton, Utah...I can drive to this show!

I have the honor of teaching again at ROSE and am very excited to announce that I am teaching an Ethnic AIR DRY painting class using Baby FX paints!

We have been busy getting the class information up and ready and you can already sign up!

Marita Winters has agreed to once again sculpt a special baby kit just for our class.
Again, we will keep this little bundle secret until the day the class starts.

As far as I know, this is an unprecedented class.  
I do not believe there have been any air dry classes for Ethnic skin tones either here in the US or across the world.

I promise that it will be an amazing class!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My customers, my babies and I :)

I can't seem to get caught up with pictures and posts! 
There were so many things that happened in very close proximity for many weeks on end that pictures and topics are just sitting on the back burner.

So, let's have some fun today!

These are pictures taken after adoptions of my babies  :)

From the ROSE show in Denver, Colorado:

Shar with her adoption, Sebastian...and me of course! 

There wasn't anyone around to take a picture of Susan and I together, but here she is with her adoption, Logan James.   She said he looked just like her nephew who's name just happens to be...

This is Bev and Hannah.  
Bev did not adopt Hannah at the ROSE show, but rather adopted her via eBay in February.
Hannah was just lucky enough to travel to ROSE with Bev and I had the pleasure of meeting Bev.

 Candid shot!

Another one of my prior babies visited the ROSE show too...

It really was such a thrill to meet her "mommy" and see her again!  
I failed to get a picture of me with her as I was so excited!

As you can see, both prior adopted babies are so spoiled!
That makes my heart very happy.

In Portland, Oregon, I am always delighted to see double!
These twin sisters have adopted from me before and this time, they adopted two babies, 
Amorita and Denver.

I failed to get a picture of Mordecai and his new "mommy" but since we are all in the Northwest, we will see each other again and will get that picture.  

What a great show season!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The babies are ready~See you in Portland!

I did it and I even have today "off" to run around with my husband before I leave tomorrow!

Here they are!
The first two are new babies since the Denver Show.

~SOLD at the show~
Spanish meaning "Loved".
Oh I do love this vinyl reborn!
She is 20 inches long.
I fully intended HER to be a HIM but she told me otherwise.

~SOLD at the show~
Darling vinyl reborn.
The second "Denver Rose" kit I have made.  
This one was painted in my class in Denver.  
I painted his hair and finished his details when I returned home.

The next three are silicones that were made for the Denver show but had not found their homes yet:

Summer's Snow
She is just a wee little thing at 9 1/2 inches long.
I made the tutu, the sandals and the headband!
I've never made a tutu and sandals before  :)

This little one is 13 inches long with flaming red hair!
She dons a new dress set custom made by Laurie Duncan of Fancy Pants and Flounces.

And last but not least,
~SOLD at the show~
 This one received a new custom made body that makes him 18 chubby inches with curled up legs.
He is so nice to snuggle!
I love squishing those chubby cheeks!
From the start of this baby I have intended to root him.  
Collectors at the Denver show loved him bald.  I still intended to root hair but with just a little over 5 weeks between shows, the birth of a new granddaughter, a family relay race, a horse event or two and the summer visit of an older granddaughter, I simply did not have the time.  
If he does not find a home this time, I'll help him grow some hair.
I did change the color of his eye lashes as I felt the darker color was too harsh for him.

See some of you in Portland on Saturday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Finishing this head today!

I've been rooting my life away but today, I will finish this one!

Excuse the cell phone pictures!

 I really just have the circle at the crown to finish as I took this picture yesterday before I finished the top.

This hair is absolutely incredible!
It is "Lucy's Super Kid" from last fall.  Oh my.
It is really hard to process because it is so fine but it's wonderful to root, straight and SO SOFT!

I am very excited to be finishing this baby for the Portland show!