Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet baby Ellie on the way home~

Huh...well, I thought I was doing pretty good with the new camera last night but I see in these next two pics that there is a lot of green. ~sigh~

Baby Ellie is traveling home today. I will miss this little one but I am sure I will get to see her again, probably as soon as this fall :)

While I was into taking pictures last night, I went ahead and took the pics of my girlfriends new baby~but, I cannot show them yet as she does not want any hint of what this baby looks like. I have a few more things yet to do on her, such as find a neck piece and body that I am happy with (decided I don't like the body she has) and touch up a spot on her eye where I touched with the toothpick when putting in her lashes. Another layer of gloss will fix that right up.

YES!!! I did start on Angelica! She has a base tone on her head (didn't get that done on the rest of her she is big!), she has lovely lips, I've started on her nails and brows and did some detail in the corner of her eyes and on her torso. I did take a picture of yesterday's work but I am not going to show you yet~hehehehehe.

Hugs for the day~


  1. Well darn...I wanna see!!! Ellie by the way is beautiful!!! Love her skin tone!!

  2. Green pics or not - Ellie is super cute! And those blue eyes are stunning! :)

  3. Aww Debbie She is sooooo sweet. I have a renewed faith in this kit. I think I'm gonna go buy her now since seeing your little sweetie. Btw, LOOOOVE the red hair on her.

  4. She is darling! Lucky mommy! I love redheads and her hair color and coloring meet so well! Another baby well done!