Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fall Doll Shows and 2014 Doll Shows/classes

My schedule is quite light this fall and next year.  

I am certain that I will attend the fall Portland show in 2014 as well.  I just have not added it to the page. 

Hope to see some of you at those shows! 


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Annalisa prototype on eBay!

I hope that everyone had as an amazing weekend as I did!  
Me and my 31 yr old horse and my friends had such a GREAT time in the mountains.  
I can't wait for the annual event next year already.  

Life just can't get any better than that.

I didn't make it to the blog yesterday as I had so many things to catch up on but...
I did get Annalisa listed on eBay!

She is such a sweet little one.  
I also made a video of her.

Today I will continue to root the Sally prototype.  I have just the top of her head and the facial hairs to do.  :)  

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Annalisa Prototype completed, pre-orders available

Sweet little Annalisa was "born" on July 23, 2012 @5:32 pm.

Her auction will start Monday night, July 29th, Lord willing  :)

Pre-orders are available by following 

It's really hard to find just by going to the Expression's website 
(Dianna Effner's shop site)
so the link is the best to use.  

This baby is 19 inches long with 3/4 arms and full legs.
(Her legs can be 3/4 but I put them on a full legs converter body.)

She is so sweet and petite!  

I will be taking time off from today through Sunday.  I'll see you on Monday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's happening in the nursery anyway?


I just about have little Miss Annalisa fully put together.  
She won't go on eBay this week as I'm headed to the mountains on Thursday (through Sunday)
and don't want an auction going while I am gone.  

It's the 3rd annual Cowgirl Convention!
These are my Cowgirl girlfriends on their steeds
(I am taking the picture)
And this is me on mine:
We have three rules for Cowgirl Camp.  
No Dogs.
No Kids.
No Men.

Just us ladies and our horses in the mountains for 4 days, three nights  :)  

So, Annalisa will probably go on eBay on Monday night. 

Sally is slowly getting her hair. darn cute!  
I am rooting it finely.  Who ever would have thought that a finely rooted head of hair could still take SO long.  But it does.  

I've started painting a toddler for the show I will attend at the end of August.  
Yikes...that is right around the corner!

I'll root all day today and probably take most of tomorrow off to get my camping and horse gear ready for the early morning shove off on Thursday.  

I'm very excited!  


Monday, July 22, 2013


I had such a great time with the grandbabies/girl this weekend!
Of course I snapped a few shots during our time together  :)

Only one of Jena turned out.  I took some of her and Remington but they were all dark and I could not restore them.  I was playing with the functions on my camera and well, that setting did not work!
This is 10 year old Jena at the parade on Main Street.
She is so much Grandma's girl!
5 month old Jarrod had a little photo session in my studio!
(It was after these pictures were taken that I needed to play with the settings on my camera.  They didn't turn out very clear.)

But 2 month old Remington's pictures turned out great out at the horse pasture!

 She got to meet Grandpa's horse, Scout.
Fun fun fun!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sharing my collection Friday~Outfit changes

I found some great outfits while at the DEDS and in North Carolina.

Have you ever shopped in the Cracker Barrel Gift Shop?

I love all that they have to offer...and so does Poppy!

(Full Bodied Silicone "Sugar" by Melissa McCrory)
 Poppy also got a preemie pacifier from The Preemie Store.  Perfect!

Some of Poppy's crib mates were changed into summer clothing:
Reborn Lousia, by Selana Saxton
 Beata reborn by myself
Gianna, reborn by Heaven's Garden of Angels:
These two stayed in their current outfits but they are worth sharing :)
Tiny Emily, reborn by me:
Silicone Laurel reborned by me
And how they all look together in their vintage mini crib:
Some of my clay OOAks got changed and rearranged too.
My twins by Kellie Beckett each got new onsie sets (these sets also have paints, booties and hats's warm so just the onsies for now)
Fluer Mareen by Petra Sieffert:
Olivia Grace by Angela Harris:
Oh boy...I bought this little one at a show last spring and my grand girl named her, but I can't remember her name right now!  
Talia and Kenji!
 This is the first time since Talia arrived that they have been close to each other.  I think they are both pleased.
Mini OOAKs on the shelves:
Mindy and Kallie by Sharon Ullrich:
Chance (Sharon Ullrich) found himself in a bucket and bee outfit!  
I moved Dougy to the playpen and I think he is very delighted!
(OOAK by Bonnie Chyle, reborned by me)
This is a little resin baby I bought at a doll show several years ago.  Not sure I ever named her!
This shelf of little ones:
Audra, by Sharon Ullrich, is wearing a new dress:
And Deborah, by Sharon Ullrich, is donning a lady bug set:
And one final reborn, Annie, reborned by Ally Marie got a change and moved to a new spot:
I have two full sized cribs, a changing table shelf, a bench, two high chairs and a buggy to get through clothing changes and re-arranges to do.  If only the time....

Have a GREAT weekend! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It will be quiet around here

I don't have anything really to share today and won't have much to share until Monday.
BUT...DO check in on Friday as I'll share some things from my personal collection.

Other than that, our house will be filled with visiting grandbabies and (adult) kids as we gather to enjoy "Miner's Jubilee" in our town.

Friday night will find us at the Bronc Blowout...a night of competition between some of the best bronc riders in the country.  

And then babies, babies and more babies and Remington, Jarrod and Jena will be around.  

I could not be happier!  


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skin tones

As I worked on the two prototypes yesterday I thought to myself,
"wouldn't it be fun to see these two skin tones side by side?"

So, I put them side by side!
(click on the picture to see it full size for a better look)

This is one thing that I love about working on dolls...
The variety of tones that can be created.  

If you look at babies and children side by side, 
you will see just how wide a variety of skin tones that they have.  

It's always incredible to me! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Paint is finished on Prototype Sally!

I really love this darling kit by Bonnie Brown!  

She is still available on Pre-Order.  
In the US, you can find her at

There is information on Bonnie Brown's site for 

Without further adieu...

I have given Sally lightly painted hair, just as a depth builder under the hair that I will root.  

She will be hard to part with!