Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Doll show status check...

Down to the less than 3-week-wire of flying out.  That means I need to ship a box of babies to the show convention center soon. 

So what is happening in the nursery?

Well, I should finish rooting Nigel today.  I am loving this color of hair on him!  I will photograph him on Sunday if all goes well.

Big girl Mariana has half of her hair.  I'll go back to rooting her in the evenings as soon as Nigel is finished.

I would love to finish rooting Gus too.  He is tiny but the rooting takes a long time.  (He is the little guy I did when I taught my granddaughter how to reborn.)

Danene needs painted so I'll start her on Monday.  She may not have any hair before the show but I'll bring her along for show anyway.  I have her hair picked out, I just may not have time to root it. 

I am hoping that the DVD's will ship this week.  I just sent a message to the production company to check status.

Although I have some mohair processed I'd love to get more kid hair worked up to bring to the show.

I have some shopping to do yet for some of the babies and for me as well.  

I began the assembly of class and workshop supplies but need to finish that up too.  

The show manual is almost finished.  This is for my helpers while I am away from my booth (Friday).

Okay, I have my list~watch me go!! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Upcoming class deadline June 4th

I'm teaching a 2 day "Creating Multidimensional Skin Tones" class at the 

The deadline to sign up for the class is June 4th.   I won't be accepting last minute sign ups after that or at the show as I won't have the supplies needed so it's important to get signed up now.  

If you want to sign up but can't pay by June 4, please drop me a line.  I can handle your sign up privately.   A deposit will need to be made right away with the balance due before the start time of the class on June 21.

I'm really looking forward to teaching this class!

Monday, May 28, 2012

I remember

Spending the day in honored remembrance of those who have served;  giving of themselves the ultimate sacrifice:  Their life.

May God bless and keep the families left behind.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Showing off Shamika

Shamika is born and ready for the Down East Doll Show!

I really love this one!  She is Riley by Jessica Schenk~a kit I've wanted to reborn for a very long time.
She is super cuddly too~I love holding her up on my shoulder.

I think I would like to produce a DVD on Ethnic skin tones  :)

Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sharing my collection Friday~Mommy, can I go?

To the Down East Doll Show with you??

"Yes Sweet Pickles, that is a FINE idea!"

I just felt that I needed to take a Bonnie Chyle baby with me to this show and this reborn has been calling to me  :)

Hugs for Friday!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nigel prototype~Work in progress

I've not had time to take daily WIP pictures of little Nigel but his paint is complete!
He is a lovely newborn.

 The above picture is how Nigel started out.

I've selected dark blonde hair for him and will begin rooting today.  

 3 weeks and 6 days until I fly to North Carolina for the

I have 11 spaces left in my class and have changed the doll kits being used to Jessica Schenk's adorable triplets!

Yikes, seeing that time frame written down makes me panic!  

Off to work!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I love reading articles about entrepreneurs.
They inspire me with their creativity, their heart, their minds, their wisdom and their "get out there and get it" attitude.  

The Costco Connection magazine always features someone who inspires me, and this month, it was
 Sir James Dyson, the inventor of the Dyson vacuum.

The word "perfect" is what really caught my attention.  I often have thought that even though my babies are the best I can make them at the time~seemingly "perfect", it is difficult for me to call them "perfect" because I have often felt that perfection is illusive.  

Sir Dyson agrees!

He states, " 'Perfect' is in fact completely the wrong word to use.  You start with a goal and you make the best possible version at that moment.  You give the customer the best available at that moment, and then you set another goal and start working on it again."
(Sir James Dyson/The Costco Connection May 2012, Volume 27, Number 5)

I jumped for joy when I read that.  
Now I feel...normal!

Striving for the best it can be at the moment.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Please meet Temperance

This is sweet baby Temperance.  
She was created from the Celebration of Life Emily by Linda Webb/Ashton Drake, which makes her a true reborn.

Temperance was a good candidate for me to take to the night-time class I am taking with Evon Nather on painted hair.  This particular dolls head has a very hard inner shell making it impossible and damaging to root.  

I've given her textured hair and brows and am excited to learn Evon's methods and see this baby with light-medium colored painted hair.  

Reborning an Ashton Drake Emily/Alex combination in 2009 were the inspiration of the technique that I developed using Genesis Matte Varnish and LDC air dry paints.  Thus far, the only paints know to stick to the Ashton Drake silicone/vinyl combination were Genesis Heat Set Paints.  These dolls can acquire damage to the heads with repetitive heating so I needed to minimize the heating yet create a way for the air dry paints to stick.  Coating the silicone/vinyl with the Genesis Matte Varnish worked and I've been reborning almost all of my dolls since.  I love the texture, (both visual and physical) and appreciate how it resolves shine issues.  Lately, as is the case with Temperance, I used Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel as my medium with the LDC paints.  I do love the results!

I will also use Temperance in the weighting and assembly workshop that I am presenting on Saturday at 2PM during the show.  I will disassemble her and reassemble her for the workshop.

She will be available for adoption but will have to come home with me from the show for final pictures with her hair and the sealing of her limbs with glue as I won't be able to seal them at the workshop due to the time needed for the glue to dry and air out.  

Another baby was born over the weekend...Can't wait to show you!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet the Artist

It's hard to believe that I had not shared this article already!

Guess that shows how many things have been jamming up the functioning of my mind~LOL

This was written by Debra Jadick who recently began writing for this online news magazine.  Her passion is to support the reborn doll artists.

Grab a cup, sit back and take a 5 minute breather:

Happy Sunday! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sharing my collection Friday~New baby item

My county has a classifieds page on Facebook.  My husband and I watch what is available and also have sold many items ourselves.  

On Mother's Day, I saw an ad for a Jenny Jump Up and could not resist!

My bigger girls love it and as I played, some of them finally officially met Brittany.

I thought Brittany's straight legs would be a great match for the Jump Up:

 And she loves that toys can hang but she's still a little bit short overall.
 So I set her in the kitchen to play and she immediately got into the utensil drawer:
 Molly is a really great fit and she had a fun time in the bouncer!
 Molly and Brittany meet.  Molly looks fully delighted in her new sissy!

 Brittany likes her too!
 Joylynne's turn!  She was a fine fit too and is oh-so-cute! 
 Joylynne meets Brittany.  My friend thought that Joylynne looks as if she is asking Brittany, "So how long did you have to stay in the box before you got here?"  LOL  That is a very accurate assumption!
 "I wike you!"

 My fur baby had to see what was going on:
I was delighted to have a few moments to play on Mother's Day.  


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Cost of Making a Reborn Doll article

As the time for the Down East Doll Show draws nearer, it will be more difficult for me to take daily progress pictures, but I'll still keep you engaged and entertained.

Last week, Debra Jadick wrote a great article on 

It is a great read and so very needed in today's reborn doll industry.  

Speaking of the Down East Doll Show, there are still spaces in my 2 day Multidimensional
LDC painting class.

I'll need to order supplies in the next week or so as my flight leaves in just 5 weeks, 6 days so

I will be giving away 1-4 of my new Reborn Course DVD's during this class as door prizes  :)  

And as always, I will have other door prizes as well and, we always have fun!  

Happy Wednesday~I'll see you on Friday with a little share from my personal collection!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two new prototypes

I am just delighted that two new prototypes have arrived!

I've not worked with either of these artists sculpts before and I am delightfully honored!

I will reborn "Nigel" by Lillian Breedveld first, a lovely newborn boy.  My, I do love this kit!  
The sculpted features are exceptional!

 And then there is delightful and joyful Danene by Violet Parker! 
 Isn't she TuTu cute???  :) 

These kits are both produced by Petra's Dolls in Amsterdam.
I am not certain yet who will be dealers but will post when I know.  

I'm off to make babies!