Friday, April 29, 2011

Sharing my collection Friday~Tiny furniture

I just love this tiny furniture! I believe I've shared it before in another post but it was on my mind this week.

Yesterday I was at Hobby Lobby and saw a crib, high chair and dresser set in all white. I was tempted....

Instead, I came home with a tiny, tiny bear to add to the display. (I did not take a picture of it today.)

Someday I would love to find a tiny, jointed OOAK baby for this furniture collection. I've not looked too much for lack of time.

Have a great Friday and Saturday!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prototype Suzon painted w/color sample of hair

I don't know about you but I am falling madly in love with this darling girl!

It took me three tries to get the color of hair I had my heart set on for her~she is showing it off here. It was not rooted at all in these pictures, just held on with the band and bows. I began rooting last night.

So, that is what I'll be doing for a while...rooting, rooting, rooting!

I'll catch you on Friday with something shared from my collection. I am off to the City tomorrow for shopping :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let the rooting begin!

I do not have a picture to share, but Suzon is painted and ready for hair.

I'm struggling getting the color I want for her so we will see if I like what I processed last night for her. If not, the rooting won't start until tomorrow and I'll be back to combing and processing more hair~sigh.

Speaking of hair...I will have more up for sale tomorrow. It is all very dark brown, straight kid hair. If you are not on the notification list and would like to be, drop me an email at and I will get you added.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mud Pie outfits and service

I think it's raining!

Oh I just could not WAIT to show you the wonderful outfits I bought for Suzon from the Little Sprout line of Mud Pie baby clothes!

I bought these sets from an online store that gave FABULOUS service.

Mud Pie Baby/Specialty Stores answered all of my questions and guided me on how to return items if I they did not fit. I am very pleased with the service and the fact that I won't have to return anything because I had my heart set on this set since I saw it while browsing eBay gathering ideas for how I wanted to dress Suzon.

She's still pale as I've not worked on her since Wednesday. But, I am off to the nursery very soon to give the girl some color.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Asian doll kit by Bonnie Brown

Isn't she beautiful?? This is the OOAK sculpt, Sophia Madelina, by Bonnie Brown. I saw this sculpt at IDEX 2011. Bonnie did not know at that time what she was going to do with her.

Well, she is on her way to be produced into vinyl kits and I will be doing one of the two prototypes for her! I am over the moon excited!

Look at those FAT legs!

This is such an honor and a pleasure!

Have a beautiful day.
HE is Risen


Friday, April 22, 2011

Sharing my Collection Friday~Spring 2011

Would you look at that! A birds-eye view of most of my collection! There are 8 other babies in other places in the house. I had to stand on the dresser with my head on the ceiling to snap the shot! (click on the photo to make it bigger)

This is one little ray of sunshine, Joylynne, that sits in the high chair in the dining room. She is displaying the sweet spring Bunnies by the Bay outfit that was given to my grand daughter as a gift by a sweet friend. It never did fit my little one so her parents gave it to me. Joylynne is a manufactured prototype Huti doll distributed by Ashton Drake. Her legs are not original and are Lee Middleton legs:

Spring time bunnies! From the back left we have Sweet Pickles, a reborned Ashton Drake/Bonnie Chyle doll, at her feet is silicone Lauren by Jorja Pigott; behind her is silicone Carrie by Laura Tuzio Ross; and then my sweet Abi, a reborn made by myself from the "Sweet Embrace" Berenguer doll.

From front left to the back are: Jena, a reborn made by me of Antonio Juan's "Lillian" doll; Leah, a manufactured Lorna Miller Sands/Ashton Drake doll; Kahmi, a reborn Berenguer doll; in the center from back to front are: Marquell, a reborn made by Auntie Dawn's nursery "Jonas" kit from Doll Dreams; Alexis reborn by Mandy Germand/Babies of Chrysalis Meadows from the Alexia kit/Adrie Stoete; and sweet Louisa, a reborn made by Selena Saxton from the Louisa kit/Manuella Mueth and Doll Dreams. (and then Sweet Pickles again in the back)

Oh boy! More kids! We'll just cover the three in this picture: The little guy on the potty reading the book is Luke, a manufactured Masterpiece doll by Laura Tuzio Ross; Matthew the little Cowboy, the Matthew sculpt from Masterpiece Dolls and Laura Tuzio Ross~reborned by me; and manufactured Tamara by Dawn Donofrio and Masterpiece Dolls.

Dimples reborned by me, kit sculpted by Melissa Palesse:

From front left to the back and front again:
Becca, a manufactured Huti baby from Ashton Drake~I think her sculpt name was Picture Perfect; Manufactured "Lisa" by Hildegard Gunzel/Gotz Dolls, "Nablina" by Annette Himstedt and "Jasmine at a Year and a Half" by Waltraud Hanl/Ashton Drake.

My darling Molly, a "Gina Marie" kit by Reinhart Woelfert reborned by Kate Leach of Little Barn Babies.

From left to right: Manufactured "Janae" by Laura Tuzio Ross and Masterpiece Dolls; Molly as mentioned above; Manufactured "Brooke" by Sandy Faber and Ashton Drake; Manufactured Sarah by..oh dear, I forgot! and Masterpiece Dolls and finally, Manufactured "Ballerina" by Berenguer.

Brennan a One of a Kind by Sharon Robinson:

Tika prototype Secrist Kit reborned by Valencia Lacey:

From far left: Silicone Laurell by Arnold Babies (Rita Rich Arnold), Little Emily from Ashton Drake/Linda Webb reborn by me and Tika again.

From left back: Manufactured Ashton Drake Silicone Stephanie; Manufactured Ashton Drake/Linda Webb Emily; in the front is Megan, a Tina Kewy's "Mommy Loves You" kit reborned by Beth Whitford/Bella Mia Babies; and then little Adam, a manufactured Berenguer doll.

From the rear starting with the little guy in the rocking horse is Chance, a One of a Kind by Sharon Robinson, then in the basket is Audra a One of a Kind by Sharon Robinson, then Beata, a reborn of the manufactured Lizzie doll from Paradise Galleries and Kymberli Durden and Gianna, a reborn Berenguer doll by Heavens Garden of Angels.

Manufactured Timmo by Jackie Gwin and Gotz dolls. I call him Timmy:

From left rear clockwise:
A manufactured Lee Middleton doll; Michael the Little Slugger by Bonnie Chyle/Ashton Drake, customized by me; Prototype Rory kit by Dawn Donofrio and reborned by Dawn Donofrio; and Josh, a Paradise Galleries "Josh" doll by Anna Carter.

From front left clockwise: Daniel kit reborned by Yolanda Gomez/Blossom Baby Nursery; Silicone Giovanni by Laura Tuzio Ross; Silicone Tommy by Melissa McRory of Melissa's Babies; little Jacob kit by Jessica Schenk reborned by my darling friend Heather Hiatt, and Erik, a "My Baby Girl" doll/Sheila Michaels reborned by me (a LONG time ago!).

Wow! That was really taking on the memory!

I almost forgot these little ones: a variety of Ashton Drake dolls, a Berenguer doll, a Kewpi doll, a Linda Rick doll and a little porcelain doll.

I hope you enjoyed my collection!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

First peeks of Suzon Prototype toddler!

I am having such a delightful time working on Suzon and even though it's my "day off" I just had to come on and share!

I decided to do a very fair complexion on her. She is now ready for blushing, undertones and final paint details.

I've got the cutest outfits coming for her :)

~Pre-Orders are available now for Suzon~


Oh my goodness I can hardly wait to tell you about the new prototype I am signed up to do! Ohhhhhhhhhh.....I'll tell you Sunday!

Tomorrow I am sharing new pictures of my collection~including a birds-eye shot of the nursery! The babies are anxiously awaiting spring!

Hugs for the day~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You just have to see this mohair!

Isn't that awesome?!?!?!

~Buy it here~

It is 10 1/2-11 inch long yearling hair...but it's the first time this goat had ever been shorn. She was rescued by my goat farmer so this is technically her first clipping. I rolled the hair in tiny perm rollers while it was wet and the curls just bounce right back! I sure can't wait to root a toddler with dream would be to root an Angelica with it but I just can't see that happening due to time.

Oh boy..I'm working on Prototype is a first peek:

Oh wait, never mind, I think I'll make you wait..



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

March for Babies!

One of my best friends lost a tiny little grand daughter (Abby Grace) in November of 2010. I have joined a team of walkers in honor of Abby Grace.

Would you support myself or Abby Grace's team as we walk with the March of Dimes on May 14th?

~Debbie's personal donation page~

~Abby Grace's team page and story~

This will be my first 10K (6.2 mile) walk~your support will encourage me along!

God bless!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prototype Suzon by Laura Tuzio Ross

She has arrived! I am sure excited about this toothy~grinning little lady!

She is a standing 30" toddler, which to me is SO fun and unique as most dolls aren't able to stand. With an armature, Suzon will be able to stand on her own with just a tiny bit of support to keep her from falling down (such as her hand on something to support her just in case the floor shall be bumped).

I'll be prepping her kit today by opening nostrils and eye sockets, giving her a nice hot bath and applying Genesis Matte Varnish as a primer.

In other news:

I had a BLAST over the weekend writing the first picture story for Discover Dolls Magazine. I also took some additional pictures of my collection that I will post on Friday~you will want to see these :)

I've got the story ready to send but I think I will hold it hostage for a bit until I know that my copies of issue 27 are on the way from the UK to me so I may share my Feature Artist article with my friends and family. These were supposed to be sent a week ago~sigh.

As of right now, there isn't anywhere in the US that one can order the individual Discover Dolls issues. That is truly unfortunate and I hope it is fixed soon. Supposedly there will be a link on Facebook where US issues can be ordered. Right now, there is only a link for UK customers.

I'll keep you all updated on ordering when I have more info.

I've played around with my new flip camera some, doing two takes of the photo studio (I have to edit the best one with information I forgot to share on either take) and I started a take on opening nostrils....then my batter died! I think I'll try that one again today while I prep Suzon. I have dyed mohair to comb out too (spent the day at the Gallery yesterday combing raw mohair) so we'll see if I can get it done.

Today is a full, full day!

Have a good one!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 New Years Day drawing custom baby

This is the progression of coloring of the 2011 New Years Day drawing custom baby. She is now ready to go home and her mommy wonders just HOW I made her just like the image she had in her mind. I am tickled by that statement!

Please welcome MacKenzie by Annie Kiely

Here is day one of painting:

Day two:

Day Three:

And after some final touchups and rooting:

It has been such a joy to create this special one for my winner! I'll be doing this drawing again next year and anyone who adopts from me in 2011 is eligible. Ohhh....I can't wait!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Sharing my Collection Friday~Abi

This is Abi, an authentic reborn that I made for myself from this Berenguer doll:

Quite a difference!

This sweet girl is just precious to me. She's chubby and long, a combination I really like.

And she has full limbs so she can wear sleeveless tops and onsies.

She's such a snuggle bug!

I love shopping for her and have more things for her than she can wear in my lifetime! LOL

I hope you enjoyed my sweet Abi!

Hugs and love