Monday, May 30, 2016

In quiet reverence

I am spending the day today in quiet reverence.  

I trust that those who gave their life for our freedoms are resting in eternal peace and I ask for the peace that surpasses all understanding to those who remain in their loss.

God bless us all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bobbi prototype head

It is with pleasure that I announce that the Bobbi prototype head is mostly painted.
I need to do some more work on her brows~and then I'll root over them later as well.

The hair in the pictures is not rooted but I do think this is the hair I will use for her.  
I am still working on her body.
This is "Bobbi" full body silicone prototype sculpted by Lilianne Breedveld, poured by Claire Taylor.
She will be available on eBay when she is complete.

Such a cute little girl!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Spaces available again in my ROSE show class

Two very sad ladies who were traveling together and taking my class together cannot make it to the ROSE show after all.

That opened up TWO spaces in my Creating Ethnic Skin Tones class.

I don't think these spaces will last long.
If you or someone you know want to participate, reserve today! 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Worst week EVER!

Hello everyone....I am back from the land of the not living very well!

Tuesday brought me feeling pretty good and I got about 4 hours of work done in the studio without very much discomfort.

That night, a sinus infection broke out in full vengeance!  
I was worthless and delirious the entire next day, but thankfully, I have made a pretty quick recovery and am ready to hit the studio in full force today and every work day this week!

I am nearing getting Bobbi's head painted  :)  
Her body is behind a bit as I wasn't happy with one of her layers so I repeated it on both sides of her.  

I am SO EXCITED to get to work ALL DAY today!  

Off I go!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Great presentation with the doll club!

I didn't get any pictures of my display table from my presentation with the doll club.  
The table was in front of a very large picture window, which causes a catastrophe when trying to take pictures.

But, here are the pictures I took of the dolls that I took as they were ready in the car...

Mr. Matthew went along because I also have an original Matthew from Masterpiece Galleries by Laura Tuzio Ross so I use the two of them to explain the history of the reborn doll, as Matthew is a TRUE reborn since he was a manufactured doll.  

Rebekkah also went along just because she's cool  :)  

This is the image that I used to tell my Facebook followers what I was up to.
By the time I reached my destination, I had changed the title of the presentation from
"The colors that Create" to
"The layers and Colors that Create".

This was the first presentation that I gave where I didn't write out a speech or make an outline to follow.

I knew what I wanted to say and I rehearsed it in the car as I drove.
I'll have to say it went better than all of the others I have done!  

The ladies in this doll club really didn't understand reborns very well.  
I was to speak for 15-20 minutes.

1 1/2 hours later....

The ladies really had some great questions and dialog!  
It even led to "do you have a working studio" and "where do you keep your personal collection"?

Of course that was great fun showing them a photo tour of the Dolly House!

One of the ladies does not even collect dolls but as she told me, the ladies just like for her to hang out with them.  

For the first time ever, she held a doll....Matthew.  She found him irresistible!  I didn't get pictures of that but one of the members of the club did.  She will send them to me.  He liked her very much too.

I did have some time to play after the ladies all went home.  

Rebekkah loved the tree swing outside of my friends beautiful log home that she and her contractors built.

It is way up in God's the grid and nestled between some of the largest mountains in Oregon and Washington.

The backside of Mt Hood lives outside of my friends kitchen window:

I had such an amazing time!

And now, I am injured!
Not from my trip but from a horse back ride on Friday with my husband.  Nothing really happened, but somehow I pulled the tendons/ligaments in my right rib cage. 

I am pretty tough and have a high pain threshold but I am in PAIN!  

And I do not like it.  
I do not like being slowed down.  
I have dolls to work on.


Monday, May 9, 2016

On the road...

Today I am hitting the freeway headed to The Dalles, Oregon

There is a very active doll club there that has invited me to be their guest speaker.  

The honor is mine and I can't wait to spend an afternoon with this varied, doll-loving community!

The presentation I am offering is called, "The Colors that Create".  

I'm taking along some of my personal dolls, including Rebekkah, my 5 yr old child doll.

She is already in the car in her toddler car seat looking totally adorable!

Total submersion in dolly play!


See you on Sunday


Sunday, May 8, 2016

This little Pea is back up for adoption!

The Non-Paying Bidder claim through eBay is finally closed so I can now offer tiny little 
"Sweetie" back up for adoption.

I usually only list dolls once on eBay and if they don't find homes there, I place them on my website for direct adoption  :)

In the meantime, she's here keeping me delighted with her silly little smiley face! 

Happy Mother's Day!! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Charming Handsome Henry on eBay!

I am in love.

Henry's big brown eyes penetrate my soul!

And he's interactive with his play mat and completely adorable!

Yep, I am just in love!

See all of his pictures and read his story on eBay

I'll be out of the studio from tomorrow through Saturday,
back in the studio on Sunday and then on the road Mon-Wed as a 
special guest/speaker at a doll club in The Dalles Oregon.  
I am pretty excited about that!

Work is going well on the prototype Bobbi and I'm doing something totally crazy...
While Bobbi is curing, I am working with air dry paints on vinyl!
I never work on both silicone and vinyl at once but I am feeling the pressure of the ROSE show coming up and not being prepared for my class.
Surprisingly, I am fully enjoying moving from one medium to the other!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Prototype Bobbi is here!

And she's glorious!!  

Bobbi was sculpted by Lilianne Breedveld and poured into Platinum Eco 20 silicone by 
Claire Taylor.  
She has a ball jointed head and I had requested armature for her arms.  

She is scrumptious!  

Artists can order a blank Bobbi from Lilianne on her website:

Life-like work begins today!  

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Non paying bidder and charge backs!

I hadn't even realized that I didn't post last week!
I guess it was a short week due to my volunteer schedule and a trip to the city
 and a little stressful as well.

I have a non-paying bidder on my mini Kellie Beckett silicone doll.  
eBay's policies make us wait a very long time before action can be taken.

The real frustrating thing is that this person has done this, more than once, to several other sellers!  
I will share the buyer ID once the eBay claim is final.


My brain cannot compute why people do this.  

I have not had a charge back done on my dolls but because I shared with a friend some trials I have had with an interested buyer on Jazz and the upcoming Bobbi, I found out that the person I have been dealing with has done this before and probably will do it again.

I am glad to have this information shared!  

For now, while the storm boils around me as I deal with this now very upset person I will just say that the buyer is from France.  

Speaking of Bobbi....
The Bobbi prototype to be exact...


Oh she's really wonderful!  
I hope to get a video of her blank full body silicone done today.