Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The studio is cleaned up/new prototype is started

Was my studio ever a mess!

I had Bobbi on the painting table with the silicone supplies, plus I had brought in another smaller table in order to work on the two ethnic kits.  That table wasn't big enough so things filtered to the floor.  As I have begun purchasing class supplies and had ordered some other supplies, those things found themselves on the floor as well since I couldn't get to the shelving unit to put them away.  I could hardly get around in there!

Sunday I spent a great deal of time putting the silicone paints away and moving the air dry and vinyl kits to the main painting table.  The additional table is now removed from the room, supplies are put away, general house cleaning done and I am back to work.  

Things are going well with the new prototype of the doll kit that Marita Winters sculpted for my upcoming ROSE class.  Oh I wish I could show you but we are keeping this kit under our hats until the opening of my class.

The darling kits will be available once my class starts, and I believe that 2 vendors at the ROSE show will have them in stock at the show.  

I will have to think of some good content during these weeks that lead up to the show since I can't provide WIP pictures of the kit. 

One good subject to cover is that the Dolly House is finally ready for play!

More later....


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bobbi prototype on eBay

My labor of love awaits her new home on eBay:

I truly love this baby.  
I have been told that the pictures are very good but I just don't think they do this darling girl justice.  

There are still available blank kits from Lilianne Breedveld

Pop in to see all of the silicone blanks that Lilianne has available, as well as her vinyl kits  :)

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quick cell phone peek of Bobbi

I did it.  I stooped to cell phone pictures but I just couldn't resist while I finished her photo shoot!

(Camera pictures are downloaded now, waiting for resizing and watermark...it will be a long day of that, video editing and auction set up.)

Have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Video and photo shoot happening today~Bobbi

Bobbi is finally finished!

Today is her video and photo shoot and tomorrow, my normal day off, will be her auction listing.

These will be two very intense, stressful days.  

I wish I didn't get stressed out on these days, but I do.  
I don't want to leave out any details or information on this beautiful doll nor do I want the shoot to be just ordinary and boring.  

Wish me luck!


Monday, June 20, 2016

Tiny update on FBS prototype Bobbi

Oh I am getting SO close now!  

Yesterday morning when I took these pictures, I had just this much left to do on the back of her head.
I finished that spot by the end of the workday!

Today I will bring the hairline further down her forehead and face and hopefully her hair will be done!
I need to do a little tweaking on her brows~possibly adding some rooted hairs.  

I am working toward having her auction up and running by Thursday evening!
Wish me luck


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

3 spaces available: Baby FX Ehtnic Skin Tone Class

Circumstances change for people and circumstances have changed for 3 students who had registered for my upcoming class.

That means there are 3 spots available for this class!

I've been having a wonderful time working on skin tones for the color guide of this class.

Here are those samples:

I am excited to present my new ethnic color guide to the class at ROSE next month.

Here is all of the information to sign up and, even though the deadline is tomorrow, if contacted at tngun05@gmail.com
I will do my best to work out something with late registrars.  

Hope to see you at ROSE!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In my radar....Etsy seller

There is a young lady who is new to reborning who has found her way to my radar via browsing Etsy shops.

Unfortunately, it is not in a positive way that she is in my radar.  

I need to do a bit more research and then I'll get her info posted on here.  

I want collectors and artists safe out there in the doll industry!

Hugs for the day.

The girl is just 17 years old.  Her name is Hannah.
I contacted her as a potential customer asking to see her work since she was using other artist pictures to gain custom orders.  

She showed me some pictures of bald dolls.
Although the pictures were a little dark and blurry, the work looked pretty good for a beginner.
Photography for beginners is very difficult and I've learned to see beyond beginner photos and really, the paint work looked nice.  

I asked if she had any with rooted hair and she shared 3 pictures of partially rooted dolls stating that they were pictures of her past rooting work. 
I later came across two of the 3 pictures on the Bountiful Baby Forum...
they were NOT her pictures or her work!  

I verified with the person who posted the pictures and sure enough, even though the two had discussed a future arrangement, no work had been done for Hannah, and she did not have permission to use said pictures.  

As a collector I cannot trust Hannah because of the answer she provided me, which was false.

As an artist, I do not admire how she runs her listings.
She HAS acquired permission from Silvia Creations to use her photos as long as she gives full credit to Silvia and shows her own work in the same listing, but she has not acquired permission from the other artists that own the other pictures she is using.

In some listings she claims that they are not her work and in some she gives no mentiong at all.  
I have always fully disagreed with using other artists photo's EVEN IF one claims it is not their own work.   And ESPECIALLY without permission from the artist who owns the pictures.  

Those photos are intellectual property of the artist who took them and invested time into creating the doll(s) in the photos.   It is wrong to use them to gain custom work.  
It is always best to show the blank kit, then samples of your previous work, even if the work is not on the same kit.

Many argue, as Hannah did, that the collector then cannot get a good representation of what the kit will look like.  Yes, they can.  
And they need to know how the work of the person gaining the custom order compares to the artist pictures that were used.  

It is important not to mislead customers in this business.

Hannah, I know you are reading this.  
I do want you to do well and you WILL do well if you follow the common etiquette for listing custom dolls, and if you respect the advice of your fellow reborners who have certainly been around long enough to be able to give the advice.  
Be proud of your own work and gain your orders on your own merit!  

~Click here for Hannah's Etsy shop~

My passion has always been and always will be to protect the collector/customer. 
Be careful out there!  



Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Working on that Ethnic color guide

In between layers of silicone paint on prototype Bobbi, I had been working on two vinyl kits and Baby FX Air Dry Paints to create the Ethnic Skin Tone Color Guide for my upcoming class at ROSE.

Oh it was fun playing around with colors to find out which Baby FX colors created the tone I was after.

From the work on these two kits, I have mostly fine-tuned the guide (I have a bit more painting to go on these kits before it is fully fine-tuned) and will use that newly revised guide to paint the prototype kit of the special kit sculpted for this class by Marita Winters.  That baby will go to the class with me and will start on eBay the morning that the class starts.

Okay, back to the two kits!

The first one is Elyse by Cassie Brace.  I have had her tucked away for some time now and I am quite pleased with her Bi-racial tone.  (Remember, she is still a WIP and I have some paint work yet to do).

The second kit is Denver Rose by Marita Winters.  Marita sculpted this kit for my 2015 Rose Baby FX Air Dry class.  I have reserved this kit to do an AA tone on  :)
(I appologize for the blurry pictures of Denver!  I took these right after I took Elyse's pictures...I have no idea what happened to the focus and I just don't have time to re-do them.)

I hope to have these two babies finished by the August 20th Portland, Oregon show so that they may be available at that show.  


Monday, June 6, 2016

Bobbi FBS prototype fully painted

It can take days to fine tune a paint job on a full body silicone doll.

Not to mention the matting!

But I finally have Bobbi ready for rooting and a sneak peek.

I do believe that I am in love with her!  

Rooting starts today!