Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Sweetie" on eBay

I failed to come back and put the link up for Kellie Beckett's 7 inch mini silicone doll.

She's on her way to finding her new home!  

When I have time, I have three full body mini babies to put up on my website for direct adoption and one more for eBay  :)

I feel wonderful having some babies available for collectors!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Coming to eBay tonight! Mini full body silicone

Well, I had ever intention of getting this darling girl listed yesterday/last night but the world had other plans for me and my day got swept away by visitors and other tasks. 

But, I did get a couple of pictures taken of her yesterday so I'll share those now then get busy doing her official photo shoot  :)

Please meet...well, as far as I know she still does not have a name...
Little Miss Prototype by Kellie Beckett, poured by Jennie Lee.

She is 7 inches long and so cute!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last of the 5 day workweek until October :)

My husband works 40 hour weeks.  
I work when my husband works.

In the "summer" (Mid April-Mid October), he works four 10-hour days a week:
The rest of the year he works five 8-hour days, Sun-Thu.

Today is our last 8-hour day until October!

We enjoy the longer work days (I tend to get more accomplished with my doll business) 
and we LOVE our three-day weekends (Thu-Sat) as it gives us a full day for chores and two for play!

Bring on the S'mores!

 Cheezy, chocolatey grins!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Four silicone babies DONE!

As always, I am amazed at each new "birth".

I sure didn't take enough pictures of these two little sweeties before I sent them home to Kellie Beckett, their sculpting artist, but I feel so far behind I just needed to snap a few and get them sent.  

This first little one is not quite 2 inches long!
Oh my...she was hard to paint even with magnifiers on, and even harder to photograph!
(Kellie made and inserted her silicone eyes)

The 3 inch cutie was a bit easier to paint and turned out really adorable!

Moving onto a bigger Kellie Beckett mini silicone prototype...
I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of her before I matted her.  
She is now matted and I will be finishing rooting her hair today.  
This one will be going on eBay as soon as she's done  :)

Kellie has not yet named her.
She is 7 inches long from head to toe and stays in the seated position.
She's not sleeping though!  She has her eyes closed in glee as if something is tickling her.

She is so very darling!  

These next two are mini full body silicones by Melissa McCrory.
I like to have some of these inexpensive silicones around to work on while other silicone dolls are curing.  They make real nice dolls for the small space collector and those on a tighter budget.
The molding into silicone doesn't always come out perfect in details which makes the painting of small parts such as hands, feet and nails (and in their cases their facial details) imperfect but I am able to give them beautiful tones giving low budget collectors a taste of my signature artwork.

Meet Mia and Mya!
They are super squishy, wiggly 7 inch  little girls!
(Waiting on their outfits to be made and arrive.  They will probably be available on my website as opposed to eBay.)

Very close to being finished is a 10 inch little boy also by Melissa McCrory.
I am calling him Handsome Henry!
Can't wait to show him off.  
He has open eyes.  

Have a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rounding the bend

Have I mentioned that I have EIGHT mini full body silicones on my paint table? 


 Five will be for sale, 2 are for Kellie Beckett in a trade that we did and one is a funny little thing for me to WEAR at doll shows!  LOL 
More on that one later.

I am rounding the bend with all of them, heading toward matting.

Here is a picture that cracked me up....uhhh...ALL puns intended...during the beginnings of painting these wee little ones.  

Oh days in the studio can be so funny!

Oh and here's another one that I took the day before yesterday..
She's trying to escape!

Oh fun, fun days!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Only FOUR spaces remain!

With just a little over 3 months left until the ROSE show in July,
I only have FOUR spaces remaining in my  class!

I do offer a 2 payment plan or a pay in full plan.

$150 down will reserve your seat with the balance of $150 due by June 15th.  

Or pay the $300 in full and we'll see you in July!

I have seen pictures of the baby that Marita Winters sculpted just for this class and expect the prototype to arrive soon.  I also know the baby's name.

This baby is completely AWESOME!
Baby has ethnic features which will pair well with the painting we will do in class.

Last year at ROSE, we barely had time to assemble our babies in class as I had to go set up my booth.
I won't have a booth this year, or even a table so we can linger as long as we long as the hotel accommodations do not need us out of our room by a certain time.  If they do, I will be teaching a weighting workshop on the show room floor on Saturday.

It will be....perfect  :)