Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Genny Gannon....what IS her real name? New names added

Ahhh, she is common name in the reborn doll community...

Jenny Gannon.

Or is it Jenny Singleton?

Or Susie Singleton?

Or Jenny Troth?

Or Gem Lewis?

OR....Jenny Loy which is her newest ID name.  

These names have all been used by Jenny Gannon both on Facebook, eBay, and via PayPal who frequently uses other artist pictures to gain custom orders as well as uses stock photos to sell items that she really does not have.

Sometimes she will have an item and will sell it and send it, but it is just a cover up to the others who make a purchase and get either nothing in return or receive a box of trash.

At the moment she has an Ebay ID called 

I put the link up (click above) but it is likely that the page won't be around for long.  
Same with Etsy.  She opens up accounts and the community, who has been watching for many years now, promptly gets her shut down.

Awesome job community!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Please meet MY Rebekkah!

It took me some time to wait for the ALMOST perfect lighting to photograph my darling new 
5 year old child doll, but finally I am ready to introduce Rebekkah to you!

I have waited so long for this sweet child-doll to enter my world.

When I took her to the Dolly House, she could not believe all of the babies that would be in her care! 

She desired to begin caring for them right away!

 She tenderly held one of the smaller infants...

Is totally capable of handing the wiggly, active ones....

And is good about putting others into a blissful sleep...

I think SHE is quite delighted to be out of that old brown box as a blank kit and into her new world of helping "mommy" in the Dolly House!

She is a negotiable child even helping during clothing changes:

And of course loves to play outside too!

Rebekkah's finer details:

Because I do not have time to root her hair, Rebekkah has a gorgeous, high quality human hair wig.
She looks SO different depending on how her hair is styled.

Oh what fun!

Rebekkah is painted and detailed with Baby FX Air Dry Paints and Powders.

I very much love my new little "girl".

She is NOT for sale  :)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sage is on eBay :)

Adorable Sage has launched on eBay!

She's gained lots of praise on my Facebook pages, which makes me so happy!

Please stop by her auction and cheer her on.

Have a blessed Holy week.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Please welcome 10" FBS Sage by Sherri Williams

What a delightful little carrot top lass she is,
but even more glorious in the stunning outfits made for her by 

Cyndi sells her beautiful work via her 

and her clothes fit perfectly!
She is an exceptional seamstress~wow!

Please meet 10 inch Sage who will find her way to eBay this evening

Outfit #1 is an eyelet romper with ribbons, bow and rosettes.
It has puffed sleeves making it sweet and feminine.  
The coordinating booties are exceptional!

Outfit #2 is a stunning silk and lace gown, bonnet and bootie set.
Words cannot express how beautiful this dress is!
Again is has puffed sleeves, ribbons, bows, rosettes and beads!

Sage has a ball-jointed neck/head, armatures in her arms and I have opened her mouth.
Gaaa, that pucker lip of hers just makes my heart go bippity bump!  

I'll post her eBay link when I've got it live.

I'll be taking Thursday through Sunday off for a special Spring Break event with our wild mustang, Norm and then to celebrate our Risen Lord with my visiting family.  


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I completed a baby!

Completing a baby doll is always like a miracle to me!
There are so many tiny details involved, from shopping for outfits, eyes and weighting supplies (if applicable) to rooting tiny lashes or brows.

What that last step is complete and I get to dress the baby and take pictures, it just feels like a miracle.

Yesterday I finished the last touches on Sage, the 10" full body silicone by Sherri Williams, 
and last night I dressed her and took pictures!  

Sage will be going to eBay soon, and I'll have a peek of her for your tomorrow as I need to put my watermark on all of her pictures.  

Her outfits are BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to show you!

Hugs for the day~

Monday, March 21, 2016

3 Itty Bitty full body Slicones by Kellie Beckett

I love Kellie Beckett's work and now have three darling OOAK babies from her in my collection.  

What an honor to have THREE of her TINY full body silicone prototypes in my studio now!

These babies do not have names yet so I will be referring to them by their sizes.

Kellie and I did a partial trade so doing these prototypes is going to be a bit different than normal...
I will explain what is happening to them on each ones description.

FIRST is the 7 inch sitting smiler.  She really is not sleeping but rather has her eyes closed due to 
being tickled pink!

This prototype will be the only one that I reborn then sell myself.
I will offer her on eBay when she is complete.  
SHE is anatomically correct.  

Isn't she just SO cute?!?!?!?

The next little one is a whopping just under 3 inches long!
She is a prototype as well but I am painting this one for Kellie to keep.

Talk about tiny!

But even TINIER is the just under 2 inch little prototype girl!
Kellie made and inserted her eyes.
I am painting her and Kellie is going to offer her up for sale....
IF she can part with her  :)  

What fun it is to have tiny baby furniture around to use as props!  

I began painting them yesterday.
I am blind today.