Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arianna progress and Angelica update!

AWE! I don't know about you but I am in love!

So is her mommy who is so anxiously waiting. I thank the Lord that her mommy has the gift of patience! :)

*********ANGELICA UPDATE********

I am so excited I can hardly breathe! Reva Schick's Angelica Child Doll Kit will be on her way to me on Monday...TOMORROW! I have to finish Arianna and do another baby size custom order before I can really focus on Angelica but oh wow...I am so excited! LOL

The downside of my Angelica is that she was supposed to be a prototype. There have been a lot of manufacturing problems with the Angelica kit and the prototypes came in one at a time and all of them had problems. The manufactures only offer a few prototypes and the three that were offered all had problems so there just are no more. One of them was reborn for Linda, the owner of Doll Dreams and was on display at IDEX. One is on ebay now while the other one is with another artist and is waiting new arms. Had there not been a problem, the one at IDEX would have been mine. :( Angelica will be a beyond stunning child doll of 5 yrs old. Ohhhh...I just can't wait to get her done and show her to the world! She will be offered on eBay and she will probably be on display at the March 20th Boise Idaho doll show.


I have three colors of mohair ready to post on Artfire. I will be combing out more today as I take my turn at running the local art gallery where I offer my babies for sale. My wrists are getting very weary and sore. I will do as much as I can, have some posted mid day tomorrow and hopefully more on Tuesday. I will be sending out a notification email to those on my list. If you want on my list, drop me an email at

Have a glorious day!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Funnies! Lukes New Treasure

Hello Ebberyone! Member me?

I am Luke. Mommy told my Auntie Jesse how I always get found in the bathroom around the toilet.....

Nothing like getting caught with yer pants down....

Well...Auntie Jesse was out yard sailing and I found THIS in my bathroom!

Isn't it just soooo cool????

A man like me can stay in here forever!

Excuse me.....I am concentrating here!

I am one happy little boy!

~The End~

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arianna is growing Piggie Tails!

Isn't she just cute as a bugs ear???

I sure can't wait to get this one done and onto her awaiting mommy but it will be a while yet. I still have much to root on the top, her left side and all of the back.

Just whistle while you root.......


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I won an Award of Excellence award!

This one was awarded through one of my guilds/my peers....I am so thrilled!

It's an award of excellence for my overall and consistent work. :)

*****Nursery Notes*****

Arianna's hair is coming along nicely and her "mommy" is loving her updates.

I'm still combing out mohair~some will make it to the dye bath tonight.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Makin' Mohair~

Or at least I am trying!

I hope to be able to squeeze mohair makings in through this week and hope to have some ready for post on ArtFire by Mid Monday of next week.

In the meantime, I am working on some articles for Life Like Dolls Magazine and rooting on Arianna. I only got a 1/2" X 1/2" spot done yesterday :( Yesterday was just nuts!

So off to root I go!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I found a paint scientist!

Okay so she is really NOT a scientist but Angie, of Angie's Lil Dumplins has a lot more "scientific" information on paints than I do and she entered a fantastic post on her blog the other day.

She has gone above and beyond studying different paint medians and how they work. It's really good information!

All of you who are using LDC paints should read this~

~Angie's Blog~

Angie also has some good information pages on other types of paints too.


~Nursery Notes~

I've got people all over the world waiting for mohair and had a special request come in yesterday so that changed the landscape of my day yesterday. Some of my planned tasks were completed and some have been put on the back burner...again.

I took quite a bit of time and weighted Arianna's limbs and even more time to glue her eyes in. Oh my that was a real challenge for some reason. After ruining a set of eyes, I finally got it all done! Thank goodness I happened to have another set of those eyes waiting for an upcoming custom Arianna. I have plenty of time to order another set.

My plan while Arianna's glues dried was to root on a doll I have been working on for 4 months for a dear friend of mine. She will have to wait. Instead, I combed out mohair from mid afternoon until midnight last night! I did get one batch of mohair colored. Let's hope the color is correct for this order.

Today I will wash that colored hair out, comb it again and let it dry. I will also start rooting Arianna. And I get a massage later this afternoon :)

Have a good day...I know I will!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let's talk paint!

When I first began painting reborn dolls in 2005, oil and acrylic paints were commonly used. I used an oil paint brand called Scuola which I was very happy with.

Most acrylic painters at that time used the acrylic paints purchased at places like Walmart that really are not designed for vinyl dolls. I never used these.

Oil paints were great but they took quite a while to dry to the touch~sometimes several weeks.

Then along came Genesis Heat Set oil paints. I drug my feet with these for a time but finally ordered several colors. There was a learning curve involved after switching from oil paints to heat set paints but soon, I became skilled with the Genesis line. They cured much faster than oils as you set them in the oven.

But then there became concerns of heating the vinyl part in the oven. Concerns of the artist's health and the health of the vinyl parts over time after being continually heated in the oven.

Companies started experimenting with air dry options for us and Doll Dreams actually found an acrylic paint that was created just for vinyl dolls and named them the LDC paints (Little Dreams Collection). These paints were used on childrens play dolls for many years before becoming available to the reborn artist. The colors available in the beginning were lacking to say the least but now there are many colors available and when one combines colors, many more colors can be made.

I drug my feet on switching to these too! But finally I was asked to try them by the Doll Dreams company and I am so glad that I did! Since then, I have gone though all the learning pains of switching to a new paint and have mastered the application of the paints. They are air dry paints and they take some time to cure but are much faster to dry to the touch than the old oil paints.

There are a lot of artists out there making the switch to the LDC paints and they are going through the same learning pains that I did. I've got a few things to say to help with these pains.

The LDC paints dry to the touch within minutes and fully cure in about a month. Now wait just a moment...don't get your panties in a knot. Yes, I said a month but hear me out. It is perfectly fine to root your baby after you allow it to cure for about 24 hours (I still recommend that you cover the face of ALL dolls no matter what they are painted with as shown in an earlier post on my blog~OCT 2009 I think is where that post is) and you can even get that hair wet~even washing it when you are finished rooting. But don't give the baby the wet Q-tip test! Patience is needed with these paints. The paints will gradually cure into the vinyl, becoming a part of the vinyl and this process can take about a month. Your collectors can still dress the doll, spritz the hair and comb it without any problems to the paint. Be we don't want people trying to get the paint off as it's possible to do before they are fully cured. As I said earlier, they are dry to the touch within minutes and the doll can be handled.

Many wonder about fading. These paints will only fade within the moments of drying to the touch and that means that the mixture of the paints is not right. There is too much water that diluted down the pigments if this occurs. These paints do not fade over time, nor do they turn orange over time. I have seen many of my LDC painted dolls in the "flesh" even 18 months after I created them and they are just as gorgeous as they were when they went home to my collectors.

Everyone goes through the doubting stage when trying a new paint but I encourage all of you who are trying the LDC paints to hang in there, refuse the desire to try to get the paint off within the first month and learn through the growing pains. (if you can root and change your doll without any paint loss, I can assure you that your mixture is correct and that your doll will fully cure after you send it home to it's new mommy. You really do not even have to worry about this but you can send a little care list with the baby to advise your collector to not give the baby a bath for the first month).

That's my view on paints!

Have a wonderful day~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arianna progress~Paint is done!

As promised, here are the pictures of Arianna's last two days of painting progress!

To tally it all up, I have 7 days of painting work on this lovely girl for an approximate total of 30 hours work.

The picture above and below this text are of her last layer of blush, the blue undertones, veins and some added detail work.

Now she is fully colored, complete with painted hair and brows. (I need to refine her R brow some as I see a discrepancy) Before I painted her hair, I used my LDC cream yellow to soften her tone a bit, bring out the blues in her and add more visual texture. Click on the pictures to see them in full size so you can see the difference in the two days.

She's ready for rooted hair!

And all dressed up to say "hi" to Mommy~

She's not weighted yet, or glossed, nor are her eyes glued in. I simply can't wait to put the vinyl onto the body and try on the lovely outfit selected just to her and send some shots to her "mommy". I love this part!

To tally it all up, I have 7 days of painting work on this lovely girl for an approximate total of 33 hours work. (I usually do not paint for more than 5-6 hours a day because after that my eyes are so buggy from the up close work and attention to detail that I can't see and well, my bottom really needs to get out of that chair! LOL)


I am headed to Idaho today and won't have internet access much. You all have a lovely end of the week and weekend. I'll be with you again on Sunday~ (((((HUGS)))))

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Stuff Prototype #1 on eBay

Prototype #1 of Sweet Stuff by Marita Winters is back on eBay. Her first round of pictures were TERRIBLE so it's understandable that she did not find a home!

I re-took her pictures and listed her back up.

Take a peek if you care too and thanks!

~Sweet Stuff Auction~

~Nursery Notes~

Arianna is coming along nicely. I will be finishing her paint today~Yippeee! I will post the last 2 days progress on the blog tomorrow. I love keeping you in suspense!

I'll be out of town Thursday-late Saturday with limited internet access (basically email access on my phone~ewe) so NO Friday Funnies this week :(

I'll be back on the blog Sunday morning.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some blush on Arianna~

I was able to get two of the layers of blushing done on Arianna yesterday so I will do the third today. I usually use three colors of blush applying with different sponges and mop brushes.

This third blush will soften her over all yet allow her first two layers to give depth and dimension.

Once the blushes are finished and have set for a time to dry up a bit, I will apply blue for the undertones and more depth. Then I will begin the tedious work of veining and added details.

If I get all of that done today, I will be thrilled!

She has eyes for her Momma only!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Custom Arianna #3 progress~Caution, eyeless sculpt!

I am currently working on my third Arianna. She is a custom order and her "mommy" desires that she be as similar to the first Arianna I reborn.

If you are squeemish~don't look!

The Arianna on the left has had nothing done to her. She is for an upcoming custom order. I will use her for comparison during the rebirth of the Arianna on the right.

The progress Arianna has had a Genesis Matte Varnish applied, her base coats applied, her lips colored, her nails worked on and I have added color to the ends of her fingers and toes.

Pretty, pretty lips!

Arianna's eyes came in the mail but they won't be set until much later. In fact, after each photo update, I will remove her eyes.

In the next two pictures, she has had her creases and folds shaded along with her brow bone shaded, her nails have been finished except for glossing which comes much later and I have added more color to the ends of the fingers and toes.

Today I will start her tri-later blushing. I may not get done with all the blushing today but she will look very different by tonight :)

Have a happy day and God Bless our Presidents!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chance's new playpen, Mindy's new crib

These are some of my new treasures from IDEX! I purchased both from Sharon Robinson...

First is a wooden Strombecker playpen that I thought would be wonderful for Chance. I had to make a bottom for it. Sharon found this treasure at an antique store over the summer/fall. I cut a piece of cardboard for it. It's just right for Chance.

Sharon's husband made this really awesome crib!

It's perfect for my spoiled little Mindy!

I already had purchased a changing table with drawers (far left) so the addition of the crib with the drawers was a great choice. On the far right of the crib are shelves~just right for storing little bottles and toys.

Mindy looks quite content in her new bed.'s so much fun to get new little treasures. But I think I need a new BIG house! LOL

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Hubby and I celebrated over the last three days and today it's back to work.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Funnies!!! "Go away titty-tat!"

Prelude: That cat in the picture story is named Leo. Leo had a new addition to the family~a brand new baby. I went to visit the family of the new baby. Leo did not like the baby and was starving for attention. When I retired to my room for the night, Leo would not leave me alone. He was on my computer and in my face~he was so starved for human interaction but he was driving me nuts! I had my little OOAK, Mindy, with me as I was going to take her to visit my mother who loves mice...and Mindy was dressed in a little mouse costume. It was the perfect setting for a little story....

Well hello there Big Cat!

Wow...that's a big cat...and he looks like he would be fun to use a playground and to cuddle with!

Ahhh....comfy and cozy!

but...I'm slipping!

And he is NOT helping! Oh....I know....he is as slide! Weeeee......

Thank you Leo for the sliding! That was fun! What do you have planned next??

Did you say you want to cuddle???? I wuv to cuddle!

Leo says, "Meow...I think I have a flea!"

Whoever said that cats and mice can't get along??

Huh....why did Leo stand up???

Oh Hi Leo! Do you want to tell me a secret??



THAT was NOT nice! Why don't you Go Away Titty Tat! I don't wike you any more!

And...he did! I had no more problems from the cat that night! Hehehehehehehe
Whoever knew a 6 1/2" clay "mouse" could have such power over a 15 pound cat!

Have a terrific Friday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Doll Show schedule decisions made

After much consideration this week, I have decided which shows in 2010 that I will attend.

First on the agenda is the show in Boise Idaho on March 20. This is a one day show. I will be presenting an hour long seminar on weighting the reborn doll from 1-2 pm. I will actually assemble a doll and will also give handouts to each attendee with a guide of where to purchase weighting items and doll bodies.

I will not be going to the Asheville NC show in August as my family is participating in the Hood to Coast Event and I am volunteering there. I won't be running any of that 197 mile race~ewe! LOL

September will find me at two shows...

The Portland Oregon show on September 4th where I may also present the "Weighting the reborn doll" seminar.

September 28th-October 5th I will be in Winston Salem North Carolina for the Doll and Teddy Bear Expo. I am working with the coordinators now to set up a two-day LDC painting class to be held on September 29 and 30th. I'm really excited about EXPO and teaching a TWO day class :)

Hey! Guess what? Tomorrow brings back "Friday Funnies"!! Tune in for "Go away TAT!" a hilarious little story about Mindy the Mouse and a real cat.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's my five year anniversary!

A few days ago it dawned on me that TNGUN is now 5 years old! I am working into my 6th year! Wow! It's gone fast yet as I look back to the "old days gone by" it does seem like I've been at this for a while. It's really awesome to reminisce over time.

The very first reborn doll that I made was a 16" Berenguer LaBaby that I named Abby. She took all of February and March of 2005 to create. I stripped her oil paints three times before I was happy. She really was much better in tone than the picture shows...I've come a long way not only in my reborn techniques but in my photography skills as well! LOL

I loved Abby but since I was into this new art as a business and career, I put her up for adoption on eBay. She sold to a lovely lady in Canada for $87.50! I was very excited and that spurred me onto my next baby. (Ewe...I remember those days of knowing NOTHING about the computer, photo resizing and eBay listings. I spent many nights crying trying to list this baby and dealing with the pictures. I finally sent the pictures to my friend in the Philippines who resized them for me and taught me SO much about all those things I was so lacking of. Dan~I will forever be grateful!)

Here's a picture of Sweet Abby:

And here is my most recent creation, Wee Yawns Prototype, "born" on January 22, 2010:

Yep..I've come a long way baby!

I look forward to the next five years!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prototype Smorgasbord!

Woweeeee! They have picked ME to do these outstanding prototypes in 2010!
They are not necessarily listed in any particular order of expected delivery but this is my current prototype line up:

Angelica~Reva Schick/Doll Dreams

Chicklet~Marita Winters:

Jayden~Natalie Scholl:

Capri~Jorja Pigott:

Peyton~Jorja Pigott:

Kristaleta Toddler~Laura Tuzio Ross:

Look at her chubby legs!!!

As with any artist, things can change rapidly on how he or she does things. With the line up of custom orders, the prototypes and the live dolls shows for 2010, the only babies that will be available from me on eBay will be the prototypes. Please email me at if you would like to be on the reborn notification mailing list.

Yesterday was a nutso type of day but I got everything done that I had planned. I worked on Arianna which calmed everything down~ahhhh.....I love reborning! :)