Sunday, January 30, 2011


Dolls Dolls Dolls!
I only have a "few" pictures of the dolls of IDEX. It is just too time consuming and overwhelming will just have to attend and see for yourself! LOL No really, do enjoy these pictures and be sure to check my other blog posts below this one. I posted three blogs in one sitting just to catch up.

These are the three Angela Harris "Jenna" prototypes. These are the ONLY three of these kits that are going to be produced. (All of you who have placed a deposit on her~don't worry. Angela said that she will be refunding those deposits as soon as she gets home.)
My Josiah is still available for adoption. The sweet AA girl created by Lisa Lovern has been adopted and Stacey Haskin's little girl is still looking for a mommy. It is a rare occasion to have all of the prototypes of a kit in one location:

A reborn "Gabriella" in person:

And Angelica...I love this one. She was the prototype on the IDEX floor last year when the kit was released:

I got carried away with pictures of the Angela Harris silicones.
I really wanted to bring this baby "Elija" silicone home:

Angela's sweet set of twins:

I don't remember what this ones name is but so far, only one has been made and one of my girlfriends adopted her:

Annabell is just SO cute!

Another Elija and Annabell:


Dawn Donofrio BJDs. Dawn won TWO DOTY awards!

I took several of Val's Rag Patch dolls for my girlfriend in Arizona to see:

They are truly incredible in design!

THIS little cutie is Sweet and Sassy by Dee Stansty. She is a little toddler...

and although the lighting is bad, look at that face!
I am THRILLED to announce that I will be doing a prototype of this darling girl if all goes well in kit production:

Oh look...another Angela Harris Annabell with ears on:

I just could not wait until this baby arrived on the show floor. This is Denise Farmer's reborn of Jayden. She was beautiful!

Laura Tuzio Ross is working on this toothy, smiling toddler, Suzon Louise:

Her eyes smile as much as her mouth full of teeth!
And I am smiling as I will be doing one of her prototypes :)

I am signed on to do two other prototypes of sculpts not ready for release to the public yet. I will announce those at a later date.

It was fun sharing some of the dolls of IDEX with you. Again, there are so very simply cannot imagine it if you have not been to an IDEX show.


The artists of IDEX

Hugo (and my friend Sally) and Tinekke (and my friend Becky) of HUTI babies. We just adore these two! Hugo is a riot and Tinekke is as sweet as can be and is greatly improving on her English.

Lisa Lovern and her GORGEOUS Zinny reborn! I so wanted this baby!! Lisa did a beautiful job on him.

Val from Val's Rag Patch. Her BJD outfits and dolls are beyond stunning!

Stacey Haskins and her new "Annabell" silicone by Angela Harris:

Misty Medina and her extra sweet girls at the Doll Fan baby shower:

Oh look! It's me! LOL

Dawn Donofrio, Dimples and one of the awesome security guards of IDEX:
(Dawn won some DOTY awards for her BJD's~Congratulations Dawn!!!)

Hey wait! These two are not artists! But then again, maybe they are! I mean, look at Shaggy! And they played the part so well that one can believe they are the real Scooby and Shaggy. They were in the loby of the hotel.

Adrie Stoete Schuiteman and I. Sorry I look so googly but I just LOVE Adrie to bits!

Bonnie Brown and her gorgeous Asian OOAK. WOW! That baby is spectacular!

Angela Harris her prototype of Jenna that I reborned into Josiah:
I had my girlfriend take a picture of me with Helen Kish today but something went wrong and the photo was not on the camera when I downloaded. However, we had a lovely chat with Helen :)
It is simply thrilling to meet with the artists from all over the world and form long lasting friendships with them. We love the dolls of IDEX but without the artists of IDEX to love, there would be no dolls TO love. IDEX is just so exciting!

The personal babies of IDEX

Well I tell you, we have had a complete blast with our personal babies; the ones we brought along and the ones we purchased as well.

Everyone has LOVED Dimples and commented on just how real she looks. Here I am letting the tired little girl rest on my shoulder as we walked around the show floor:

And the beautiful things about dolls is that when "Mommy" has to use the restroom, you just put the "baby" in a bag and hang her on the stall hook:

Or you hang him by the loop of his jeans if you don't have a bag and are babysitting for your girl friend! LOL

My new little Tommy on the right is not tooo sure about Alice looking him over. This is what goes on when the "mommies" are busy at the Doll Fan baby shower!

And Sally's new baby girl was just laying on the floor looking just precious in her pretty flower hair clips:

One of our other friends sat her darling One of a Kind silicone by Laura Tuzio Ross in a chair and I could not help but take a picture of her. I LOVE this baby!

OH MY GOSH! There is a MOUSE in the windowsill of my hotel room! LOL...

And it started running around cuddling with the babies! My girlfriends new all-silicone Melissa McCrory baby was shocked by her presence!

And my new Melissa McCrory silicone was a bit surprised too!

Tommy was just about in tears until I told him it was okay. The little mouse was made by his creator (Melissa) and that I bought him for my mother for her upcoming birthday. She is going to love this little silicone gem!

One of my girlfriends picked up this little darling reborn at IDEX. She is the Parker kit by Melissa Palesse and SO cute:

Molly was tending to Dimples after the busy IDEX Saturday. Molly is such a good big sister!

She put Dimples fast asleep....

Which is where I should be!

Friday, January 28, 2011

First photo's of Orlando/IDEX!

Hello from Sunny Orlando! YES! We have had sunshine and warmth since that tropical storm! It can be a bit windy at times but none-the-less, if at anytime I can go outside barefoot in January, I am happy!

The first two days here found us enjoying the dolls that we brought with us. Here is one of my TNGUN reborns, Stig (previously Dalton) owned by one of my room mates and my personal reborn that I adopted from Little Barn Babies, Molly, posing for us in their sun-ready attire:

My TNGUN reborn, Dimples and Molly outside by the pool:

Molly makes a gorgeous Florida postcard!

And Dimples just sleeps!

Thursday night found us in the presence of friends:
From left to right are:
Jayne (Tinkerbell Creations from the UK), Cassie Peek (Baby Dust Nursery in the UK), Emma Cousins (Emma's Rose Artistry in the UK) , Rachel Maynard (Precious Little Babies in the UK), Stacey Haskins (Haskins Heavenly Nursery in the US), myself (They Never Grow Up Nursery in the US), Lisa Lovern (I have had a major brain bubble on Lisa's Nursery name! but she is here in the US~SORRY LISA!!!) and Becky Nelson (collector from Oregon and my wonderful friend).

We had attended the IDEX 20 year reception sponsored by Ashton Drake. I realized that I have now been to the 15th AND 20th anniversary celebrations of IDEX!

Myself, Cassie Peek and Rachel Maynard on the IDEX show floor. Gosh I just love these gals from the UK! They were so kind to me...Rachel brought some of her money to show me and actually gave me one of each of the coins from her country! I am simply thrilled! I look forward to seeing these two in the future.

I apologize for not taking very many pictures of the dolls on the show room floor. I just get so sidetracked and usually end up just visiting all the artists who have become such good friends. But here are a few that I took:

Haskins Heavenly Babies:(Reborns)

These little gals are from Ashton Drake. They are just adorable in person and I might just have to get the entire collection! I didn't have my camera on the proper setting so many of my pictures did not turn out but the full series of the little cowboy dolls are just so cute! I think there are 6 of them.

Rosie's Baby Patch: (Reborns)

These next two dolls were absolutely gorgeous! They were created by Brazilian artist Luciana Miglioranzi of Bubbles n' Babies:

Ashton Drake has a new line of stuffed animals coming out soon. Oh my they are soft and have the most delightful faces! I might have to buy some of these for my website store when I get it up and running:

LOOK at that face!

This charming doll was created by Sarah Niemela:

I thought this display was just so cute:
My room mate, Sally, took pictures of two tables of dolls for your enjoyment. They are posted on Doll Fan.

Huti Babies!

Jen Printy Dolls

Rachel Maynard brought along her reborn of Enny, now Jacob. Oh my goodness he is beautiful!

This gorgeous baby boy is on eBay right now!

(Sorry for the lighting...the IDEX show floor lighting is terrible but this baby is truly real looking and spectacular!)

Imagine my delight at the privilege to hold a Precious Little Baby reborn!

LOOK at this darling little Melissa Mcrory hollow cast silicone baby boy! His name is Tommy:

And he is MINE! You really did not think I would not adopt anyone at this show now did you??? (Okay, I was trying hard not to but he pulled my heart strings!)

And Molly says that we should head to bed soon.....

Goodnight! Tomorrow is day 2 of IDEX.........
oh and PS...I've signed on to do two more prototypes. More info on those later!