Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

But I DO know when I'll be back again!

You all have a great week while I am gone. Depending on internet connection and time, I'll try to pop in here to tell you how things are coming along with my and Dianna's Huggy Bear kits and the filming of it all.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo collage from the Doll Museum field trip

Hmmm...that is a bit small. I hope that clicking on it will make it bigger!

Anyway, as you can see, the group had a really great time during the whole field trip day!


All reborning here at the nursery is put on hold as I pack up the supplies and head to the airport tomorrow to fly out to Dianna Effner's on Tuesday! I really can't believe that the time has come as we have both waited so long for this to happen.

I am not sure how much internet service I will have or how much time. Don't loose faith that I am giving up on the blog~I am not. I just may not be able to get to it until I return on November 9th.

Melody found a mommy in Australia last night. I know she is going to love her to bits!

Debra has been adopted as well. There are still 4 beautiful babies left.

Take care!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Huge "To Do" marked off the list!

As we enter the holiday season (yes really...already!) it is important that if an artist has dolls ready for adoption/sale that she get them posted and available to the collectors.

Most years, I have not had any dolls available during the holidays, but with the slowing economy, this year, I have six babies available so I felt it very important to get them listed on my website.

I've been working on pictures for the last week or so and finally, after working on my website for most of the day yesterday, I have them all placed!


I think the page looks pretty good for an amateur website master :)

I really am much so that I want to dance and skip!

Today will find me doing some odd jobs as I prepare for my upcoming trip to Dianna Effners studio on Tuesday. I will have to leave on Monday for the city close to the airport since my flight is very early on Tuesday.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wow, these are gorgeous, realistic dolls!

I love finding beautiful babies on eBay.

There are two up right now that are so real looking!

The first is this Elisa Marx "Yelina" reborned by Linda Moore of Dolls2Babies:


And the second is a new kit sculpted by Donna Rupert and produced by Bountiful Babies.
This one was reborn by Melissa George of Bundles of Loveliness.


And then this gorgeous ethnic baby sold right away on a Buy It Now sale. He was reborned by the very talented Brooke Nicole's sister, Lexus Ivy~wow...gorgeous!


That was a fabulous price for that baby! Where IS that money tree when I need it?

Just wanted to share some babies that caught my eye this week :)

Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Melody Prototype on ebay!

And is she ever SWEET!

Now, before I give the auction link, I KNOW that the gloss in her eyes is not dry and I have a bit more work to do on the eyes to get them perfect but I simply had no choice but to get her pictures done. I do note this in the auction.

~Melody's Auction Link~

Now I am off to the nursery to fix those eyes :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Melody Prototype is done!

Assembly, pictures and auction going up today~Lord willing!

(Sorry, it was late last night and I didn't take any pictures yet)

Have a stellar day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm back, rested and ready to work! Show pics!

Oh I had SO much fun!

Here is what typically happens when me and my room mate friends get to our hotel rooms when we take a trip together.....we bust out the baby dolls and PLAY!

This time, my close friend Sally was my room mate. She is fussing with her new baby here.

And then Miss Susan (Sweet and Sassy prototype) tried on her new hat and booties...she was DELIGHTED with the Jackalope booties!

Later in the evening, there was a dolly clothing swap in the room of other gals and Susan just had a grand ole time!

Too cute!

This is Sally's new Michelle Fagan baby~SO ADORABLE!

On the way to the Puyallup Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear show! The theme was "wear pink" in honor of our "sisters" who have battled breast cancer. Sally's outfit was wonderful!! She knows how to think PINK!

Me...not so pink! Sally added to my outfit by loaning me the pink scarf!

On Saturday of the show, they were running a hat contest. Sally's hat was just so charming!

AND she added pink to it!

Look at this amazing hat!

This little girl even got into the spirit of it:

The show was very fun to browse. Besides the show are gatherings of ladies who know each other through clubs and forums such as Doll Fan. Shows are great places to meet and deliver newly adopted dolls. At this show, 2 ladies had the privileged of "box openings".

Here is Monique opening her new baby:

First gazes into baby's face:

A beautiful ethnic Buggy Brown and one happy "mom".

Next it was Susan's turn:

This is her first silicone baby.

Gorgeous Sariah by Andrea Arcello!
And this new friend of ours, Danielle, had never really liked dolls. She just came along to spend time with her mom, but she has became twitterpated with BJD's at this show! This is her first BJD that she purchased at this show. (In our room the night before, she purchased another on eBay! LOL She is really in love!)

Doll Fan members just hanging out in the snack shack on the show room floor:
L-R: Heather, Erin and a REAL baby, Sally and Jess.

The show was closing and I found it so funny to watch groups of ladies rush to booths for last considerations/purchases.

The lady in read adopted a sweet Ariella from Stephanie (center).

On the Monday after the doll show, there was an organized field trip to those doll show attendees who desired to go. Here is the group at the Rosalie Whyel Doll Art Museum. I am third from the right in the back.
This museum is amazing! Not only is the building gorgeous, the collection is vast and pristine. We were honored to meet Rosalie and share some moments with her. She told us that even though the museum is full, this is only ONE FIFTH of her collection (the whole collection in the museum belongs to her).
We were only able to take this one photo as photo's are not allowed in the Galleries. The museum is due to close unless things turn around and more visitors come so if you are in the Bellevue, Washington area, you simply MUST go! It's delightful!

With the show and field trip events over, Sally, whom I spent the week with, took me to the Swedish store, IKEA. Oh what fun! We took dolls and spent some wonderful moments with customers. One gal even cried at how realistic the dolls are and said she would have one SOON!
Sammie (Dimples) took a little nap in the bin of puppy dogs....Zzzzzzzzz

I have more pictures of the visit to IKEA but don't have them downloaded off my phone yet.

Back at Sally's condo, we dressed up our Dimples girls:

I love going to visit the doll shows and customers turned friends. I get to spend time with dolls I've made and adopted out. Nina (below) had a joint come apart in her arm so I met with her "mommy" and did a little surgery on her. I so love this baby!

Alright....back to work! I leave in another 8 days to visit Dianna Effner and teach her to reborn. I think she might teach me more than I teach her and I can't wait!

Today I will FINALLY finish Sweet Melody prototype for Laura Tuzio Ross. Maybe I'll give a peek tomorrow before I set up her auction. We will see. Today marks the new fall and winter schedule at my husbands work. I work when he does (plus extra hours in the night) so we are going back to five 8 hour shifts a week instead of four 10's.

Hugs to you all!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Having a great time~my new silicone baby!

Here she is! Please meet Sophia Amelia Faber!

She is a solid silicone doll created by the very talented Sandy Faber.

I sure do adore her!
I found a stuffed rattle for her at the show yesterday and she was very upset as Dimples tried to take it from her~LOL

It was a wonderful weekend!! It was so nice to just take the time off and enjoy the doll show. There was a fair sized group of ladies from Doll Fan who met at this show and enjoyed a lot of fun times together. Good friends are met through forums and at activities and I am so happy for that!

What will this week bring??? :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle!

I am currently sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Seattle to spend a week of vacation and dolly bliss!

Even though the nights might be long as we girls talk and talk and talk, I will return to the nursery refreshed and ready to finish the projects that have been so difficult for me lately.

Rests and breaks are a must I am finding out!

I did not get the "Kitten" head fact, I spent 9 hours rooting her on Tuesday only to spend 1/2 hour on Wednesday morning pulling it all out! I just was not happy with it.

So I picked up the Laura Tuzio Ross prototype "Melody" to attempt to finish her hair. I only had the top to finish but even after 7 hours, I am still not done with her. She will be first on the list when I return home as I've done Laura such a disservice showing her to the world.

"See" you when I get back!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I smell a SKUNK! Cindy Kohlsheen returned??

One of the ladies on Doll Fan found this seller in eBay:


This seller is selling RDK kits and kits from Cindy's exclusive club (I can't recall the name of that club at the moment)~and that is ALL that she has for sale. RDK and the club kits exclusively.

It sure does smell like a stinky skunk to me. I knew Cindy K would turn up again eventually. She calls herself Cheryl Williams in this identity. Her identity "Emma Castle" on facebook has had no activity since February.

Here is the POST ON DOLL FAN regarding this new seller.

Just had to pop in here to blow the horn. Hehehehehehe

Oh and speaking of blowing the horn, Jenny Gannon is now Jenny Singleton on Facebook. Some people never give up. ~sigh~

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Avoiding the blog...and other things!

Once again I wonder where the "slow down" of September and October went/is??

However, I did just enjoy 5 days off (sort of~I did root on Melody through Friday night). On Saturday, we traveled out of town for my husbands very first marathon run. Here he is coming across the finish line. I am amazed that after 26.2 miles, he remembered to stop his personal GPS that keeps track of his time, miles and pace. WOW!

He placed 5th in his men's age group with a 4 hour, 37 minute 15 second finish. I am so proud of him!

After a lovely meal we checked into the Anniversary Inn in Boise, Idaho for a stately stay in the Marble Mansion room. Oh my...that room was as big as the main part of my house! I woke up to my 47th birthday feeling like a queen!

Arriving home late last night after shopping our way home, I am now ready for a major rooting marathon. I have two days to root big ole "Kitten" head and another half a day to get my laundry done, organize my husband and son, pack my bags and head to Seattle Washington to spend a week of dolly bliss! You may not hear from me until I get back after October 21st.

Hugs to all!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Colliii award nominee's are IN!

The 2011 Colliii Award Nominee's are in!

Well, some of them anyway. The reborn category and the OOAK category are now posted online.


CONGRATULATIONS to all the nominees! I wish you the best of luck through the jury voting!

Many of these talented ladies I know personally so I'm really excited for them!

XXOO times 15!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Waiting for Colliii nominations

Are the rest of you as excited as I am for the revelation of the 2011 Colliii nominations?

They will be posted HERE sometime in the next couple of days.

Another thing I am excited about is the 2012 IDEX show January 26-29, 2012.

IDEX will be allowing cash and carry sales from the show room floor for the first time in IDEX history! Being a trade show, this was never allowed before and buyers had to either order their dolls or pay for and pick them up on the final day of the 3 day show. I better start saving my pennies!

Once again, there will be a Tiny Treasures doll contest which is always fun.

AND....IDEX is at SeaWorld this year!

I can hardly wait. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beyond artist block

Beyond artist block is when an artist isn't out of ideas, she is just too tired to take action on ideas.
That is where I find myself the last 20 hours...I'm just flat tired. I WANT to work on my babies (and I am) but my hands just keep stopping.

Rooting on Prototype Melody is going very slow. Come to find out that Alpaca hair is tedious to root. I think I will like the outcome, I just want the outcome to have happened yesterday!

I started paint on a custom toddler. This is the toddler that I will be trading for a new baby for me. My new baby is a Sophie Faber solid silicone Asian girl. I can't wait to cuddle that little chubby girl again. I've "met" her already~years ago in fact and have never got her out of my mind.

The painting is going well.

Several babies still have not had pictures edited and placed on my website. Hmm...someday I might get that done~LOL

I'm anxious for the Puyallup Doll and Teddy Bear show coming up Oct 15-16. I will spend a week with one of my best friends and enjoy spending time with many of my doll artist friends and new friends that I will meet. Are we there yet???

Monday, October 3, 2011

Other's dolls from the Hello Dollie show

There was one other table of reborns at the show.
All were created by Gina of Nonie's Angel's Nursery and the pictures don't do them justice. She had a gorgeous ethnic baby there that the pic was so bad, I can't bring myself to share it.
These first three pictures are of Gina's babies. She sold several babies and took a few custom orders.

The rest of these dolls are dolls or bears that I would have loved to have brought home! Some I could have bought but had NO room for.

This little Sheebee was so charming!

This little antique baby stole my heart! If I would have had the money, she would have come home with me!


This large porcelain doll was only $75. If only I had the room as I loved her!

These next three were cute little girls by Deb's Darlin's. They are porcelain.

Oh I LOVE this one:

Next are two OOAK sculpts~oh my gosh! They are so full of character and amazing!

HE needs to be bought by the cell phone store downtown and be put on display in their western window front! He is as wonderful as they get!

Ahhh...what a fun show!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011 Hello Dollie Doll Show Caldwell, Idaho

My booth. I was so pleased with it!

Noah Schick:

Tatiana Schick:


Haku Ibu:

Nicky Jack:

Other show tables:

The show was quite small this year and the attendance even smaller. The Hello Dollie Doll Club did an amazing job organizing this show with drawings happening all day and a full baked potato bar~YUM!

At the end of the day two amazing raffles were drawn for. One was for a refurbished Patty Play Pal and the other was for an antique doll and gorgeous wicker carriage.

All of the attendees and vendors had a great day in spite of the small crowd.

None of my babies were adopted which means for the first time in a very long time, I'll have babies available for Christmas!

Tomorrow I will share some reborns from the other table of reborns and also some dolls that I would have loved to have brought home!