Saturday, October 31, 2015

It will be a quiet week on the blog

I have word that Jazz will be shipping out possibly on Tuesday.  That means he could be here by the end of the week.

I MUST finish this little red-headed wonder, Chanel.

So, unless anything really BIG comes up, I won't be posting on the blog this next week.

Every moment is going to count on finishing Chanel.

Have a GREAT week as we enter NOVEMBER!!!

(Just how did that happen???)


Thursday, October 29, 2015


I had a moment to change and photograph wee little Kimiko.
(Kimiko is in my personal collection and is not for sale)


I love my new little man!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Meet "Oliver", a charming silicone boy!

When I am working on vinyl dolls, I only work on one at a time because that paint dries quickly enough for me to continue on that one doll.  

But with silicone, it takes 2 hours between layers and techniques so it is good time management to work on 2 newborn size dolls and a couple of smaller, micro-preemie sized dolls.  

I had 5 doll on the table when I was working on Chanel:
Chanel, who is being rooted now
Oliver, who will wait around a while for his hair
and three full body micro-preemies who are at the blushing stage and who will be finished painted when I work on Jazz.  

I couldn't resist stuffing Oliver's parts in a stuffing filled onsie, popping in some eyes that won't be his and snapping a few pictures!
He just makes me smile!!!

Oliver is roughly 19 inches long.  
He was sculpted and poured by Kristina Reid in Canada.  
Kristina's babies have so much character!
Meet Oliver!

I hope to have Oliver available for sale in time for Christmas delivery.
I must finish Chanel first and Jazz is due by the end of next week so I need to start on him then.


Monday, October 26, 2015

New babies in my collection!

Since I am spending my days rooting silicone Chanel, I thought I'd share a few new faces in my collection.

These are all One-of-a-kind clay babies...OOAKs.

The first two are from around 2002-2003 and are made by Lilianne Breedveld.
I LOVE Lilianne's babies and am so honored to have these two join my collection!
They are my first LB babies  :)

(I took these pictures at night with my cell phone as I really didn't have time to "play" and my big camera would have required me to set up my lights since it was dark.)

The one on the left I call Lahne.  None of the prior owners of this sweet toothie baby can remember her name, nor can Lilianne.

The one on the right is Dahne...her name was remembered so I named the other one a name to match as a twin, even though she is a bit smaller than Dahne.  
These babies wear Gymboree size 0-3 month and 3 month clothes!  They are nice sized babies!

Lilianne rooted their hair into the clay before she baked it!  That is very cool!



Aren't they just as sweet as can be???

The other little mini OOAK is brand new and I am his first owner.  
Yulia Shaver put up a post on Facebook with this little guys head and stated that she really didn't like him and was considering throwing him in the bin unless someone liked him and put an offer in on him.

Oh goodness...he grabbed my heart!
I flew off an offer and she accepted it!  She made limbs for him that day as well as his darling little hat (she already had the onsie made...she makes the neatest clothes for her OOAKs!!!) and had him in the mail to me the next day~complete with a name and a COA!
He is 8 inches FAVORITE mini OOAK size.  

Please meet Kimiko!

Oh and while I'm sharing, I'll share a little "dresser" I bought at a second hand store.
It's actually a jewelry box shaped like a dresser and the PERFECT color to go with my mini OOAKs!
Posing next to it is Beatrice, a Bonnie Chyle mini OOAK that I reborned a couple of years ago.  (I did not know what her given name was when I bought her second hand so I named her.)  I had just changed her into a new outfit and given her a dolly that arrived in the mail.

I so need moments like these to "play" in my day.

Those days are coming as the Dolly House work nears an end...


Thursday, October 22, 2015

I have been so anxious to tell you....JAZZ PROTOTYPE!


I have kept this little secret under my hat for over a month now....

Lilianne Breedveld has asked ME to do her Jazz prototype!

This is the first one from the mold in silicone, poured my Claire Taylor, my favorite silicone pourer.  

As you see, he is a full body silicone BOY with a jointed head!

I find this sculpt to be absolutely perfect in every way....
But I have opted to make him even better by spending an additional $500 on this sculpt to have full armatures in his arms....from his wrists all the way up to his shoulders!

Oh think of the posing possibilities! 

Now, I don't have Jazz yet but I expect him in the next 2 weeks.  

Isn't he just amazing???

Monday, October 19, 2015

Ahhhh Fall and a new schedule

I love the fall season.  

I love slowing down a little bit.  

I love the fall smells, especially after a fall rain.

I love pleasant evenings and cool mornings.

I love the harvests.

I love the squashes and pumpkins.

I love the silence.

With each fall comes a new schedule for our family.

My husband goes back on five 8 hour days a weeks, Sunday through Thursday...
and so do it.  
We will miss our four 10 hour days because they give us a 3 day weekend but slowing down, having longer relaxing evenings is....good.  

Welcome fall!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Silicone Chanel painted, ready for matte!

Just when you thought I wasn't working at all....

Darling little Chanel by Joanna Kazmierczak is (almost) ready for matte!

After I sent these pictures to her "mommy" she requested more brows to the inside of her browline.  
I'll make those changes today and get this little darling matted and ready for her bright carrot hair!

I can see that I do need to bring the right brow in!

Wait, what??  Am I saying that this is a custom order?
"But you don't do custom orders, Debbie."
You are correct, I don't except for one time a year after my New Years Day drawing!
Those who purchased from me the previous year get put into the drawing and the winner receives $600 off a custom order!

This years winner was Sally Snyder and this is her little sweetie!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lights and finished painted details in the Dolly House

Where's Debbie been?!?!?!

I have been so very busy that I am not even sure that I know!

We had grandbabies and adult kids visiting for the last 5 days.  I needed to get the Dolly House to a state where one of the families could stay in there as my parents-in-laws were also here staying in the guest room.

So before the baby kisses and cuddles I had a lot of work to do!

This is the "big loft".  This space may display the small cribs and small dolls I have and also be a sleep-over place for the older grandchild.
It is complete with it's own light and switch as well as 2 outlets.

I finished the trim that blends the ceiling below that loft and the beam.  
I am quite please with the results! 

And we put in the ceiling fan which looks beautiful with the stained beams!

The above picture did not yet have the wall sconces up...
here they are!
The walls are NOT that purple.  The true color shows in the other pictures.

Close up of the sconces:

 Here is how they look at a distance showing the true color of the walls.  As you can see, this space was ready for visitors with babies!

Here is the light under the loft.  It was the last light to go up. 
I added a pull chain switch to the light so that I had the ability to shut this light off while the fan could still be running.  I hadn't thought ahead when I put this light and the fan onto the same switch!
The crib in this picture won't be staying in the Dolly House, nor will the white changing table.  
This crib will go into the guest room for when grandbabies visit and the white changing table was purchased for the studio in the main house.  Currently, I have the cherry wood changing table in the studio but it will move to the Dolly House to go with the matching cherry wood crib still in storage.
I may paint the white changing table... 

Speaking of cribs...

My birthday is coming up. One of my best friends gave me her beautiful metal crib as a gift!!!
I have loved this crib for years!
Here is a picture of the crib set up in her house before she sent it:

And here is it resting in my dining room waiting for the Dolly House to be complete:
I will keep it wrapped and protected until it is moved into the Dolly House and assembled.  

I can hardly wait!  

I have the wainscoting for the house and the chair rail arrived yesterday.  The base board molding should arrive today.

As soon as it is all painted and up, and I have enough $$, I can order carpet and an entry way floor!  

For now, I am FINALLY back to work on regular work days as of today.
It has been very difficult to "work" with all that has been going on.

Work has consisted of painting silicones to which I've had about 6-8 hours to spend on over the entire month of September!  

Progress pictures coming when I can get good enough light without moving the curing parts.

I'm happy to be back!