Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday FUNNIES! Matthew is UPSET!!

Remember Matthew's really cool, new high chair?

Well Mommy did something that made him very upset!
Join me in the story:


"Matthew, honey, what is wrong?"

"Leab me AWONE!"


"I no wike you Mommy! I no wike dis fwriwwy cobber you putted on my chair!"

"Why did you do dis to my boy-chairrr??"
"NO! Don't put deese gurly tings on my chair!!"

"Matthew Ross! Did you throw that on the floor??"


"Let mommy show you why I needed to change your chair and borrow it for a while. It will be okay, I promise.

Missy needs something nice to sit in...something be on display down at the gallery. Your chair is perfect except for the cool Harley decal on the back. It just would not do so Mommy had Auntie Susan make this pretty eyelet cover for your chair.
Missy needs your chair.
Doesn't she look pretty in it?"

"NOOOOOoooooooo Whaaahhhhhhhh"

"It's just for a little while, Honey.
In June, when the motorcycle rally is here in town~remember that, where thousands of Big Bikes come into town, RIGHT in front of the gallery??~YOU will get to sit down there in YOUR chair, charming all the hoggers. Mommy will even find you some more Harley gear to wear."

"Hers does wook pwetty sittin dare."

"Are you sure it wiwl be otay Mommy?"

"Yes Sweetheart. It will be fine. For now, Tamara really misses you in your Lil' Cowboy clothes, sitting with her on your horse. Come on, let's get you changed."

"There's my Boy! You look a lot warmer too!"

"Tamara is so happy to see you!"

"I missded Tamara tooo. Tan I hab my hat??"

"Of course you can Lil Cowboy!"

********THE END*********

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Show baby is finished! Meet Lachelle

Please welcome Lachelle to the Down East Doll Show!
This darling "Simple Treasures Series" baby will be a sweet treasure on my show table for one lucky Mommy.
Her name means "Sweetheart". I could not be any more perfect for her!
She is 15 inches long and weighs a lovely 3 lbs 7 ounces.

Her body is a "onsie" style body for full limbs and so perfect for her! She's pretty cute just hanging around naked!

I've not found the perfect outfit for her just yet but I will before the show in June.


I just have SO much to share with you but it's all crowded in my mind and I'm not able to sort through it all just yet. Tomorrow will bring a picture story and then I'll be back on Sunday with a little grand girl in tow. We will begin her one-on-one class on Sunday and will post the progress on that on Monday. Next week will be filled up with class progress. :)

Hugs for the day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a difference a hair style makes!

I spent some time yesterday taking new pictures of Missy (Tatiana by Reva Schick) and this is how her hair was styled for most of the pictures:

Then I decided to restyle it for her trip to the Art Gallery. I pulled back her bangs and oh my!
I love it like this!

She would look pretty with pierced ears, wouldn't she?

So I think I'll take some more pictures of her in her dress and sweater set this morning. This baby is really pretty but I've not taken the best of pictures of her. THAT is going to change :)

I've also had problems taking pictures of Noah John too. (Noah by Reva Schick) I had gotten a few good ones a couple of weeks ago and had more success yesterday as I changed his clothes. I like to have a lot of good quality pictures to show customers and both of these babies are listed on my website for sale.

Look at Noah! He is just precious!

When I first assembled him, I knew right away that the body that comes with the kit is too small. I ordered the body that fits Ariella and I think it is perfect for him. His shape is so real!

Which is cuter? That little bum, those chubby thighs or those adorable feet??

I'd like to sell either one of these babies in order to purchase some of my summer show flights but on the flip side, I would not mind taking either one to the Down East Doll Show either :)

All is well.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HIspanice Mariana is painted!

I could not be more happy with this pretty girl!

She is ready for hair!
(And weighting of course!)

When I get to a stage that I can take photo's of her and bi-racial Shamika together, I will do that.
I kept worrying that I was getting Mariana's tone too brown~too bi-racial or AA in tone but when I hold any of her parts up to Shamika, you can really see the more sienna/Hispanic tone to her. This will be fun!

So...what's next (besides rooting Shamika and Mariana)?
I am taking today to finish up some loose ends like placing the lashes on the little AA Simple Treasures baby, now named "Lachelle" being AA for "sweetheart", taking a few more pictures of Noah John and also some more pictures of Missy, processing mohair and tonight I will root more on Shamika. I was able to get a little bit done on her last night.

Yesterday, I took the photo's for a picture story! I might be able to organize that today too to be released on Friday.

On Friday I am traveling to pick up my 9 yr old Granddaughter for Spring Break. We are very excited as she is taking my one-on-one reborning class! We will be reborning to of Stephanie Sullivan's 14" quads next week. Of course you will be able to witness the progress.

Hugs for the day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting close with Hispanic "Mariana"!

I should be able to finish this sweetheart today!
I've just one quick layer of blush to do, a little work on her lips, undertones and a final highlight color and she will be painted!

I really am quite pleased with her. I've run across some flaws in the vinyl (sometimes they don't show up until much later in the process) but overall, she is divine.
Her pictures do not do her justice!

Taxes are done so my tax preparer has been sent on a holiday until next tax season. I'll share the numbers with you sometime soon.

It's back to rooting tonight! Yay! I'd rather spend hours inserting hair into a head than taxes any day!