Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day three of the IDEX show!

It should be illegal to have this much fun and to be this tired! LOL

Today was a very short day at IDEX and it went so fast! The morning was spent allowing Nikki to meet...Nikki!

Debbie of Deborah's Darlings had a Caucasian Nikki on her table and I had an AA Nikki on mine. It was fun to put the two together.....they REALLY enjoyed the company!

(My Nikki was adopted yesterday but I had to ship her today so she spent the better part of the day with us)

And today were the contest results! I took pictures of a lot of the contest babies but they just did not turn out good enough for me to share and discredit the artists with my icky pictures so I am just going to show my entry called "Portrait Perfection".
We did not win any awards but entering was still fun and I love this baby doll!
The competition was tough and the ladies who won were deserving. I am sorry, I am just too tired to remember all of the details of the winners. The awards brunch was fancy and fun.

Nikki's new mommy came by so we took the customary picture since we forgot to yesterday:

And sweet baby Angie found a loving home with my very good friend, Sharon Robinson!

Here is Sharon, Angie and I in the customary picture. :)

If this gives you any indication of how tired and goofy were are....Becky signs us off tonight with a flighty little move! LOL Tomorrow we take our personal baby dolls and go to Down Town Disney with a bunch of ladies~it will be a riot!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day two of the IDEX show!!!

Oh's all so overwhelming! I am sure I will have MUCH to tell you next week as I "come down" from all this and reflect. At least that way we can drag the excitement of IDEX out for a while!

Here I am yesterday ready for the show~we were late getting this picture downloaded from my friends camera.

And VERY exciting news! I have been holding back on this information since the 2009 IDEX~This is Reva Schicks new "child doll" Angelica and I will be doing one of the prototypes of her! She was supposed to be to me and done in time for IDEX 2010 but there have been production problems since she is such a big kit and, she has a ball jointed neck and shoulders. They are getting closer now and I just can hardly wait!

Angelica was released for order today~

~Angelica's link to order~

I am bringing Reva Schicks new baby boy, Noah home to reborn sometime after I get my custom orders done. I am excited about that beautiful sculpt too.

My wonderful friend Sally took some time today to take some pictures of the babies in my booth:

Jason in the back R, Megan in the front:


Rilee who was adopted today:

Sweet Stuff prototype:

Lakita Marie:

Wee Yawns prototype and Angie:

Closer up of Angie:





Then Sally and I had time today to take some pictures of other babies :)

These are Angela Harris sculpts:

Angela Harris "Sweet William" silicone:

Angela Harris silicones. The Emma on the left is just adorable and I love her!

Angela Harris "Deshi"

Dawn Donofrio's table. I love these big babies!

Me and my friend Becky. Becky adopted Rilee and loves her to bits.

My friend Pat with her Laura Tuzio Ross silicone, Sophia Aleya (sp???)

This young lady loves Wee Yawns and kept coming back to give him a cuddle:

And her younger sister loves Sweet Stuff and might be dreaming all night about her!

Tinneke Jansens came by with her OOAK, No No who was purchased for reproduction into 10 Resin dolls and a reborn doll kit! I am so excited! I want a resin and I want to reborn the kit that will be put out by Simply Reborn dolls.

Tinneke told me that really, there will only be NINE resins available as she will be keeping one :)

Oh how I love this baby!!

Sheila Michaels came by to cuddle her "Kristen" sculpt that I reborn:

I adopted two reborns out today, Rilee and Nicky so that was exciting and then the Doll Fan ladies gathered in the hotel restaurant for a wonderful buffet meal. I hear there were about 44 of us there!

Then we gathered in the loby for a baby shower gift exchange!

Look at all those presents!

I received this LOVELY ensemble as my gift. It's really beautiful!

Tomorrow will find us back on the show room floor at 8 am. The Tiny Treasures awards brunch is tomorrow and I know there is a lot of excitement and anticipation over this. I know I am excited! The competition is tough!

past time for bed now!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Trade part of the IDEX show

Oh my gosh my helpers are going to kill me.....everyone say "cheese"! ROFL!!!

That was Lainey and Sally getting the crib finished so that I could get the babies hair combed and arranged in the booth. is good and fun and thank goodness I have forgiving friends! snicker snicker giggle!

The finsihed booth (more or less...a little more tweeking was done later)

Today the IDEX show doors open to the "trade" (dealers). It was a pretty slow day but tomorrow should be a lot of fun when the collectors are invited in. They are swooming around the show floor doors just dying to take a peek!

Sally is "baby sitting" Kirsten.

I had a chance to walk around with my camera.
Found this gorgeous piece of work. It has lights, sound and actions. Just gorgeous!

This adorable baby is Laura Tuzio Ross' new baby that will be produced in vinyl kits. I will be doing one of the prototypes for Laura! I am so excited!

(the lighting is horrible on the show floor~pardon the poor pics)
Sharon Robinson's table of lot's of little OOAKs. Our group loves Sharon's babies and each of us will be bringing new ones home.
We love Sharon too!

Masterpiece Galleries dolls:

Cathy Reed dolls:

Hanging around the booth visiting:
Sally, Becky and Elisabetta

Huti Babies! Oh my I can bring home 4 of these real easy! LOVE them!

Hildegard Gunzel dolls~gorgeous!

And this is what happens after IDEX...a gathering in the lobby with waiting collectors, artists and old friends.

Lainey, Becky and Sally all adopted Angela Harris silicone dolls today. We took them and Baby Jena to dinner after chatting in the lobby for a while.

Jena really want's "Auntie Lainey's" attention but she is oohing over her new baby whom I love! Good thing that Lainey bought her! (I cannot recall her name at this moment)

Becky and her new love, Sweet William.

Now Jena wants to eat a lemon!

And Jena wants to eat some bread.

I have more exciting news to share but it's not released just yet.

More news tomorrow or Sunday. Tomorrow will be a busy day with the collectors and then there is a doll fan gathering for dinner and a baby shower afterwards. Fun times!