Friday, July 2, 2010

Noah's auction link and where to purchase the Noah kit

Good day everyone!

It's a big weekend for we US folks and for my friends in Canada! The Fourth of July and Canada Day~

So in honor of that, I've a little picture to share, okay, maybe three~

This one (ewe is yellow in hue!) is Janae by Laura Tuzio Ross and Masterpiece dolls. She is silicone/vinyl mix and has been kept in her original, manufactured state. I adore this girl!

And these two darlings are Carrie and Giovanni, solid silicone dolls by Laura Tuzio Ross. Yes, I LOVE Laura's babies!

Giovanni always sports a baseball theme and Carrie Lynn (as I call her) sometimes sports in to keep in theme with her brother~sort of! Baseball players don't have cheerleaders but her heart was in the right place~right?

Okay~enough playing! I will do a full post of one of the babies from my collection next Friday.

Now about Noah~

~Noah's eBay Auction~

and where to order the Noah kit~

~Jessica Schenk's Website, Order here~

Noah is in stock and ready to ship!

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

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