Friday, July 16, 2010

Might as well share Giovanni today :)

There's my sweet boy!

As I mentioned the other day, this is Giovanni, Solid Silicone Artist Proof #2, the Bi-Racial version. I purchased him direct from Laura Tuzio Ross (his amazing "creator") at IDEX 2006.

Many of his pictures are taken with his sissy, Carrie, also a solid silicone artist proof by Laura Tuzio Ross. I bought her in the spring of 2007.

Laura dressed him in a Carter's baseball theme sleeper when she handed him to me at IDEX and the theme has remained...he is baseball through and through. Even his Aunties send him baseball clothing and toys!

He's got a baseball onsie on under this shirt! LOL

Sometimes the two of them get into mischief:

This was the day that Baby the bunny bit his fingers. Sweetheart Sweet Pickles was comforting him:

How could I resist getting baseball bedding for this darling?

Such a cuddle bug~just so sweet!

I love Giovanni!


  1. Oh my goodness! They are BOTH so adorable! I love the skin tone and facial expressions; it's no wonder you're so smitten with them. What size do they wear/how big are they? Do you know what the circumference of their heads is? They look like 0-3 month size to me, but I'm just guessing. Thanks for sharing pics of them, they're gorgeous!
    P.S. What do you charge for a "budget" baby? I've always wanted an "Ember" sculpt but no one seems to do it justice. I LOVE the way you did the budget baby you just posted on your blog!

  2. Hey Debbie!

    Beautiful Babies and I hope it all works out with the second bidder! I'm praying for you and for her!

    Natasha's Keepsake Babies

  3. Hi Janene!
    Thank you~these two are the ultimate of my collection :) They wear mostly size 0-3 months and 3 months size depending on the brands. Very nice sized babies with a size newborn or size 1 shoe. He weighs 8 full pounds! She is about 6 oz lighter than him. Her head is 16" and I can't tell you what his is as he is not here.
    Budget babies are the cost of the kit, body and eyes plus $400 to reborn it and the shipping cost. Hugs!