Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day three of the IDEX show!

It should be illegal to have this much fun and to be this tired! LOL

Today was a very short day at IDEX and it went so fast! The morning was spent allowing Nikki to meet...Nikki!

Debbie of Deborah's Darlings had a Caucasian Nikki on her table and I had an AA Nikki on mine. It was fun to put the two together.....they REALLY enjoyed the company!

(My Nikki was adopted yesterday but I had to ship her today so she spent the better part of the day with us)

And today were the contest results! I took pictures of a lot of the contest babies but they just did not turn out good enough for me to share and discredit the artists with my icky pictures so I am just going to show my entry called "Portrait Perfection".
We did not win any awards but entering was still fun and I love this baby doll!
The competition was tough and the ladies who won were deserving. I am sorry, I am just too tired to remember all of the details of the winners. The awards brunch was fancy and fun.

Nikki's new mommy came by so we took the customary picture since we forgot to yesterday:

And sweet baby Angie found a loving home with my very good friend, Sharon Robinson!

Here is Sharon, Angie and I in the customary picture. :)

If this gives you any indication of how tired and goofy were are....Becky signs us off tonight with a flighty little move! LOL Tomorrow we take our personal baby dolls and go to Down Town Disney with a bunch of ladies~it will be a riot!


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  1. Great pics!! Looks like so much fun! I am totally jealous!!