Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tid bits...

Wow...can you believe I am nearly at a loss of things to say today?

This week has been filled with late nights as I head toward the IDEX finish line...I think my head stayed in bed today.

I am progressing on my IDEX contest baby and the Wee Yawns prototype. Can you believe that he actually makes me yawn?? It just cracks me up! Every time I pick up his little head, I yawn! I don't yawn when working on his limbs...just his head!

I will work on one or the other of these two projects today (have not decided which yet) and then tonight start the long process of packing up all the babies to send to Orlando tomorrow. I will double check and finalize outfits, birth certificates and all the accessories that go with each baby to make sure I have it all ready then carefully wrap each one and snuggle them in the boxes. My nursery will look totally different tomorrow morning!

Have a grand Thursday!

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