Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wee Yawns prototype~work in progress peek

Wee Yawns is such an adorable sculpt! Marita Winters did such an excellent job sculpting his yawn that he actually makes me yawn while working on him!

Here he is after day two of painting:

And after day four of painting. His paint is now finished and now it's time for hair.

**************NURSERY NOTES****************

My IDEX/Tiny Treasures contest baby is complete and awaiting the flight with me to Orlando. The baby is just adorable and I can't wait to spend some more QT on the plane :)

I have begun the process of prepping the 18 doll kits needed for my IDEX LDC painting class. Once they are all cleaned and dry, I can pack them in my luggage. ONE step closer to Orlando! It's just a week now until I land in 70 degree Orlando! It will be nice to leave the 30-40 degree weather here. I hear an outdoor hot tub calling my name!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Thanks for providing such a wonderful vicarious, "getting ready for IDEX" experience for all of us who wish we could go too!Your enthusiasm is contagious!