Monday, January 18, 2010

Count the Cost

There are a lot of expenses involved in a show like IDEX that the average person cannot see.

First, you have the cost of your table or booth. IDEX has the highest booth and table fees in the country. In fact, worldwide!

There are other incidentals to the booth/table IF they are desired. If one needs internet service at her booth/table, there is a HUGE fee for the first day and then a smaller, but still large fee for each day after.

One can rent lights and power if needed. Yes, they charge if you need to plug something in.

Then, you have to get yourself to the show site and all your show items. I am across the country from Florida so I will be flying and I mailed my show items. Flying is a lot less expensive than driving that long distance. But now the flights are charging per luggage checked so that's an additional fee and they only accept 2 checked bags so I will have to ship my personal items to the hotel as I will be holding a class at IDEX and have 18 kits and supplies in my possession that I must get there~LOL.

And of course one needs somewhere to stay and she has to eat.

None of the hotels in Orlando have free shuttle service from the airport so one must pay for a shuttle service to and from.

And if she does not sell many of her dolls, she has to ship them home...and then she is really back to making about 69 cents and hour. It's a good thing she LOVES what she does! SMILES!

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