Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 work days until shipping, 2 weeks before touchdown in Orlando!

It's all getting very close now! It's almost surreal!

What's left to do:

Place spit bubbles on "Nicky" (the final baby that will be available for adoption), put her together, take her pictures, make her birth certificate. I finished rooting Nicky last night...what a relief!

11 total babies will be available for adoption. They and all their belongings will ship this Friday.

Begin work on Prototype Wee Yawns. He arrived yesterday :) He will be going to IDEX for display only. He will be available for adoption through eBay. (this is all assuming that I finish him in the next 14 days.)

Finish my contest baby. I won't be giving any sneak peeks of that one :(

And of course all the other things that one does before she leaves: clean rabbit cages, cook food for husband who is on a special diet and who does not cook, prepare for LDC class and wash 18 heads and 72 limbs (giggle giggle), write show schedules for my booth along with policies and procedures for my helpers while at my booth in my absence (Yes...I get to shop IDEX too!), pack, pack, pack.

And she actually has to leave her home the day before her flight as it's a 2+ hour commute to the airport, the flight leaves earlier in the morning and..it's winter time making morning travel difficult at times.

Whew....I will make it and it's nice to see everything falling in place!

Have a great day!


  1. As of this post I am all caught up reading your wonderful blog! What a pleasurable and imformational experience. I plan to reference your tutorials many times. Thanks
    for sharing not only your expertise but also your love of dolls so freely.=)

  2. Awe, thank you Wendy! It's all my pleasure to share. I hope you recover from all the sleepless nights! :) Giggles and hugs!