Monday, February 1, 2010

Down Town Disney!

Well dang. The first time that Sally and I went to Downtown Disney it was a gorgeous warm sunny day. This has been par for the course the last two years...RAIN!

Above is Deshi, Sally's new adoption all covered up and ready to play.

Above is my good friend Sharon Robinson with her handy dandy umbrella.

And just a shot looking across the courtyard in the rain.

But we are "girls" and we manage to have fun no matter what happens!

The princesses at the Bippity Boppity Boutique LOVED our dolls and they posed with Sally.

And this lady in the Rain Forest Cafe totally loved them. Here she is holding Ari.

I bought this bib for Ari and slipped it on her while her Mommy Becky went to the restroom. She was so surprised to see it and loved how it matches her dress.

One thing we love to do in Down Town Disney is to borrow items and use them as props. Here Abi sports this adorable hat!

We had a great day and my friends have a lot more pics of the fun but it's late and we are tired.

Abi got changed into some relaxing clothes after the big trip out. I think this dolly is just so cute and I love her to bits. I am keeping her :)

Tomorrow I fly to Idaho and stay the night with my friend who does not have internet. Then I will spend a couple days with my dear husband who has had to tolerate a lot with this show so I won't be blogging for a few days. Thank you all for following the blog and do come back and check up on it over the weekend.



  1. Well, pitty for the rain but still must have been great fun ! You have been terrific reporting every single day in such a busy period ! I love your Aby, she is really really sweet and beautiful ! Enjoy a little bit of rest after that ! But I'll be waiting for the blog to re-start...!

  2. Oh sweetie!! I am so glad you had such a good time! And the pics are terrific. Thanks so much for sharing them and your stay at IDEX!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Rest now and post more pics when you can.