Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome Wee Yawns Prototype :)

When my will is broken, frustration ends. When frustration ends, learning begins....

The problems I was having with Wee Yawns were due to the fact that I did not heat his soft head for rooting. Now, I did not NEED to heat it~it's already very soft but heating the vinyl creates a better root and finished product. It helps close the holes up around the hair and helps the hair to lay back down after the trauma of rooting.

I spent another 5 hours on his hair and then another hour on his final details of gloss and walla...a gorgeous baby boy is born.

Please meet Wee Yawns. He will be on eBay on Wednesday morning and will be on display in my IDEX booth #104. If you are going to IDEX, come by and give him a cuddle.

All praise to God for the results of yesterday. Even the pictures turned out wonderful! :)

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  1. Wow!!! Debbie, his hair is amazing!! I'm super impressed (and jealous) of your rooting skills. It was worth the trouble, wasn't it? :)