Friday, January 15, 2010

Soooooo tired!

Well thank God that there is a thing called IDEX adrenaline because I am going to need it when I get there! I am so tired today and the days will only get busier as I wind towards the finish line.

The babies are mostly boxed up with all the display stuff ready to go too. It was a long night and a bit stressful as I had hoped to send them in only two boxes but it's going to take three. (Guess I forgot that I am taking more dolls than I originally planned for).

The class items are also taking more room in my luggage than I thought so I will have to mail my clothing and personal items too! Ugh!

Maybe tomorrow I will have pictures of the disaster in the nursery as I go through this process~what a mess! LOL

Have a wonderful Friday! Oh! It's Friday! Sorry~no Friday funnies today. :( Just can't do it.

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