Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sand in reborn dolls~a big NO NO!

We have all heard about the use of sand in reborn dolls and how it is not desirable but most believe that there "really is no problem using sand". Well, I am here today to tell you that there REALLY IS A PROBLEM!

One of my new collecting friends and beginning reborner's decided to replace the sand in one of the dolls in her collection. She did not like how the doll felt (comparison reason number one to use glass beads as opposed to sand as the glass feels SO much better) and she was a bit disturbed that there was dirty sand in her beloved doll.

So she took her doll apart after doing careful research on the art of reborning so that she did it correctly.

To her dismay, the first thing she found was this single layer stocking filled with sand. (I should mention that the doll she was re-weighting is about an 18 inch doll~look at the size of this stocking of sand!). Did you catch SINGLE layer of stocking? Yes, the sand was leaking into the body of her doll.

And look at the coarseness of this sand! This is not purified sand at all which is what was recommended years ago before glass beads were discovered for the use in dolls.

She dumped out the sand from the UNSEALED limbs (a no no in itself) and......
guess what else she found in her sweet reborn baby?


Yep, that's right...I live breathing, crawling bug! She is SURE it came out of the dolls limb and was she ever grossed out! (ME TOO!) Thank goodness this bug did not cause any damage to her doll~THIS TIME.

So Reborn Artists, please~don't use sand in your dolls. Yes, the glass beads are more expensive and harder to come by, but we want our dolls to be clean and bug free!


Nursery Notes:

Look what I won!!!!

I was so thrilled to wake up this morning and find out that two of my babies won awards for 2009 Artist of the year on one of my guilds! That was a huge contest with lot's of beautiful entries!

This is Danessa, she is from early 2009 and took 3rd place in the competition.

And Megan, who has two other awards under her belt, is one of the sweet reborns going to IDEX. She earned an honorable mention. She will take a copy of all three awards with her :)

My guild administrator tells me that Danessa tied for second with another incredibly beautiful doll and Megan had third until the tie breaker for second was complete so she awarded Megan the HM award. is good :)

Babies are shipping out NEXT Friday, Jan 15th. All is on schedule.

Hugs for a good day!


  1. Congratulations on your award - id like to see more of them for reborn dolls online, but you deserve this.

  2. Hi Dorothy! Thanks so much for posting a congratulations :)
    There actually are a lot of contests among the guilds and forums, however, many of the guilds and forums are private so we do not get to see all the awards online unless we are members on those sites or happen upon someone's website, ebay page or blog. Again, thanks for dropping in!

  3. How gross I cant believe she found a bug that tells just how much care some artists put into their reborns.