Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Camera! For now anyway!

We found a Best Buy close to the resort and I purchased a Nikkon Coolpix camera that will get me through this show. I actually kindof like it too :)

All is going well! It was a nice day of fun and relaxation. No real pics to post yet.

We ran into one of our favorite sculpting artists, Sharon Robinson. We soaked in the hot tub with her and will be seeing her a lot through this weekend...oh and of course we will all be adopting at least one of her sculpts. :) :)

Tomorrow is my class and set up!



  1. Lucky you being in sunny warm FL! I'm watching lake effect snow coming down and our high temp tomorrow might get as high as 10! Wishing I could be there for your class tomorrow...I know it will be awesome!

  2. I know your love of teaching (not to mention your talent) will make your class a hit. Now hurry up and use that new camera of yours to post some pics!! LOL