Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doll World Artist Directory available!

I am a dealer for this beautiful Ebook. If you love drooling over beautiful babies then this book is for you!

Yours truly has a baby on the front cover and a full page in the directory :)

To get your copy, send $10 to me via paypal at with a message in the "notes" box that you would like a copy of the Artist Directory AND the email address you would like it sent to. You will get your copy within 24-48 hours (unless you send while I am enroute to IDEX as I will be without my internet for some periods of time and also will be away from the computer a lot during IDEX but don't worry...I will see to it that you DO get your copy!).

**********NURSERY NOTES************

The rooting on Wee Yawns is coming along beautifully and I have the 18 dolls kits and all class supplies packed in my luggage. My son had to do an "evaluation" of me years ago and one of the comments that he made in that evaluation was that "Mom is the master packer". :)

Have a beautiful Wednesday

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