Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fast forward one week!

Oh My!!!

I received a new information package from IDEX yesterday and the dolls have to be to the handlers warehouse by Jan 20th! MY scheduled date for shipping was Jan 19th but now I have to bump that ship time up a week! ACK! There's gonna be some stowaways in my luggage for sure!

~Nursery Notes~

Baby #8 is rooted and has all her final details. She just needs assembled and some pics taken in order to put her on the website and show her off and then she can be packed up with the other babies ready to go.

Baby #9 might be finished on the painting table today. She is the last IDEX baby that needs painted.

My contest baby has 1/4 of her hair as of last night. It's looking VERY fabulous! :)

The "Wee Yawns" prototype has yet to arrive to Marita Winters. As soon as Marita checks him out, he will be on his way to me.

I was contemplating re-listing Sweet Stuff on eBay but I have decided instead to take her to IDEX as well. This will make 11 babies available for adoption~2 more than my original goal. I am thrilled!

Tomorrow I am going to share with you a true story of a collector/beginning artist who decided to replace the sand that was in one of the reborns in her collection. Be prepared to be shocked!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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