Thursday, January 28, 2010

Report from IDEX with PICS! :)

Finally....I've caught my second wind and I can report from IDEX! With PICTURES :)

First I should say who I am here with. My friends Sally, Becky and Lainey are all here with me helping me all through this show and being my room mates. They are wonderful helpers and friends. I think I have said before and I will say again...I am blessed.

Before the "work" began, we had to spend a day playing. Here Becky and Lainey get Lainey's baby, Ava ready for an outing.

Baby Jena is staying at the hotel for this trip out as she is exhausted from being shipping and stored in a box for a week!

A nice shot of the Rosen Resort from outside after dark with my new camera:

And just what do girls to best???? SHOP! Do you see the sign above our heads?

From left to right are myself, Becky, Sally and Lainey. Of course babies came to shop with us! Lainey's husband Paul was our chauffeur and entertainment for the night. Paul is a great guy who is very attentive to us and the dolls. After shopping the Prime Outlet malls and all the baby stores we could, we all went to a nice dinner at the Crab House.

This morning started the day of "work" with Becky and I setting up the room for my LDC painting class.

Sally is in eager anticipation and wonders...."When do we start??"
Me opening the class up:

Sally babysitting Wee Yawns prototype. I brought him and Ari to the class as samples of the LDC paints in action:

There is sweet girl Ari! I was demonstrating a little bit regarding painted hair.

Sandy and Martha hard at work. I had 11 ladies total in my class including my three helpers who also got to participate in the class.

I am all about one on one helping :) Here I am helping Dianna:

One table of lovely ladies doing a fine job of painting:

The other table of lovely ladies doing a fine job painting:

Making the rounds and helping Claudia out:

And helping Charolotte:

Are we having fun yet??

Uhhh...does anyone know this person??? ROFL!!!
I have NO idea what was going on here! It was probably time for more coffee!

Here is my class with their mostly painted heads. Now, I do not teach to paint the head all the way and then do the limbs but for the sake of the limited time, that is what we did today, however I did show the ladies how to do the finger and toe nails with the LDC paints.
They all did such a fabulous job, even the beginners. I am so impressed with each one of them. Let's name them below.

The back row L-R:
Dianna, Becky, Sandy, Lainey, Karen, Claudia, Charolotte
The front row L-R:
Sally, Laurie, Salud (who came all the way from Switzerland for this class!), Julie and Martha.

I appreciate these ladies SO much for putting their trust in me to teach them. You can't see the correct color or details on their dolls but I attest that they no longer looked like plain vinyl but rather had realistic skin tones.

And then...more excitement! MY BOOTH on the IDEX show floor!
I was very excited and so happy to teach my class that it's hard to tell which I was more excited for but seeing this booth with MY nursery name on it was pretty overwhelming!
Now it's time to set up.

There was a delay in the arrival of the baby crib I would be using so after a picnic dinner on the show room floor, we began to unpack the babies and change their clothes from the traveling clothes to the show clothes. Sally is changing Nicky.

Oh I just have too much fun! Lainey was off gally banting around while we were changing babies so when she got back there was no one else to care for. I told her to do this baby's hair...Angie. She was excited to get straight to work on it and then realized that this baby has painted hair! Giggle giggle...Joke is on you Lainey! Love you gal!

OH and this picture is so wonderful! The crib arrived and Sally started to unbox it. Lainey looks as if she were asking, "Now just WHAT did I get myself into?" LOL

These laides worked faithfully until this crib was all together. And it was not an easy task! I appreciate them more than I can say! Thank you Sally and Lainey!

Well that is all the pictures I have for now. We did not get the booth finished tonight as they were trying to clear the show floor. We will be down to the show floor early in hopes that they will allow us in a little bit early.

OH...and I got a little peek at some of my favorite little OOAK's from Sharon Robinson and...I have picked out a little boy that I will be adopting from her. Joy!

I do hope I have given you a bit of a taste of IDEX....The Rosen Resort is a lovely and wonderful place and the activities here with all the dolly friends are never ending but my brain is just about running on empty. Hopefully I will be show you much more and have clearer words to share.



  1. Ahhhhh.... pictures. I feel much better now. Thanks Debbie. Your lady students all look very attentive and quite happy with their work. Who wouldn't be? Even setting up is too exciting to be considered work, in spite of "some assembly required". Easy for me to say. LOL Oh! and give Sally a hug from me!

  2. Oh thank you so much for all the pics and the comments, I am almost there with you and so happy to see you're having fun girls together ! That is very nice of you to do ! So many years I am dreaming about Idex..;! Give a hug to Sally for me ! Corinne (cocosbabes on DF)

  3. I didn't see these pictures before...Debbie, I hope one day I can come again...with Spanair will be difficult, but who knows. I had a great time, thanks for being my teacher!!!