Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! ~Friday Funnies~

The Bumgall Machine

"Hey! Wook Becca! Daddy gibed us a BUMgall machine!"

Becca says...."Ohhhhhh, a Bumgall machine!"

Micheal hears Joylynne tell Becca that the item in question is a BUMgall machine and starts to laugh...
"Joywyn, dat's not a BUMgall machine!"

And soon he is joined by other siblings who find this term hilarious and Joylynne says, "It's not????"

Then he says: "DIS is a BUM!"

Sarah and Tikka are shocked that Michael said the word "bum"

"Wook! We wiwl all showed you"~ "BUMS!!!"

Giggle giggle laugh laugh!

"You see Joywynn, your GALL thingy is in's called a gall blubber or sometin wike dat. Wots of people has to habs it taken out tause dey eat too many Cwristmas cookies"

"Dat thing dat Daddy dot is a Gum Ball Machine! ROLF!!!"

"Ohhhhhhhh" Joylynne says...."GUM balls! I bet dey is yummy!"

"Oopsie" Becca says. "I made a mess"

Happy New Year Ebberyone!"

Love from Michael, Joylynne, Becca, Mary Kay and Brooke

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