Sunday, August 2, 2009

Letting the dust settle~

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have delivered my nieces back to home with their beautiful babies and spent Saturday letting the dust and cobwebs settle in my brain! Teaching is such hard and exhausting work! I commend all teachers who spend 5 days a week teaching! You rock!

Today in the nursery I will be completing the final touches on the reborn that I made while the girls were here. She is going to go up for adoption on ebay later tonight, I hope. There is a lot of work involved getting an auction ready and hopefully I have not planned more than I can do in a day, which is usually the case for me.

Tomorrow I will touch base a little bit more on rooting. I don't have any photo's in my archives to show so I am a bit stuck on what to do next but I will share a thought or two. I hope to get some good pics this week as I begin rooting the big Arianna head.


  1. Debbie, I've enjoyed your blog since the first day you started, now it's time to be polite and comment.
    You have a delightful blog! So informative and such cute pictures and stories. Your babies look so real that I expect them to jump up and start running any minute!
    What a sweet thing to reborn with your nieces. This is something they will remember all their lives. I have nine grands, but only two girls who live close enough for me to see any time I want. They are eight and 11, so they would probably enjoy this so much. I'm going to try this with them. Wonder why I didn't think of it myself??
    I just started reborning in January. I've only done three babies. I'm an artist from way back and thought this would be such a great thing to try. I enjoy it very much but just getting started is my problem! Could be laziness, or maybe age-related!
    Keep up your wonderful blog. I'll bet you have many many readers that aren't commenting.