Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In total humility~

Let me first start off by saying that I am a professional reborn artist who has mastered the art. And next let me say that things don't always go as planned! LOL

It's hard for me to post pictures like I am today as I am SO not happy with the way this baby is looking BUT, I want all of us to share in this journey together and see this project from the trouble stages to the final outcome.

I intend this baby to be a Latino baby. Her tone SHOULD be smooth and even and it is NOT! For those of you using the LDC air dry paints, learn from me! Make sure those brown colors are thinned down, a lot! I had too much pigment in my pallet but did not figure out what the problem was until after I had worked on her for two days. Can you see the dark and blotchy area around the center part of her face? Today I am going to see if I can smooth that out. I have asked another reborn artist who is exceptional in the application of ethnic colors to advise me on what to do next.

I do think the palms of her hands are lovely as are her lips! (I see that I need to fix the tip of a left finger)

Stay tuned as the project continues....and pray that I don't rip all my hair out during it! Oh...speaking of hair~I colored up the hair that I will use for this big baby this morning. Oh my it is gorgeous!


  1. She looks gorgeous to me, I can't really see any dark places on her. But we are our own worst critics...lol I have used acrylics on some of my babies, so I do know they take some getting used to.
    Dessa Rae

  2. I don't even know how to do acrylics. But I only do ethnic babies & it could very well be the vinyl. I had the TOUGHEST time getting my arianna's paint to stick & be even. Took me forever to get her right!