Monday, August 10, 2009

Labor pains at 2 am

In the reborn and artist doll world, the term "labor pains" is used a lot! Labor pains are for the collector waiting for her new arrival and for the doll artist who was up until 2 am trying to complete that custom order. I was up until 2 am doing just that, however, I did not complete the Arianna. Her hair is rooted and just adorable and her limbs are on her body but, even though I have many eye lashes in stock, I did NOT have the ones that I needed for the huge eyes of Arianna. So, at 2 am, I was placing an order for my favorite large-eyed lashes. Her mommy will continue to be in labor pains!

Happy Monday to you all and again~thanks for your comments!


  1. OH Debbie!!! Ariannas' mommy loves you a lot!!!i just know she is going to be adorable and you are very much appreciated for all you do! Love you!! Beck