Friday, August 14, 2009

Time to give these little cowpokes a bath~Friday Funnies!

What do horse riding and little people have in common?
Dirty kids and dirty clothes! It's time for a bath!
My oh my....look at that pile of dirty clothes!

Every family has a "Naked Baby in the Bath" picture....that one is ours!

"Ha Ha.....Maffew has no hair!!!!!"
Alright boys, mommy says. Be nice to Matthew.

Come on's time for bed.

What a lovely and peaceful sight after a long and busy day~sleeping babies!
But wait! Someone is still awake!

Sweet Pickles, why are you still awake?

"Mommy, I is saying prayers for all of us! We had such a dood day dat I is thanking God for it. Now we way us down to sweep...."

Okay sweetheart. You sure are the nurturer of our bunch.

Uh oh...I see one more set of unsleeping eyes.....It's little Josh!

Oh my dear! We forgot to take him with us and he was all dressed and ready for the big horse day.

Poor Baby!


This concludes the end of the Horse Riding adventure. I do hope you enjoyed our adventure with us!


There will not be any Friday Funnies next week, August 21. I will be well away from any computers, phones and well...everything as I roam the wilderness of Oregon with my dear husband and our horses. We will be celebrating our anniversary! But coming up in the Friday Funnies line up is a great horse training story. Are there any Clinton Anderson fans out there? Matthew has been lucky enough to meet Clinton and sit on his wonderful horse, Mindy :)

Stay tuned.......

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