Monday, August 3, 2009

Cute babies, cute onsies! Final notes on rooting

I had a few moments over the weekend to "play" with my two Laura Tuzio Ross solid silicone dolls. My darling boy is Giovanni. He is Laura's Artist Proof of this small edition of 15 worldwide. I LOVE this doll and he is the ultimate pride of my collection.

Once I brought Giovanni home, I simply had to have a sissy for him. So, I adopted another Laura Tuzio Ross Artist Proof in solid silicone. Her edition is called Carrie but I call her Carrie Lynn. I found this onsie for her last month on a shopping adventure. It suits her to a T!

So what IS a solid silicone doll? Glad you asked!
We will go over the different types of dolls in tomorrows post. Then we will get back to the Reborn of 2009.


~Final notes on the rooted reborn doll of 2009~

I got a little bit distracted in my thoughts while my nieces were here. I was thinking that I was actually doing a tutorial on rooting but I really just want to cover the bases of the rooted reborn of 2009~for now! I WILL do a tutorial on rooting sometime in the future.

Today's artists are very creative when it comes to rooting hair on a reborn doll. There are just as many tutorials on the subject as there are artists and the needles used. I have taken a couple of classes from top artists on rooting hair and have read a zillion tutorials on the subject. One thing is clear to me. Every artist will use a different needle and root in a different way that works for THAT artist. It takes an artist time and trial to come up with the perfect needle and method combination. I have seen with my own eyes an artist rooting with a 38 gauge needle (considered to be a VERY large needle) root the most beautiful, realistic head of baby fine hair. I sometimes use a 38 gauge needle when I am rooting a head of very thick hair! But this artist had a way of rooting this fine hair showing no plugs at all. Can I do that? NOPE! Just give my my trusty 42 gauge and I am good to go.

I have studied the use of the "forked German needle" and have taken a class. Some ladies produce amazing results with the German needles. Can I use the silly things? NOPE! Just give me my trusty 42 gauge!

Reborn artists are always striving for the techniques that will create the most beautiful head of baby hair. The swirl crown is a very popular addition to the technique of today's reborn doll. Without the desire of the artists of yesteryear, where would the reborn dolls of 2009 be today? I am grateful for those artists that paved the path and cried the tears in order to open the gates for today's artists.

Next time in the "Reborn Doll of 2009" I will talk about the weighting products used in today's reborns.

Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. OMG Ilove this post! I can't use those darn German needles either! "Just give me my trusted 42 gauge"!! lolol