Monday, August 24, 2009

Amazing vacation: Rested and ready to go!

WOW! We had an amazing time in the Wilderness! That's my dear husband, Calvin, on his 4 yr old gelding, Scout. This was Scouts first rugged trail ride and he did fabulous.

That's me on my 25 yr old gelding, Toby. Toby has pretty much "been there, done that" on just about all things. But these two pictures are taken at 7800 feet in elevation. Five miles before this picture, we were at 5800 feet at the lodge. That was quite a climb!

Of course as a doll lover, collector and artist, I almost always take a doll with me where ever I go. Since this was a horse outing, Matthew, the Little Cowboy got to come along. This is the same 'weawl Towboy" as in the horse riding story. I have just reborn him since that story was wrote. He has hair now! He brought along all his favorite toys to play with while we rode the trails.

But he longed to go and see the horses.

So, we took him to see them! He was thrilled!

I am very refreshed after a fabulous weekend and am ready to head to the nursery. I may switch gears and begin painting another doll kit and set the Latino Arianna aside for a bit. The Portland doll show is coming right up and I would like to get another small baby done for that show.

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow!! What fun you must have had on your vacation!! The doll show in Portland is it the Cross Roads and Teddy Bear doll show put on by Dorothy Drake?

  2. Yes Sweet Memory Reborns, the Doll Show in Portland is the Cross Roads show put on by Dorothy Drake. Will you be there? ~Debbie~

  3. I am doing the show in Salt lake City on October 10th. I am so excited for it. I couldn't do the last two shows so I am extra looking forward to this one. Dorothy puts on such a good show.
    She is so friendly and helpful. How many dolls are you taking? I always misjudge and either take too many or not enough. Do you sell the dolls with a layette or just what they are wearing?
    The only other reborn artist that has done the show is Sandy McCaslan, selling her own Reborns from her kits so I don't know how to sell them. Wow this post is long...sorry lol
    Good luck at the show and hope you sell out!!
    Dessa Rae

  4. Hi SMR!
    Send me an email to and I will tell you all I know :)