Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Funnies! The horse riding adventure continues...

(the next day)

Well.....good morning boys!

I see we are bright eyed and bushy tailed! Be careful Michael! You are going to fall out! I know you are excited....

"I am weddy to wide Auntie Debbie!"

Matthew comes on scene:

"Holy Cow! When did you show up Cwousin Michael???? OH...dis tan't be dood!

The Michael's exclaim: "We's a going horse back widding!"

Matthew is exasperated now! "You tan't go horseback is still waring your pajamies! You is not a weel towboy wike me. I have a weel towboy hat!"

The Michaels exclaim, "You mite be weel towboy but you got no weel Hair! HA HA HA HA!"

"How does this wook has a horsie on it!"

Cousin Michael is in stitches!!! "OH my dosh look so siwwy! I tan't hewp but say...Dummy Dummy Ha Ha!"

"wewl, I don't see you detting dwessed! You is still in your pajamies! Look! hehehhe...I twook Maffew's cherished horsie."

"HA HA...we dot Maffew's horsie!"

"Michael, you wook wedicuwous! We is doing horse back widing, NOT swimming!"

"if you two is doing dan you need to be a widdle more mature dan this!
Now dive me my horsie back!"

"how's about did Maffew???"

"You not only wook wedicowous are wedicowous! You no weel towboy wike me!"

"How bout dis Maffew?"

"Me two Cwousing dot dwessed two!"

"Hey Giovanni...we did doing horse riding...are you doing?"

"Awe, Giovanni, wat is da madder"

"Mommy sez I tan't doo tause me still wecovering frwom the bad bunny bwite"

"Awe Giovanni, dat is jest so sad! Here I wiwl gib you my cherished horsie to keep you company wiwl we be gone."

"oh bwofer, I will tiss you so you not sad. You be dood, we wiwl be bwack in a widdle while. We lub you!"

(And off they go to get into the truck and head to the horse be continued...)

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