Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Applied Eyelash tutorial!

Gather all supplies needed:

Gloss: I use a few different kinds depending on the results I want. For this baby, I selected Ceramacoat Gloss Varnish. I used to buy it at Walmart but it is getting hard to find.

Small lint free cloth

Small Pallet

Coffee cup

Two sized of paint brushes used just for glossing

Tiny scissors

Pointed Tweezers

Choice of lashes. For this doll, I selected Prilly Charmin "Preemie" lashes

To help stabilize the head, I roll up a receiving blanket and place it in my lap. This keeps the head from rolling and also I can tuck the edges of the blanket to help tip her head up to get the right angle when applying the lash or the gloss.

Tip the head....

Hold the lash with the tweezer....

Place it in the correct spot. Many first-time reborners place the lash in the crease on the lid~this is the WRONG place for you lash. The lash goes down into the eye, usually all the way back to where the eye meets the lid, however, it is different with each sculpt.

Use toothpicks and the tweezers to help "set" the lash and gain an idea on the size needed.

Trim the lash in small trimmings until you are happy with the size. You may trim from either side depending on how the lash looks on the doll. I trimmed the nasal side of the lash. Place the lash into the eye pushing the edged of the lash back into the correct place. Notice that I do not use glue for the lash. We will use the gloss to seal the lash in. Most pre-made lashes have a bit of two sided glue that helps hold the lash in place. This glue is NOT enough to hold that lash in for good on your reborn.

Fill your coffee cup with HOT water, place the brushes in the hot water and pour a pool of gloss in the pallet.

Remove the largest brush from the water and blot it out on the lint free cloth. Dip in into the well of gloss and steadily let a dollop of the gloss fall into the center of the eye. Do not use your brush on the eye ball itself. Let the gloss naturally fall into place. (This is why you need the rolled up blanket and why you need the head to be laying down. Adjust the blanket as needed)

Continue to add gloss until the eye is fully covered being careful to not brush the eye ball. Rinse your brush as needed in this process and blot with the cloth.

Use the small brush and or a toothpick to help adjust the pools of gloss to be even around the edges of the eye.

There is just a bit more gloss in this eye than desired....

I used the small brush to remove some of the gloss from the nasal side. I removed the gloss, rinsed and blotted the brush and continued until I was satisfied with the amount of gloss in the eye.
Let the gloss set for a short time and then use toothpicks to assure that the lash is placed in the correct place, pushing the lash against the eye lid to secure it. Be very careful not to touch the eye ball with the toothpick.

Bring some gloss to the outside crease of the eye and also to the tear duct. This gives your dolls eye a very life-like appeal.

Repeat the procedure for the other lash and eye.

Place the head still in the blanket in a safe area where the head will not be bumped. Adjust the angle of the head so that the gloss will dry where you desire it to. Check the eyes often and adjust the head if the gloss is running in areas you don't want it too. Check for bubbles and check the lash to make sure that it is in the correct place and that it is sealing to the eye lid.

For this head, after the gloss dried, I desired more gloss. I added more gloss in the same procedure as above.

Here is the finished result. For newborn babies, I usually add 3-4 layers of gloss but this baby is older so only two were needed.


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  2. LLC that is disgusting~stay off my blog. Thank you.

  3. Debbie, thanks so much for that tut on eyelashes. That's pretty much the way I figured out to do it, only I don't use nearly as much liquid as you do. Yours look so much better than mine, more life-like, so now I'm not afraid to use more. I've been using the Aleen's paper glaze.

    You are one busy girl. Much luck and have fun at the show! Rosie


  4. Debbie, this is a wonderful tutorial!!
    I am always afraid of getting too much varnish and ruining the doll. I will try this.

    P.S. You should set your comments to being visible only after you approve the content.
    In fact I think I will go and do that too.
    Dessa Rae

  5. Debbie, wonderful tutorial, You are such a teacher!!
    thanks you!


  6. Thanks ladies! You are all so awesome!

    I have changed my comments format so that I can approve them before they are posted. Thanks for the suggestion. Computer technology is a challenge for me!

  7. Amazing tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. THANK YOU, THANK more messed up eyes from super glue and no more hope they stay on with tacky glue ((((HUGGS)))

  9. what other glosses do you use? I have the bb gloss varnish Aleens paper glaze- I tried the bb varnish and came out with a 'frosty' look using this tut.

    Thanks, Nic.

  10. Hi Nic,
    I am a bit confused. Are you saying that you have TWO products, Bountiful Baby (bb) varnish AND Aleen's paper glaze? Please clarify so that I can help you more.