Saturday, August 8, 2009

Prototype or Artist Proof?

As mentioned the other day, the process for creating dolls is:

An artist hand sculpting the doll into clay. If left in clay, the doll is now an OOAK (One of a kind)

If the doll is sent away to be manufactured, a mold is made from that OOAK.

From the mold, the doll can be poured into resin, silicone or vinyl.

The first vinyl kits created for reborning that come from the molds are called prototypes. To the best of my knowledge, the artist decides how many prototypes there will be of each kit, usually 1-4. Molds wear down with repetitive casting so these first 1-4 kits that are created into life-like dolls are highly sought after as they have the greatest details of the original sculpt. Usually the original artist chooses a reborn artist whom he/she would like to reborn the prototypes, however, some sculpting artists reborn the first prototype. The prototype reborns are released before the rest of the kits are ready for sale, so for a short time, only the prototype reborns of the new sculpt are available for adoption.

Manufactured dolls also have prototypes. These are the finished doll that is sent to the original artist for his or her acceptance of the job that the manufacturer did in creating the doll. I am not fully certain what becomes of these prototype manufactured dolls.

The first resin and silicone dolls, when complete, are called the artist proof. In an edition of Artist Dolls, such as resin and silicone, the artist completes the edition with most of the artwork needed to bring the doll to life. Sometimes they hire help with the rooting of heads so that the customer can get their new doll in a timely manner. (Resin dolls hair cannot be rooted. The hair is either a wig, painted or glued on.)

The artist will use the artist proof to advertise the finished doll to allow customers to order her very own resin or silicone doll, choosing the hair and eye color as well as the skin tone. Then the artist proof is usually sold. I am the proud owner of two artist proof silicone dolls and a few prototype reborns :)


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