Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TINY reborn baby

ACK! No, it's not a massacre! It's a project inspired by one almost 12 year old girl who is a customer of mine. She ordered and paid for a TNGUN Budget Baby back in the spring and now, she is turning a year older. For her birthday, she asked her parents for a tiny 5 inch Berenguer reborn doll to go with her sweet budget baby from the spring.

So....since I was prepping ONE tiny doll, I thought I might as well prep a few as I love doing these little ones during the Christmas season. On the tray are 3-5 inch and one 8" Berenguer all vinyl dolls. I had coated them with Genesis Matte Varnish and baked them.

And here is one of the finished products, the little one going to the Birthday Girl. She has named her Phoebe. It's been over a year since I have made one of totally forgot how much fun they are!


Have a fabulous OVER THE HUMP Wednesday!

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