Sunday, August 30, 2009

Painted hair and a gift in the mail!

Hello and happy Sunday! I am home now for the next four days and have MUCH to do to get ready for the Portland Doll Show.

The picture above, although not a great picture, shows some nicely done painted hair. That painted hair is on a doll reborn by Selena Saxton, the first lady, in my opinion, to master the painted hair technique. And...that head of hair belongs to ME!

This sweet little girl, Louisa my Manuela Muth, was gifted to me by one of my very sweet and huge hearted customers. My customer-turned-friend knew that I loved this precious baby doll and she strongly felt that I needed to have her. Sweet Louisa arrived on Thursday and shall be a forever baby of mine.

I cannot tell you just how thrilled I am to have a piece of Selena Saxton's beautiful artwork in my collection!

Another shot of Louisa's painted hair. Selena did master the painted hair and has a special gift for creating it however, more and more artists are mastering a beautiful head of painted hair. (I still have a ways to go before mine look this good! I am not ready to do a tutorial on painted hair.)

Louisa promises that you will get to see her again and in better lighting. She is just precious and has my heart wrapped around her itty bitty finger!


  1. WOW!! That head of hair is something to strive for!! Beautiful baby, you are very lucky to have her!!
    Dessa Rae

  2. Gosh, I can't even imagine being able to afford one of Selena's babies! Congrats! And...your Louisa is absolutely TDF!