Tuesday, August 18, 2009

She's stripped!

Okay...that seems to have lessened my stress some, but my arm sure hurts! LOL Only AFTER I stripped the head through the paint and Genesis Matte Varnish did I realize~HEY! These paints are pretty fresh...I wonder how much I can get off the limbs with a cool, soapy bath?" The answer.....ALL OF IT! Duh. And the Matte Varnish did not come off in the water, which I knew it would not.

Now don't all you LDC users freak out on me. Hold tight for one moment while I touch on the subject of removing paints.

Contrary to popular belief, ALL paints can be removed~YES, even Genesis Heat Set Paints. When a paint is called "permanent" that means that it is permanent under normal collector's use. I contend that any collector can get out any paint remover and remove ANY paint from her dolls. But why would she? However, she certainly can use a damp cloth and clean her doll's vinyl without paint loss, even the LDC paints.

Okay Freaked Out LDC Users: Don't panic! Yes, I DID remove ALL of my FRESH paint with a cool soapy bath (be sure to use cool water with your LDC paints as hot water has been know to turn the pigments orange on the vinyl and CANNOT be removed~same goes with GOOF OFF with ANY doll kits and ANY paints~don't use that stuff, it's poison). But, I am watching out for all of us and went to the nursery and got a limb that I painted a couple of months ago. It had been first coated with Genesis Matte Varnish. I use it when I teach classes and I thought it time to put it to the test. I gave it a bath in the same water as I removed the color from my Latino doll parts. NONE of the paint came off. NONE of it. Now all of you panicky and paranoid people who still doubt the LDC paints, relax~ :) Just don't be giving your freshly painted kits a bubble bath! Your customer is not going to be doing so and she won't need to wash up her baby for several months after she gets it so let me do the testing for you so that you don't ruin your beautifully painted baby. OR get your own test part...better yet, make yourself a baby to keep around and test once in a while. See how it holds up to changed clothes and outings in the park. None of my customers have complained about their LDC painted babies, even the ones that were not coated with Matte Varnish first.

So my next plan of action with the Latino baby is this: I will re-coat the parts with Genesis Matte Varnish paying special attention to the head which now has the first matte varnish removed. I will give a very light coat to the limbs that have the original MV coat on. There are places that I missed during the first coat so I will be sure that they are coated. The Arianna kit is a very very soft and slick kit. I highly recommend the Matte Varnish first for the LDC paints, especially for an Ethnic doll.

Thanks Ethnic Cuddles for your encouragement! I do tend to forget how difficult Ethnic babies are! ((((((Hugs))))))

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  1. Yeah!!! Debbie, I am glad she cleaned up nicely!!! Beck